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Moroccan Sweet Potato & Lentil Stew with Kale


I don’t remember the origins of this recipe, or if one actually existed.  I can tell you, however, that I’ve made it several times and it’s an absolute favorite. I’ve been experimenting with coconut milk and veggie broth as the base for curry stews, and it’s a winner!! The coconut milk adds a creamy texture, and the veggie broth cuts the boldness of both the coconut milk and the curry. What you end up with is a mild and creamy base that can take on the flavor of many other spices.  Make sure you check out my coconut curry stew, which has the exact same base, yet, completely different flavor profile.



I went back and forth on whether or not I should add “curry” to the recipe title, and eventually opted out of using it. Although it does contain curry spice, there are a few other spices that knock this stew out of the curry category. The coriander, cinnamon, ginger and cumin make it taste more like a Moroccan stew rather than a curry stew. Then there’s the Sherry Vinegar, another gem I absolutely love. Just a little bit creates a subtlety sweet and robust undertone that makes you want to eat another bowl even though you’re stuffed! If you haven’t discovered this yet, I recommend you pick up a bottle the next time you visit your local health food store. My favorite brand is Napa Valley Naturals Sherry Vinegar.





Is your mouth watering yet? I sure hope so. This is truly one delicious, as well as unique, lentil stew perfect for those cold winter nights! I’m certain it will become a favorite for you! If you enjoyed this post and would like more recipes like this, please sign up for my newsletter and join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also, please remember to tag @yogitrition and #yogitrition if you decide to make and share this recipe.




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