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Private Cooking Lessons

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Let food be thy medicine…


If you’re new to plant-based cooking and need to learn the basics; a seasoned veteran who needs some new ideas; or someone who’s wanting to create more fun in the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of my classes is to broaden your awareness about the joys of plant-based cooking by showing you how limitless your options can be. 


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In My Classes You Will:

  • experience first hand how easy and fun plant-based cooking can be
  • learn Yogitrition’s essential kitchen basics
  • hone your culinary skills
  • gain confidence in the kitchen
  • become skilled at crafting highly nutritious plant-based meals the entire family will enjoy
  • master designing your own meal plans
  • laugh A LOT
  • eat A LOT


Do You Have to Be a Vegan or Vegetarian to Benefit From My Classes?

Absolutely not! My classes are designed to introduce you to the world of plant-based, whole foods cooking. My purpose is not to convert you into a vegan, rather it’s to empower you to maximize your health through nutrition education and honing your cooking skills. Eating a plant-based diet has proven successful in the treatment of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, reproductive disorders, Crohn’s disease and many other common ailments. I think it’s hard to argue that most everyone should be eating more plants, so why not make them taste good?!

Not only will you gain more confidence in the kitchen, you’ll also walk away with an encyclopedia’s worth of NUTRITION KNOWLEDGE that not only applies to plant-based cooking, but to all types of cooking. Here’s just a few of the tidbits of valuable knowledge you’ll receive.

  • plant-based recipe patterning
  • cooking with the appropriate fats and oils
  • appropriate cooking temperatures
  • how to reduce inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids in your diet
  • everything you need to know about how to avoid gluten, or greatly reduce it
  • how to incorporate more organic, whole foods into your diet
  • why organic foods are more sustainable and nourishing in the short and long term
  • how to avoid the foods with the most pesticides
  • how to avoid GMOs


Why Organic?

Making delicious food isn’t my only passion. Another passion of mine is raising awareness about the importance of getting back to our roots when it comes to food–eating it the way we were intended to eat it–naturally.

Please visit these sites to learn more about why I’m passionate about organic and sustainable living:

Sustainable Table
Environmental Working Group
Organic Consumers Association

For upcoming events and group cooking classes, I’ll be partnering with Front Porch Pickings to bring you the freshest, local produce around.


What Will You Be Cooking?

Below is a gallery of many of my delicious recipes. As you can see, there aren’t any pictures of plain ole’ lettuce and cucumbers. Food is my passion. Food is my art. It’s a joy for me to turn ordinary into amazing! And it’s an absolute pleasure teaching others how to do it.

Reserve your spots at the bottom of the page!


 Snacks & Party Foods


Main Dishes   




Pasta (Gluten-Free)




Soups & Stews









To stay informed about the upcoming classes I’m hosting myself, make sure you sign up for my newsletter in the upper right section of the sidebar.  

Classes will be held in your own kitchen (group parties choose 1 host). I find this to be the best way for you to get the most out the experience, because I can teach you how to work with what you have. Since you’re working in familiar territory already, you’ll also be able to retain much more information than if you were in an unfamiliar setting. I will bring my “kitchen essentials” however, if you do not have them.
*Exceptions will be the Group Classes I host myself. Locations will be announced.



The beauty of the one-on-one classes is that they’re completely tailored to you. Generally, I have you peruse the gallery above and choose 2 meals you’d like to learn how to prepare. However, you’re not limited to what’s on here. I can teach you whatever it is you’d like to learn. Maybe you want to master meal planning, understand food combining, learn how to make quick and easy meals, etc. Or, maybe you’re not able to narrow down to just one thing, and you’d like me to determine what’s best. Either way, these intimate classes are chock-full of valuable information that will immediately empower you in your kitchen more than you can imagine. This class is much more intensive than group classes and is designed for the person wishing to learn more about nutrition while honing their culinary skills.


To reserve a date, you will need to pay in advance for the class. The cost of food will be calculated the day of class.

$175 for 3 hours + cost of food



$225 for an additional 1 hour shopping trip where I teach you the tricks to finding the healthiest products.




Group Classes

Group classes are a fun way to get your feet wet in the company of friends and like-minded individuals, and I do them in a variety of ways.

I. Cooking parties: Gather a few of your favorite friends, kick back, sip on a little wine and cook up some seriously delicious eats.

II. Group Classes: I will be holding monthly classes centered around a theme. One month may be Italian, the next it may be Party Food, the next it maybe Sushi, etc. I will be sending out email blasts announcing the dates and locations. So make sure to sign up for my newsletter.  


To reserve a date, you will need to pay in advance for the class. The cost of food will be calculated the day of class.

$225 for 2-3 people + cost of food


$275 for 4 + cost of food


$300 for 5-6 people + cost of food



Location & Travel Cost

I’m located in Ormond Beach, FL just north of Daytona Beach. If you live farther away, I’m willing to travel a few hours driving time to and from.

Additional cost: price will depend on location & logistics.


How to Get Started

First, if you’re not already on my email list, make sure to sign up for my newsletter! Then send a direct email to [email protected] com, leave your contact info, the details of the class(es) you’d like to take and any other questions you have. I will be in touch with you within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

To receive new recipes, health tips and daily inspiration, please join me at Facebook and Twitter. For really awesome food porn, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

I look forward to working with you!