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Roasted Garlic & White Wine Cauliflower Alfredo with Spring Vegetables



It was such a delight to pull this creamy Alfredo recipe together. My spring cooking class was approaching and I was itching to create a recipe that would illustrate how easy it is to spin a notoriously unhealthy meal into a healthy plant-based version that is equally as tasty, if not more. It was a bold step choosing an Alfredo recipe, sans the cheese and heavy cream, but I knew I had it in the bag. I think you too will be delighted with this plant-based version of creamy dreamy Alfredo. I make a personal promise that the cheese and heavy cream that often leave you feeling bloated and heavy, will not be missed. In fact, this recipe will not only satisfy your taste buds and satiate your belly, it will also have you feeling light on your toes.


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In the past, I’ve used cauliflower to make tasty cream sauces, but my intentions here were to raise the bar by perfecting both the flavor and the texture. While cauliflower can easily blend into something smooth and creamy on its own, the texture is still too light to pass for an Alfredo sauce. This is where I knew cashew cream would come in handy. With the right consistency, it would provide the perfect amount of  creaminess similar to heavy cream. It was perfect! Smooth, creamy and super thick!


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Look at this creamy delight! I love this recipe so much because while the Alfredo may look heavy, it’s actually light and delightful. You get the feel and taste of rich, creamy Alfredo without it weighing you down at all. There will be no guilt here when going for seconds.




Cauliflower and cashew cream, on their own, can taste rather bland. So I knew I was going to need additional ingredients to boost the flavor. I chose to add roasted garlic, leeks braised in white wine and nutritional yeast for an additional savory, cheesy flavor. It was a slam dunk in the taste test department. All of these flavors married beautifully together, especially the leeks and white wine. Similar to onion, but less pungent, leeks add a complexly beautiful undertone to many savory dishes. It was the beginning of spring and leeks were abundant, especially the long ones with the white part extending almost halfway to three quarters up the stalk. Since spring is almost over, it may be a little difficult to find leeks with mostly the white part showing on the stalk. However, I still urge you to try these sexy babies if you haven’t already. If by the sad chance you can’t find leeks, I think shallots or sweet onions would be a good replacement.



The process to making the creamy Alfredo is quite simple, actually. I used my VitaMix, however, a food processor can do the trick. Simply add all of the ingredients and blend until silky smooth.




Spring was the highlight for my cooking class so I wanted to use as many seasonal veggies as I could. In addition to spring peas and mushrooms (two must haves to include in creamy Alfredo, at least that’s what I think) I added in Asparagus, my second favorite spring veggie. However, since this recipe can be made any time of the year, add whatever favorite veggies are calling your name. It will still taste absolutely delightful.




I generally recommend only eating pasta as a treat, so when you do decide to indulge make sure it’s the best gluten-free pasta you can find. My absolute favorite is made from Jovial Foods — authentic, artisan crafted organic pasta from Tuscany. It’s absolutely the best pasta I’ve ever tasted, and I love everything about this company. From the farmers they choose to their understanding of the importance of farming in harmony with nature to them bottling tomatoes in glass to avoid BPA, everything about them is good and honest. I think you will love them too. Check them out here.

Note | While this particular brand is a traditional egg pasta, they also do provide gluten-free vegan pastas. Also, any pasta shape will work.










So there you have it my friends, a mega delicious dairy-free Alfredo recipe that you’re going to want to sink your teeth into right away. Not only will you love it, but your friends, family, lovers, coworkers and anyone else you know that eats food will love it to! So make sure to add this recipe to your menu rotation, make it for date night, make it a must have for special occasions, or bring it to your next party. I promise, everyone will be super impressed with you!





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