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Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Image by Lauren Conrad

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is one of the most simple, yet profound health habits to cultivate. Personally, I was astonished to discover the cornucopia of health benefits locked inside the peel of the humble lemon–I never knew! For starters, the instant energy boost helped me to kick the coffee habit. Big kudos there! Other juicy surprises included: a more alkaline pH, brighter skin, better digestion, and a guaranteed morning visit to the loo!


Health Benefits of Lemon Water

  • Promotes hydration
  • Natural energy boost
  • Promotes an alkaline pH
  • Promotes Elimination
  • Aids digestion
  • Boosts immune system
  • Boosts hydrochloric acid production
  • Natural diuretic
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Aids with gastric upsets such as heartburn and indigestion
  • Purifies the blood
  • Promotes healthy liver enzyme levels
  • Promotes circulation in the liver
  • Helps dissolve uric acid in the joints
  • The vitamin C nourishes and rejuvenates your skin from the inside, bringing you a healthy glow


Energy Boost & Hydration

Citric acid in lemon is highly electrically active, and pure water acts as a conductor to deliver electrolytes directly to your cells. It’s likened to a liquid sunshine burst that boosts cell energy and nourishes your adrenals for a clean energy output that sustains you throughout your day. This is why lemon water is so effective in helping people kick the coffee habit. Coffee is dehydrating and stresses your adrenals. Although you’re temporarily energized, this kind of dirty energy is actually very draining and depletes your body’s energy reserves.


Balanced pH

True health warriors understand the importance of maintaining a proper pH balance within their tissues and organs. When your inner terrain is acidic, let’s say from eating a typical western diet comprised of meat, dairy, processed carbs  and sugar, bad fats, lots of coffee, and lots of alcohol (all of which are acidic), it’s hard to maintain good health. Symptoms of “acidosis” can range anywhere from achy joints, stiffness, insomnia, and depression to chronic disorders and major disease. Eeek!

Drinking lemon water daily boosts your alkalinity, and over time can begin to reverse symptoms of acidity (provided that you’re cutting back/eliminating acidic foods and beverages). Don’t underestimate this powerful tip! 

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A Nice Healthy Poop in the Morning

The bitterness of the lemon increases bile (a natural laxative) and stimulates the gastrocolic reflex (peristalsis) which causes a bowel movement. This is not the same type of bowel movement, however, that a morning cup of coffee induces.  The coffee poop is caused by the liver trying to remove the acid compounds that shock the system so early in the morning. If you rely on your morning cup of coffee to get your pooper moving, I recommend you try lemon water. You will be very surprised! 😛


Improved Digestion

Lemon water does wonders for the digestive tract. It normalizes hydrochloric acid production in the stomach and helps to produce bile in the liver. Hydrochloric acid and bile are both very important for digestion and assimilation of nutrients. If you have digestive issues, definitely start your day with lemon water and drink warm lemon water after meals. You will see gas, bloating, and other digestive issues minimize or disappear.


Cleanses Your Tissues of Acid & Mineral Deposits

Citric acid in lemon is like a water softener for the body. It can dissolve harmful mineral deposits and uric acid that damage your organs, tissues and joints. If you eat a lot of meat and/or dairy, have had kidney or gallbladder stones, gout, arthritis, or any kind of chronic stiffness in the joints, you will greatly benefit from starting your day with lemon water.


Vitamin C

Yes, the mighty lemon is the gift that keeps on giving. Along with all the juicy health benefits already mentioned, lemon is chock-full of vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts immunity, aids in calcium absorption and gives you radiant looking skin. Toxins always try to find a way to escape, and most often times it’s through your skin. Regularly drinking lemon water aids your body in swiftly removing toxins for you, so they’re not making a beeline for your complexion. After several weeks of your daily lemon tonic, you will definitely notice a marked improvement in your skin’s tone and texture. It will be clearer, smoother and brighter.


Possible Side Effects

All of the above mentioned will have a strong cleansing effect, so diarrhea and stomach cramping may happen to those who are new to drinking the lemon water. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be of too much concern since your bowels are a main gateway for eliminating toxins. If the symptoms persist for more than several days, however, take a rest and start back with the lemon slowly. Maybe only take half of the recommended amount and dilute it with more water. Just keep taking the lemon slowly, and gradually increase it as your body adjusts. The more toxins eliminated, the better your body will handle the lemon and the better you will feel!


Recipe for Your Morning Lemon Tonic


Photographer: Linda Wagner

The basic lemon drink consists of:

  • 1 half a lemon squeezed into a few ounces of room temperature (or warm) purified water.  Never use tap, and never use cold water. Cold water actually slows digestion.

I like to go for the gusto, so my lemon drink is VERY concentrated and contains a few other gems. I have 2 versions.

  • I start with the juice of 1 lemon. I gently warm 4 oz. of water in my hot pot for a few seconds. Add the lemon with a pinch of Pink Salt and drink it down. The Pink Salt helps with hydrochloric acid production and provides a gentle boost to the adrenals.
  • Whenever I have ginger, I make a lemon ginger tea. I heat my water, add the lemon with a few pieces of grated ginger and a dollop of raw honey (minus the salt). This lemon ginger tea is also a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon.


Drinking Lemon Water Throughout the Day

Once you’ve adjusted to your morning lemon drink, you may also want to start thinking about drinking it throughout the day to keep your alkalinity boosted and your detox processes flowing. How much to take really depends on the person. For me, I like to add the juice of 1 lemon to a quart of water and sip it throughout the day, especially when I haven’t been able to juice in a while. Play around with how much lemon water your body can handle and try to get more in throughout the week.

After this long list of benefits, it’s hard to believe there is any negative connotation toward the mighty lemon. I say, “when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in water and enjoy!”

If you have a favorite lemon cocktail that puts a pep in your step, please do share in the comments below. And as always, if you’d like updates with more info like this, please join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



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  1. I love lemon water!
    makes poop time easy

  2. Hi Kim,

    Re: lemon detox diet – I hate lemon, but LOVE Lime, can I replace lemon with lime?

    Mark 🙂

    • Yes you can Mark! Lime has many of the same health benefits as lemons. 🙂

    • Lime is not lemon. I love lime but am not too fond of lemon, but I drink the lemon because lemon is different and much better than lime. What I do is squeeze the lemon and pour it into a cup and then squeeze a lime. I drink the lemon first and then the lime. Immediately after I brush my teeth well. The reason I don’t drink the lemon and then squeeze the lime is because I don’t want all that acid sitting on my teeth. Lemon is the bomb for health. There is nothing else like it. Lime is good for you and I drink it too but don’t replace lime for lemon.

      • I think you should just rinse mouth out with water after taking the lemon/lime…brushing too soon will actually damage the enamel more! I understand it is good to wait at least 45 minutes before brushing.
        I actually brush first, clean tongue and do ‘oil pulling’ before the lemon water. It takes all morning to do my healthful activities!

      • I am starting a detox and I really appreciate you posting that I need to brush my teeth after I drink the lemon water. Thank you so much!

    • Can I have decaf coffee after the lemon drink

      • Yes, but I recommend waiting a little bit to allow the lemon to move through the digestive tract.

        • How long do I have to wait to drink tea or coffee after drinking lemon water?

          • Miya, I get this question a lot, and I’ve found that there’s really no right or wrong answer to this. I’d follow your body. If you feel like drinking tea/coffee not long after the lemon, then I say it should be ok. Just make sure to drink more water in between the lemon and tea/coffee.

  3. Hi Kim! Great article. I had no idea lemons had so many benefits! I always drank cold water with a lemon slice but have recently started drinking warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. I’m on day 4 and haven’t noticed any regulation in BM’s, but I do suffer from IBS. I am never normal and was hoping this would help me. Like all things, I guess I have to give it time? Thanks for the info!


    • You’re welcome Amanda! 🙂

    • I started this three days ago- I rotate between warm and cold lemon water and I use slices. I go to the bathroom every day. The first night was a bit uncomfortable but ever since- no issues. I suffer from IbS and colitis. Try room temp water with slices if lemon. During the day I only drink cold water with slices alllllllll day.

      • Rachel, do you think the lemon water all day helps manage the IBS and Colitis?

    • Yes, all the above!!

  4. Can one replace the lemon with lemon juice mixed with water ?

    • Corlize, it has to be fresh lemons, but you can mix with water. 🙂

      • Hi Kim..I’ve been drinking warm water, 1 whole squeezed lemon and ginger for 3 days now and I’m passing gas alot..I’m also using the bathroom so that’s a plus but will the passing gas calm down?

        • Hey Eboni! Every person is different, so it’s difficult to give you a clear answer. If you stay consistent with the lemon water, the gas should subside at some point. If it doesn’t,
          I recommend to cut back the amount of lemon juice.

  5. Hi Kim 🙂 How much salt do you put for 1 lemon juice and 4 ounces of water? Himalaya pink salt would work too? Thank you

    • Emanuela, I use just a pinch. And yes, Himalayan pink salt is excellent too! 🙂

  6. can you use 100% Doterra essential lemon oil?

    • Shalese, the lemon oil will not provide the levels of vitamin C and citric acid that a real lemon would. I’d stick to the real thing. 🙂

    • Hey Salese, I went to a Doterra Workshop the other day, and I take back my response. I didn’t realize your were talking about a true essential oil. Taking a few drops in water will be wonderful!

      • Hi Kim,

        I suffer with Chronic Constipation and awful bloating….nothing seems to help me. After reading your blog I’ve started drinking warm lemon water. I’ve had it for a few days now and it doesn’t seem to be working, I’m having warm water with a few slices of fresh lemons. how many days should it take to start working? also I’m just interested in the essential oils, will this have the same affect on bowels as fresh lemon slices does?

        Thanks 🙂

        • Michelle, while the lemon water is helpful, it doesn’t always work to undo long-standing bowel issues. There are typically many layers to this issue: liver health, stomach acid, leaky gut, imbalance in gut flora, etc. can all cause constipation and bloating. I recommend visiting This is an informative site that may give you some insight and solutions.

        • Michelle, unfortunately, I cannot tell you when the lemon water will work, especially if the constipation stems from other issues such as imbalanced gut flora, weak digestion, etc. I say keep trying and hopefully you’ll experience relief. Try using a whole lemon. The citrus essential oils are fantastic and will be good for you!

          • Hi Kim, Can I refrain from using salt altogether and just have lemon with water..


          • Sure!

  7. Incredible lemon! Sometimes my intake goes to 4-5 lemons per day. Amazingly, I was 92kgs but due to the intake of lemon juice mixed with honey at early mornings has cut down my weight to 78kgs within 3months. I need not go to gym to reduce my weight. Want to know more about lemon.How does it work for an Alcoholic liver.

    • Syed, thanks for sharing your success. Concerning your question, lemon can help to improve liver function. However, a diseased liver from alcohol will require much more love and attention. I recommend healthy doses of milk thistle and turmeric to restore liver function. This is one of my favorite products: 🙂

  8. I`m having gout and I eat every kind of tablets for the pain but nothing could help. I only took lemon juice with water 3 x day , Surprisingly all the pain and the stiffness is GONE . THANK YOU VERY MUCH KIM FOR SHARING THIS WITH US.

    • Fantastic news Victor! Thank you for sharing your success. 🙂

  9. Hi, great post! one question, how about mineral wáter with lemon as you described and a bit of sea salt? do the properties of each add up or cancel out?

    • Jose, I typically throw a pinch of sea salt in my lemon water already, and I think lemon and mineral water is fine.

  10. Great article. I drink hot lemon water every morning and every night. I do have one question though… Why did you say never to use tap water? I’ve been drinking tap water my whole life and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. In fact, most bottled waters are in fact simply bottled tap water.

    • Abs, tap water is full of chlorine and fluoride, both of which are very harmful to the body. You’re also correct when you say most bottled waters are from the tap. I have an Reverse Osmosis water filter which removes fluoride. Most water machines in grocery stores are also Reverse Osmosis. There are also good sources of spring water, you just have to do your research to find them. Hope this helps!

      • Hi Kim,
        I put in a reverse osmosis unit in my home….only to discover that RO water is considered “dead” and is depleted of necessary minerals. I have since removed it. I also understand that fish in an aquarium will die if put in RO water.

        • Yes Susie, RO water is depleted of all beneficial minerals. I generally recommend adding minerals back to the water for those with an RO machine. I like this product: The best water, however, is Kangen water. This is what I currently drink.!kangen-water/cnff

  11. Hi Kim,

    can i take lemon water mixed with normal salt in the morning ??

    • Avinash, I’m not sure what you mean by “normal” salt. If you’re referring to unheated, untreated Himalayan salt or uncontaminated sea salt, then certainly! If you’re referring to table salt, however, I would not encourage it. In this post I added a link to the type of salt I use. If you visit that link, it will explain in more detail about how to obtain high quality salt.

  12. Hi! Great article, i’m a big fan of lemons. Was wondering if this would cause acidic bowel movements?

    • Hey Jen. I’m not sure what you mean by acidic bowel movement. I’m assuming you mean stool that creates a burning sensation. Although lemons are acidic, they’re highly alkaline when ingested. This is why they help to normalize tissue pH. However, everyone’s body is different, so how they respond to lemons is varied. Overall, I’ve never heard of lemons doing this, but I can guarantee that it won’t for some individuals.

  13. I started drinking a bottle of 1/2 lemon and 16 oz of water first thing every morning and at night before bed. I am very irregular and thought this would help from what I had reserched it would. after about 2 weeks I began to have very loose stools and a day or two with some feverish chills so I cut back to drinking once in the morning. It stopped the very loose stools for a couple of weeks but I had them again this week along with the feverish chills. could this be due to the detoxification?? I love the way the lemon water works and makes me feel minus the 4 days of feverish chills and loose stools. should I continue the water and maybe cut back to every other day? to see if the symptons go away? and if I do will i still get the same affect?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Angie. It may be a detox reaction, or it may be that your body type is too sensitive to the lemon. I recommend to take a complete break for at least a week, then slowly introduce the lemon water again. Start with every other day, then once a day. This should give you enough space and time to see if your body is reacting to the lemon, or if it was a detox reaction. Twice a day can be a bit too much for some body types. Hope this helps! 🙂

  14. Hi,

    Very nice article, I just starting this routine in the morning. I currently have Gastritis, Celiac, and duodenitis. Horribly mixture of problems lol. I was just put on Protonix(reduce stomach acid) to help cure the gastritis and duodentis. and of course the GF diet will help as well. Weill lemon water have any effect with protonix? I really started lemon water because I am bloated 99% of the day and hoped this would help. I will say bowel movements have changed and I have a bit more energy but I want to make sure it will not have reverse effect with Protonix? Also, many articles says adults over 150lbs should do 1 lemon as suppose to 1/2 a lemon what do you tihnk?

    • Thank you Brian! I’m super happy that you’re drinking the lemon water. I personally use 1 whole lemon, so I don’t think it will be a problem for most. Since I’m not familiar with this medication, it will be safest to ask your doctor about possible interactions between the lemon and the medication. Good luck and best wishes for healing! 🙂

  15. I started drinking lemon water (half a lemon per 16oz of water) through out the day yesterday. I was extremely gassy last night and this morning. Will this eventually subside? How much is too much lemon water? Thanks for your amazing article and advice.

    • Hey Yari! The lemon is just doing some cleaning out, so gas is normal and should eventually subside. The amount of lemon really depends on the person. I suggest starting first thing in the morning, with half a lemon and much less water. This will stimulate a bowel movement and hopefully take care of the gas. If that works well for you, then gradually start drinking more lemon water throughout the day. Eventually, you should figure out the amount of lemon to use.

      • Hi kim,

        Just have a question, i used to drink pure lemon juice every morning after i wake up without diluting in water, it is not right to do this? Please let me know. Thank you.

        • Lalina, I’m not sure if it’s “right” or “wrong.” I suggest listening to what your body tells you. If it feels good to do it this way, then whole lemon juice should be fine for you.

        • Hi Lalina,

          If you continue to use pure lemon make sure you rinse your mouth out afterwards. The acid in the lemon can wear away the enamel in your teeth.

  16. Hi Kim,
    Great article…. Just have a question, that if i take lemon juice with salt in morning, will it cause any side effect ?

    • Mandeep, it really depends upon the person. The most you’ll have will be cleansing reactions, like gas or having to go to the bathroom quickly. However this is all good and should eventually subside if you continue with the lemon and salt. Also, make sure your salt is Himalayan salt. You don’t want to use table salt or any sea salt that is white.

      • Hi Kim,

        Thank you for your valuable reply
        Sorry i used table salt (white) & just had for two days & i got fever (due to lack of energy), i think it drained all of my energy. I discontinued & feeling better. I just started this to loose weight as now a days we find very less time for our self’s due to busy schedule & job.

        • Mandeep, I edited the information in this post about using treated salt. If you haven’t already, please revisit. Using treated salt which is reduced to mostly sodium chloride is very harsh on the body; thus is why you probably weren’t feeling well. I recommend you purchase a good quality Himalayan salt and give it another go. However, if weight loss is your sole purpose, you may experience limited results. The focus should always being on creating health. Once you can do this, weight loss naturally occurs. 🙂

  17. I love this, and it has been making me feel better, but for some reason im having the opposite effect in the “pooping area” lol… since i started drinking this daily i have been really constipated with really, really bad gas! I know, TMI! But when will this side effect end? ?

    • Tara, I’ve never heard of lemon water causing constipation. Since lemon has a cleansing effect, the gas is normal when you first start, but plugging you up? I recommend to stop the lemon water for a while to see if your bowel movements return to normal. If they don’t, it may be something in your diet or lifestyle. Please report back to let me know.

  18. please a friend recommended for me that drinking lemon juice mixed with salt help treat backbone pains or arthritis, so i have been taking lemon juice mixed with salt every morning and evening. please I want to know if ti will help me or not cause I have a problem with my spinal cord

    • Mensah, the lemon water & salt should help with pain overtime. However, there are a few important things to know.

      1. Make sure to use Himalayan salt only.
      2. If you eat meat & dairy, greatly reduce/eliminate for good. These 2 are the main cause of arthritis and will continue to exacerbate symptoms.
      3. Eat more alkalizing foods. Over acidification exacerbates arthritis.
      4. Take more magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for bone health.

      Wish you well!

  19. Dear ,Kim.
    Thank you for having started tis website.i have been going through your website and it is of a great help.i would like to know if I can have lemon with honey and a pinch of Himalayan salt as I time the taste is sour lemon ,honey and salt or do you feel I should stick to only lemon and honey or lemon and salt

    • Jyothi, I think the combination of lemon, honey and Himalayan salt is a great idea. Just make sure to use raw honey. 🙂

  20. Sorry for the typo ,I meant I like the taste of sour salt and sweet together

  21. I was just wondering why you don’t add the pink salt to your ginger/lemon version of the tea…

    Thank you…great information!

    • Hey Erin. You can certainly add salt to the lemon/ginger combo, but the taste is a little funky.

  22. I was also wondering if you had any troubles with your teeth because of the citric acid from the lemon. I’ve heard of others drinking the morning lemon water and getting sensitive teeth. Did you ever have that issue? I apologize if this was already asked. My iPad is freezing and not allowing me to read all the comments. Thanks again!

    • I don’t have issues with the citric acid, but I recommend maybe using a straw if you begin to have issues. 😀

    • i have been using lemon water for 9 months and it has help my weight loss. I always use a stew so I don’t damage my teeth.

  23. Say Kim, could you use “Apple Cider Vinegar” instead
    of the 1/2 lemon squeezed into warm water for each
    drink? Does this have the same properties as lemons?
    Thank you for such an interesting article..Kudos ® to You!

    • Julia, apple cider vinegar has different properties, but is still very beneficial. 😀

  24. I know this is an old post, however, just wondering if very dilute lemon juice would be ok for toddlers to sip? I know it can erode enamel and not to give in close proximity of dairy intake. I’ve read that it helps brain function and evn respiratory function. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tracy, I think it would be fine to give in moderation. Just be careful. It has a cleansing effect, so not too much at one time. 😀

  25. Hi Kim,

    Is it ok to drink coffee after my lemon water with salt?
    thank you

    • Erin, it’s fine to drink coffee after the lemon drink. However, it will undo some of the alkalizing effect from the lemon. I always suggest transitioning to drinking green tea or yerba mate when doing lemon water in the morning.

  26. can i drink this lemon water before i go to sleep??

    • Debhani, I don’t think it would be a huge issue to drink it at night, unless you are real sensitive. However, it’s most effective to still do it in the morning upon arising.

  27. Hi Kim! This is a great, informative post! I had a few questions for you:

    1. Can I use organic jaggery instead of honey?

    2. Would you recommend Manuka honey? It’s a lot more expensive than pure raw honey, but apparently has a lot of health benefits.

    3. Would black salt work?

    4. Lastly, can you recommend brands of raw honey and Himalayan pink salt? There are so many out there, it’s hard to know what to buy, and whether or not it’s the real deal.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Uma. The focus is the lemon, really. That’s the most important aspect. However jaggery or any type of raw honey is an added benefit. I’m sure black salt, since it’s not processed, will work well too. 😀 I use Evolution Himalayn Salt and a local honey.

  28. Hi I am on my 6 day of drinking lemon water half a lemon with hot water in the.morning I feel way better but im passing smelly gas is that normal and if yes when will that pass?

    • Raisi, it probably indicates you’re moving out toxins. Give it a few days more to see what happens.

  29. Since I started drinking pure lemon in the morning my bowel movement is regular but Im kinda worried because it is color black. Is it normal?

    • Cindelle, this isn’t too abnormal when starting on the lemon water. Most likely, you’re purging toxins.

  30. Hi Kim
    Can I drink the lemon drink with sea salt with cold water. I really don’t like warm water.

    • I don’t recommend ice cold water, since it hampers digestion. Try to do cool or room temp water if you can.

  31. is it normal to rush to the toilet after having lemon water in the morning? its the same with aloe vera juice….

    • It’s totally normal, especially if you’re new to drinking the lemon water. It’s a good sign that the lemon is doing its job. 😀

  32. Just took lemon water cup of 16oz. I start going to the restroom mins after drinking. Is it normal to go more than 4 times already. More like diarrhea and I’m getting chills every time i need to go to the restroom is this normal? I’m 25 overweight 194, 5’2

    • Diana, it’s not abnormal to have a detox-like reaction when first starting with the lemon water. Your body is just moving stuff out. If it continues, you may want to use less lemon for a while until your body adjusts.

      • thanks its day two and i just stop drinking the lemon water i still have diarrhea just like water diarrhea and i burp and it smells. ;/

        • The lemon most likely stimulated your gallbladder. Give it a few days.

  33. Hi Kim,

    great insight into the humble ‘lemon’ – ,many thanks

    1. How many glasses/or lemons would you recommend per day?
    2. will i still get the maximum benefits of the drink if i have it at lunch or evening?

    Many thanks


    • Leyton, since the lemon stimulates the gastrocolic reflex, it helps to jump start elimination & detoxification that took place while sleeping. Therefore, the most benefits are received when drinking it first thing in the morning. However, you still benefit any time of the day. I generally do my lemon in the am, then squeeze two more lemons into a quart of water and drink throughout the day.

      • Hello kim i was wondering if age affects the use of the lemon water as i am 15yrs of age and overweight my a few stones

        • Age isn’t really a factor, but you may want to start with less lemon and work your way up. There may be slight detox symptoms, or there may not. That’s why starting off with smaller doses will allow your body to adjust.

  34. Can i drink coffee or my milk after drinking lemon water? How long will i wait to drink my coffee or milk?

    • I don’t recommend it…please read in the post where I discuss not drinking dehydrating beverages after.

  35. I see where you stated that fresh lemons should be used rather than bottled lemon juice. Just curious as to why. The bottle’s ingredients are 100% lemon juice and it is much cheaper than real lemons. Why is there a difference if they are both lemon juice? Thank you!

    • Brandy, fresh lemon juice has all the powerful stuff. Once the juice is bottled, the nutrients begin to degrade. Fresh is best!

  36. pls tell me..there is any side effect of lemon and honey with warm water

    • Vikas, for some people, a slight detox reaction may occur when they start taking lemon water. Your bowels may be loose, or you may feel tired or run down. But there are no “side effect” that would harm you. Lemon and honey are a nice combination.

  37. I drank 1st time lemon water 2 days ago. Still have diarrhea is it from the lemon water? And should I keep drinking it or stop for a while Thanks hun!=)

    • I also added organic honey to it. And the water was almost hot. Thanks again!!

      • Derek, it’s not so uncommon to have watery stools after starting the lemon water. The lemon has most likely stimulated your gallbladder to purge toxic bile. Go ahead and give it a rest until your bowels restore to normal, then slowly start taking in the lemon again. You may want to only do 1/2 of a lemon for a while, or do it every other day. Eventually, your bowel movements should return to normal. If not, this may indicated that you need to do some type of liver/gallbladder flushing. I do have a liver flush protocol I use, so if you feel this may be something you need to do, I’d be more than happy to have a session with you. Here’s the info/details: Keep me posted. 😀

  38. Hi Kim

    Like other people, I have looser stool and bad gas. I am on my 3rd week of half juice of a lemon in warm water each morning (however I skip weekends). I see you advise to not drink coffee etc after drinking Lemon water, is that at all? I usually have one a few hours after?


    • Mandy, coffee a few hours later shouldn’t be an issue. My goal is to get you start your morning with lemon water before anything else. 😀

  39. hi kim, great article.

    i have recently found out i am pregnant and i was abusing laxatives for 3 years as i have suffered from constipation all my life. i now want to be healthy so i have completely stopped smoking too. i used to drink cold lemon water with a pinch of black salt, i will now move to hot lemon water but is this safe for my pregnancy?

    • Hey Madz! So happy to hear you’re making positive changes to get healthier! The lemon water is perfectly safe to do while pregnant. Just start off slow with a quarter of a lemon, and work up to the amount of lemon that feels good to you. 😀

  40. Hi Kim,

    I had started drinking lemon water quite frequently thoughout the day, and my sinus inflammation has started to flare up. In addition, I am experiencing flu/cold like symptoms and join pain as well. Could this be detox symptoms as a result of the lemon water?

    Thank you!

    • I also wanted to mention that over the last couple years, I have gone gluten free and sugar free, and have just completed a candida cleanse. However these detox symptoms started recently after I began the lemon water

      • Myra, although I don’t know for sure if the lemon water is causing it, it definitely sounds like a detox. Maybe the lemon is helping the liver to detox some stuff after the candida cleanse. I suggest to ease up on the lemon a bit and allow your body to do what it needs to do. Rest, lots of rest.

  41. I have been drinking 1 lemon into 8 oz tea cup with tap boiled water over a month have not seen any result as per weight loss, however as per my health wise I do feel much better, also I have my breakfast with a cup of coffee each morning will that cause conflict-

    • Diana, glad to hear you’re feeling better after drinking the lemon water everyday. Having coffee after won’t necessarily cause conflict, however it will increase your acidity. If you continue to drink coffee, I recommend you add more water with lemon throughout your day to mitigate excess acidity.

  42. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for the wonderful information. I have been on lemon water for about a week now. I get uncontrollable diarrhoea almost instantly. I gave it a rest for a few days and started again only to have the same results. I’m beginning to wonder if this is not safe for me. I am physically active and do not suffer from any known disease

    • Hey San! Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s important for my readers to know what they may expect. In this post, I explain how the lemon stimulates bile production from the liver as well as the gastrocolic reflex that initiates a bowel movement. The diarrhea is most likely a result of your liver purging toxic build-up. Diarrhea is simply a result of your body trying to purge as much toxicity as possible. The lemon is perfectly safe, you just need to slow it down a bit until the liver has an opportunity to purge as much as it can. How much lemon are you taking throughout the day? Are you just doing it in the morning? If so, I recommend starting with a quarter of the lemon and diluting with more water. You may also need to skip a day. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you can tolerate the lemon. If not, I recommend a liver flush for you. Let me know if this is something you’d like to do, and I can do a session with you to get started. Another thing, coffee enemas would be good for you too.

  43. Hi there
    I have recently started on the lemon water. I am having the juice of one lemon in warm water most days. Not long after starting I began experiencing mucus in my stools. This naturally freaked me out.
    After a few days I stopped the lemon water. The mucus slowed down considerable in a few days.
    I started again yesterday and after two mornings I again experienced a lot of mucus and loose stools with abdominal pain.
    I am questioning IBS. I have suffered from constipation and indigestion for years.
    I have been tested for infection and had blood tests. Nothing showed up.
    I’m wondering if it’s just the lemon water? Should I stop the lemon water or should I continue?

    • Hey Louise, just like I explained to San (above), your body is simply detoxing. Anytime stuff comes out the back end, it’s a good thing. If you have too much cramping, cut the lemon in half or dilute with more water. Eventually, you’ll remove enough toxicity that you’ll tolerate the lemon well. Also, just as I mentioned to San, you may be due for a liver flush. Let me know if you’re interested, and I can do a session with you to get you started. Another thing, coffee enemas would be good too!

  44. Hello There,
    How are you?
    I just want to ask if I can drink whole milk or have my cereal w/milk after I drink my lemon water? Or should I wait a few minutes to half a hour or more??
    Would it cause a bad reaction when lemon juice and milk are combined? Can I get sick??
    I’m sorry I am just concerned about the reaction of lemon with whole milk and other types of milk such as….. almond/coconut milk.
    Hoping you can help me pretty please 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for your time, it means very much.

    • Hey Sunshine. I’d wait at least 15 minutes before eating anything. As far as the milk, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, I don’t drink or eat dairy, so I’ve never had the experience myself. I definitely say you’re better off using almond or coconut milk instead of cow’s milk (unless it’s raw). Hope this helps. 😀

    • Hey Sunshine! I’d wait at least 15 minutes, and I don’t think there would be an issue. However, I don’t drink or eat dairy, so I’ve never had the experience to know for sure. I think your better off with using almond or coconut milk. Hope this helps! 😀

  45. Hi,

    I have been drinking lemon water since 15 days. I started breaking out in pimples since day before yesterday i.e. 13th day of drinking lemon water. I am getting pimples in areas I would never get any. Is it normal or should I discontinue?

    • Mariam, it’s completely normal. It’s just your body removing toxins. Definitely keep drinking the lemon water! 😀

  46. Great article. I need to know after how long can I drink tea with milk after drinking lemon water.

    • Sue, I’d wait at least 10-15 minutes to allow the lemon to get through the stomach.

      • Thank you I needed to know that as well. I just started this.

  47. Hi, I have been taking lemon water for 3 months now, which was actually recommended as a weight loss solution but what I am grateful for is the disappearance of IBS symptoms and having regular BM. I haven’t had to touch my medication since the first week I started!

    • Fantastic! I love hearing stories like this. Thank you for sharing and many blessings to your bright, healthy future!

  48. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for this wonderful article! I have recently started practicing yoga, and I’m in love with it. I’m sorry if you have already answered this question previously as I did not go through all the comments. I was wondering if I can have warm water and lemon, mixed with a little honey before an early morning yoga class, particularly Bikram yoga or another form of cardio exercise. I currently practice yoga only in the evening and would like to try the early morning classes (6:30 am).

    • Hey Aparna! Since honey has many therapeutic properties, it’s a perfect addition to the warm water with lemon. Just make sure you’re using raw honey.

  49. I have pancreatitis is it safe to drink limon water in?

    • Irene, it is perfectly safe. However, realize that you may experience some detox reactions for a little while. I recommend to start slowly with 1/4 lemon and add more water.

      • Thanks Kim…

        • You’re welcome Irene!

  50. I know lemon detoxifies the liver, but are there any other benefits for the liver that lemon water provides? Let’s say if your liver is compromised from too much alcohol, can lemon water regenerate the liver? Thank you. Great web page and the comments have been very helpful.

    • Lemon will definitely help a compromised liver from too much alcohol. You may also want to try taking liver herbs such as turmeric and milk thistle. But no more drinking, or cut way back. 🙂

  51. How come you don’t put salt in the lemon-ginger tonic?

    • Marc, I don’t like the taste. Lol! It’s fine to add salt if you like. 🙂

      • I suspected something like that. ginger is pretty pungent already 🙂 thanks, Kim. Blessings upon blessings!

        • You’re welcome Marc! 🙂

  52. Hey kim,

    I always drink lemon – cucumber water every time. After a meal, or even when I’m just thirsty. But I had a problem on my stool.. It’s watery and dark.. Is it doing its job detoxifying? By the way I quit smoking for a week now.. Is it because of my quitting and just doing the detoxifying thing? Thanks for the reply..

    • Congrats on quitting smoking! Yup, the lemon is helping to move gunk! No worries, it should subside soon. 🙂

    • I would definitely assume your body is detoxing. Congrats on quitting smoking!

  53. Wow! I find this website very informative. I’ve been struggling with lipomas for the past few years. I haven’t been taking care of myself all those years. I just turned 49 years old and woke up one morning decided to do something good for myself. I’ve started with the lemon water, eating more vegetables and fruit. After just one day drinking lemon water I feel great thank you for being so helpful toward those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’m grateful ☺. My question is can I detox my liver with warm lemon water and tumeric?

    • Hey Joanna, I’m so happy you’re finding the information helpful. Lemon water and turmeric will definitely help the liver to detoxify more efficiently. However, since turmeric is a heating herb, I recommend adding raw honey for a cooling effect. 🙂

  54. I have been drinking warm lemon water for a couple of months now and it’s only the past week or so that about 2hrs after I get bad cramps and have to poop so much! After about an hr or so, it stops. I make a large container once a week with fresh lemons and raw honey in the water. Could it be too much lemon as it does taste bitter but I’ve gotten use to that? I don’t want to stop but it’s starting to get to me.

    • Pat, while the pooping is a good thing, you might be taking a little too much lemon. I’d cut back for a little while, to see if things normalize.

  55. Hi if I drink the warm lemon water a little later in the morning like 1 1/2 to 2 hours after coffee and workout will I get the same results? Also what about drinking before all meals will that also help? Is it ok to add to green tea?

    • Hi Patty. Drinking the lemon after coffee won’t give you the strong cleansing effect as drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. However, there will still be benefits since lemon is alkalizing. Drinking lemon before meals is a very good practice to do because it stimulates digestion. 🙂

  56. I drank lemon, mint, ginger & cucumber water for the first time on Sunday, one glass. I don’t know if this is normal or if it is due to drinking the lemon water, but today is Tuesday and I have had the runs since Sunday night, gas pains and distended belly ever since. I feel weak and tired. Is this normal?

    • Pat, it’s most likely your body is having a strong cleansing effect. You might need to take it much slower.

  57. Hi Kim
    Not sure if this has been covered but how long should we
    Wait before eating breakfast and maybe having a cup of coffee?

    • Patty, I don’t think there’s one definitive answer to that question. But I like to give it at least 15-30 minutes before adding anything to my stomach after the lemon water.

  58. This was really interesting to read. A few years back I saw a naturopath and she recommended this but I found it caused stomache cramping and diarrhea. Straight after drinking it. The naruropath couldn’t work out why even after a few weeks it was still happening.
    I’m having a lot IBS issues again so have gone back to trying the lemon but again. It’s like a laxative effect. I’m only using one slice of lemon juice in. Half a mug of water do ou think I should dilute it even less?

    • Belinda, it may be that you’re sensitive to lemons. Try using lime and see what happens.

  59. It is really interesting to read this and all comments. I used to drink 5-6 glasses of plain water every morning immediately after waking up from the bed from the last 4-5 months. And now I want to drink Lemon juice mixing warm water too. Pls. suggest me how to manage these both drinks. Can I drink Lemon juice mixing water after a gap of 45 mins after drinking of plain water??

    • Keba, I recommend doing the lemon water first, followed by your normal glasses of water.

    • That sounds like a dangerous amount of water at once…5-6 glasses + lemon water?

      • Susie, the lemon water only calls for 4oz of water. If you’re used to drinking 5-6 glasses of water first thing in the morning, an additional 4oz. isn’t a big deal. Just judge by how your body responds to the lemon water. Cut back on the regular water if you feel uncomfortable. 🙂

        • Oh, I see. I somehow thought the lemon water was 24 oz….according to an article from Japan that I read. Thank you for the clarification.

          • Yep, just a little bit of water is all that’s necessary. 🙂

  60. I am on day 4 of drinking lemon lime water and so far I am loving it. The first day was a little up and down but today I had my first bowel movement and I must say, natural is the way to go. My appetite has suppressed tremendously and I genuinely enjoying drinking it. I don’t know if I’ll ever enjoy a soda again.

    • Awesome Trenita! 🙂

  61. Hi Kim,

    Is it okay to drink lemon salt water after my lunch?

    • Sam, to receive the most benefit it’s best to take the lemon water with salt first thing in the morning. However, you still receive benefits drinking it any time during the day. I always recommend before your meals, though.

      • Hello Kim,
        Bumped into this article on lemons today. I think it’s so informative and absolutely truthful . Thank you for giving people insight on how to achieve the healthiest lifestyle through organic methods.
        I have always been a health enthusiast hence my discovery of lemon and it’s amazing benefits , normally I would squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of warm water , once in the morning and once at night , then cut up pieces of lemon and put inside my bottled water and drink it through the whole day, I feel energized , I feel all the benefits until I discovered another way to use it which actually gives noticeably drastic results! I take a whole lemon cut it up without peeling the back and blend the whole fruit with probably a glass of water, then add more water and store in different bottles , it’s more concentrated and amazing , you instantly start gasing so much, you can literally watch your tummy deflate right in front of you, feels like rinsing grease off your stomach walls , it felt so amazing I had to share on your forum. I actually know that it’s working on my metabolism rate because it felt like all the food I’ve eaten gets broken down in seconds and I feel so hungry afterwards, the feeling is amazing, I feel so light I can literally start sprinting! Now I believe that it actually does make you loose weight rapidly , if you want the results to be even more drastic , control your portions while you do this as well, food can never hide anywhere in your body without being properly processed and broken down by your organs.☺️

        • Thank you for sharing this Thelma! I’m definitely going to give it a try!

  62. I have been drinking lemon water for years to help control my IBS, but recently I stated suffering with bad indigestion and several suggest that it may be from the acid effect of drinking lemon water. What are your thoughts on this??

    • It maybe Louise. I recommend stopping the lemon for a while and see what happens. Our bodies are constantly changing, and may need a break from regular habits for a while.

  63. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for this article.
    It’s my first time to drink lemon and ginger tea and i am really excited to see the results.
    When i drank the tea i feel gassy and burped a couple of times. I thought it could be the lemons are doing its job already, however, just hours after i felt stomach and intestine pains gradually creeping me. The pain is bearable but intense. 🙁
    Is this normal?
    i drank the tea in the morning with an empty stomach, could this be the cause?
    Also i am breastfeeding my 18 month old baby, is this okay or would you recommend delaying until the baby has weaned?
    thank you.

    • Lorraine, the tea may have stimulated a detox effect, especially if you don’t take in a lot of lemon juice. Lemon and ginger are quite strong, and I’m guessing a lot of gas and other stuff were stirred up. It’s been a few days, have tried the tea again?

  64. Hi Kim, thanks forthworth very informative articles. I’m a migraine sufferer and recently tried the Himalayan salt with artificial lemon juice (bottled). To my surprise it actually helped as opposed toothed medication I normally use. Within a short while the migraine subsided. What’s the best Himalayan salt, as I get mine from the local supermarket! (Cape Town, South Africa)

    • Hey Yahyah! Glad to hear the lemon worked! Are you able to use fresh lemon? As for the Himalayan Salt, I like Revolution.

  65. Hi Kim!
    I wanted to know if it is mandatory to use fresh lemon juice. I tend to squeeze lemon juice and keep it refrigerated. Will that work? Also if I skip drinking in the morning but continue doing it during the day, will it be helpful?
    Thank you.

    • Rishita, I personally feel fresh lemon juice will provide the best results long term. The longer the lemon sits out, the more oxidation and loss vital enzymes, vitamins, etc. However, if squeezing the lemon ahead of time is the best you can do right now, it’s still better than no lemon at all. Yes, it is still helpful to drink the lemon water during the day! 🙂

  66. I LOOOVVVEE squeezing about 1/3 of a large lemon, about 1/2 of a lime into a glass of warm water, and adding about a teaspoon of peppermint chlorophyl. It is delicious as the peppermint in the chlorophyl sweetens it up a bit and leaves me feeling refreshed and awesome. I drink 2-3 glasses a day. Extremely gentle detox. I no longer need foundation or blush for my face at all! Nor do I have that horrible chronic heartburn. I saw the results in my skin after about 2 days!!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing Michelle! That’s great news. Where does one find peppermint chlorophyll?

  67. HI Kim,
    I started drinking lemon water not too long ago. One problem though is that if I dont drink all of it during the day it will taste bad the next day, so I put it in the fridge during the night to slow the fermentation process but now I read cold lemon water can be bad for you? Any tipps on this?

    • Max, I’d follow the directions in this post and drink it all first thing in the morning. Fresh lemon juice is the best!

  68. I have been drinking lemon with water for maybe almost 10 years, and it is life saving.

    I had shingles and once I began drinking the lemon water the shingles went away and never came back.

    From time to time I will get lazy and not drink the lemon for a few days and almost like clock work I will begin to get pains so bad it will be difficult for me to walk. And when I start the lemon back up and the pains will go away within a day or two.

    I am 61 and feel extremely healthy. I know that the lemon water has protected my body and keeps me healthy.


    • Thank you for sharing Janet! Lemon water is AMAZING!

    • That’s awesome Janet! Thank you for sharing that experience. I’m going through some health issues myself. I have to get back jnto lemon water again ! 🙂

  69. Hi Kim,
    If I drink lemon honey water in the morning ,motions are starting ,plz suggest me what I should do

    • Sandhya, the amount of lemon you’re using may be too much for your body to start out with. Try starting with a 1/4 tsp. and work your way up.

    • I didn’t quite understand the author “motions start to happen’? Did she mean nausea or diarrhea?

      • That’s what I was thinking…

  70. I have been using Santa Cruz Organic pure lemon juice not from concentrate, is this just as good as squeezing the lemons

    • Deb, my personal feeling is “fresh is always best.”

  71. I wanted to clean out my liver, so I drank a lot of lemon juice with tea and later I had diarrhea. Is that because I had too much Lemon?

    • It sounds like it may have been too much lemon. How much was too much? Time span to drink it all?

  72. Hi. How do I know when I’m consuming too much lemon/salt water. I love it its already after days coming off coffee I’m not getting tired in afternoon and moving stool lol hasn’t been easier. I feel refreshed but I worry I over do it or is that possible. My intake is 1/2 lemon and 4 grinds of himalayan salt and the boiled water content fills it to about a mug full. First thing then lunch then dinner then supper then a pint of water before bed…. but no coffee. Surprisingly I don’t crave coffee. But I’m so happy with results I want to drink nothing but this recipe. Is there a cut off point cause it’s the usual too much of a good think ends up being bad or can I carry on..

    Thanks for reading xx

  73. Oh and another thing not sure if it’s coincidence but this is the first time in my life I have had a full beard and there is no patches and my skin is radiant. I feel good because I feel I look healthy. Just hope people try it. Red Bull coffee etc is total gimmick but this is healthy and does so much more.

    • That’s fantastic Sean! As long as you’re feeling good stay with the amount you’re consuming. Your body will let you know when you’re overdoing it. Thank you for sharing.

  74. If you use cold water does it really take away a lot of its benefits? I cant drink warm water YUCK!

    • Warm water is best, since it doesn’t slow down digestion. Try to get the water temp as warm as you can tolerate.

  75. Great article! Several people have posted that the lemon water makes their poo go dark, but it has made mine much lighter. is this a cause for concern? I hope not, because thanks to the lemon juice this is the best I have felt for ages.

    • It may take a while for your body to normalize after taking the lemon for a while. I don’t think you have much to be concerned about.

  76. It was also recommended to me by my Naturopathic Dr. to try lemon juice in the morning. I did it for a couple of weeks…and then I had a gastric nightmare. It seems the lemon along with high stomach acid weakened my stomach and intestine lining setting the stage for an infection that took 1 month on antibiotics to clear. The symptoms heralding this infection were incredible bloating, endless gas that smelled absolutely foul.Zero appetite. Followed by endless diarrhea, burning pain at rectum and pain under left rib cage where infection settled at the curve of the intestine. Easing into this regime and stopping if you begin to experience pain, bloat or foul gas would be my advice to people if you want to avoid the mess I have gone through.

  77. Hi Kim,

    Great and very informative article!! Just a few questions. I started drinking 1/2 lemon in 16oz water (2x daily) a week ago and now I’m getting acne… much more than usual. Could the lemon water be doing this or is it probably something else? My eating these past holiday seasons have been horrible, but I’ve called myself detoxing for the past week and half. Also, could I squeeze my lemons in water for several days prior to drinking? Or do I have to squeeze it out when I’m getting ready to drink it?

    • The acne could be a detox reaction from the lemon water. It’s normal for this to happen from time to time. The fresher the lemon juice the better!!

  78. I have ibs and I always have digestive issues especially constipation. I’ve been drinking lemon water for a week but I have been using bottled lemon juice and warm tap water. It didn’t seem to be working. It could have been because of the coffee. However I stopped drinking coffee for 2 days and today I drank 3 cups of lemon water and I went to the bathroom. I took a laxative last nite went first thing this morning but I was able to go again. Maybe it’s because I drank more today than usual. I hope so. Maybe I can get some relief from ibs. After reading this site I am going to get fresh lemons and bottled water. I’ve also noticed that I do have some acne on my face which I never had. You think I’m detoxing. Can I mix olive oil with the lemon water. Help

    • Hey Donna! Yes, fresh lemon is best. The acne could be a result of detoxing, however, it shouldn’t last long if you continue the lemon…And, as far as adding olive oil to the lemon, I’ve started doing that myself. It helps the liver to function more efficiently! Great idea!

      • I have stopped drinking coffee with no cravings. I have also added ginger and fennel to my lemon water. I drink at least 3 glasses of lemon water a day. I feel pretty good. I hope this is the solution. Thank you for the information.

        • That’s fantastic, Donna! Keep us posted if the new routine sticks!

  79. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have had my gallbladder removed in 2013 how often should I drink lemon water. I have a lot of bloating in my stomach. Is there anything else I can do, any suggestion would be helpful

    • Hey Sammy, each person is different so you’ll have to experiment with how much lemon is effective for you. Unfortunately, having the gallbladder removed causes free flow bile into the digestive system which often times causes bloating and inefficient digestion. Digestive enzymes may be helpful along with good probiotics. Adding fermented foods to your diet can be helpful too.

  80. Can you help me understand something?

    I’ve been reading a lot about lemon water, and have a question. Almost every article/blog/etc I’ve read states that lemon juice has an alkalizing effect. It also states that a person should avoid acidic foods, such as coffee and alcohol. How does lemon juice, which has the lowest pH of all of those (2.0) somehow have the opposite effect that those foods do?

    Please don’t take this as an attack, I am just trying to understand how it works. And I LOVE lemons, they just don’t always love me back. 🙂

    • Although lemons are acidic themselves, they have an alkalizing effect on the body. Low sugar and highly alkalizing mineral content is my guess. Other foods such as tomatoes have a similar effect as well. So it’s not necessarily the acid/alkaline content of the food itself, it’s the effect it has once eaten. I hope this helps clarify.

  81. Can you make this the night before and leave it next to my bed drink when I wake up?

    • Rich, you can prepare it the night before, but I always like to remind everyone that “fresh is best!” The longer the lemon water sits out, the more potency it will lose.

  82. I started drinking warm lemon water about a month ago. I use one quarter of a lemon in about 8 oz of warm water and drink it first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. I’m not aware of changing anything else in my diet. But I am now experiencing constipation. I have researched this everywhere online and always read that warm lemon water helps to eliminates constipation. Have you heard of lemon water having this effect on a person? Any suggestions? I love all the health benefits of lemon water and would really hate to have to give it up.

    • Hey Pat, I have never heard of lemon water causing constipation. Have there been any other changes in your life? Stress, emotional? This could be a cause of constipation. Also, did the initial 1/4 lemon help your bowels to move better? Maybe your body is asking for more lemon to keep the colon moving. I take 1 whole lemon every morning.

      • Thanks for your thoughts Kim. I’m not aware of any additional stress, etc, going on above the usual. When I initially started the lemon water the only change in bowel habits I experienced was the slow down, prior to that no issues.
        That’s why this is so confusing. I use only 1/4 lemon because I tend to get canker sores if I eat too much of many fruits/vegetables, lemon being one of them. It seems a canker sore tries to start up every 20-24 days or so and I have to take a couple days off from the lemon water to let it subside. I’ll try increasing the lemon gradually and see if I can tolerate it.

        • Oh Pat, I see! If you’re getting canker sores your body does not tolerate lemons, especially if you’re fair skinned, red headed. I’m thinking lemon just isn’t for you. 🙁

  83. Decided to start drinking lemon water yesterday. Had a few glasses with dinner. Before I went to bed I squeezed an entire lemon and drank in some water. I had the darkest diarrhea I’ve ever seen this AM.

    I also had a glass of turmeric water yesterday, which I had not done in weeks.

    Am I in a detox, should I persist with the lemon water, or do you think I should stop?

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Hey Rich, sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. How did everything go? Sounds like you were definitely purging gunk.

  84. Hi. Just been reading all the comment ,
    Going to start the lemon and water tomorrow , is it best to boil the water then let it cool down and do you need to put salt in or is it just personal choice ..

    • Lynn, no need to boil the water, but purified or spring water is the best. Salt is a personal preference. Good luck!

  85. Good informative site . Well done Kim , info A1

    • Thank you Dennis!

  86. Hey Kim I’ve been drinking lemon water everyday minus the weekends for a month now. Lately I’ve been experiencing consistent bowel movement stomach pain and diarrhea. I’ve also have seen blood in my bowel movements.. Are you aware of these effects? Should O go check in with a Doctor?

    • I’m aware, Joey, that sometimes the lemon water will stimulate detoxification of toxins in the gut and liver. It usually subsides after a while. I’d lay off the lemon for a bit, and if the blood continues, definitely seek at a health care practitioner, preferably holistic. Usually when you lay off the lemon for a while, then introduce it back slowly things begin to normalize. But keep this in mind too, I’m recently finding that certain people are intolerant to lemon, especially fair skinned. This might be the case for you, that your body doesn’t handle lemon very well. You’ll have to continue to do your investigative work.

  87. The recipe I have says I must use an organic lemon. Can you please tell me if a normal lemon will be ok.

    • A lemon is a lemon, so a non-organic lemon will work. However, if you want to reduce your pesticide exposure, organic is always best. 🙂

  88. I have cholecystitis due to bacterial infectiom,and also i have gastritis,will lemon water cure it?

    • Jaiser, I cannot tell you whether or not lemon will “cure” the cholecystitis, but it may help. You will have to give it a try to see how your body respond.

      • Regarding cholecystitis and other intestinal aliments, here is the scoop. It’s about the good bacteria vs the bad bacteria in our gut. Most of our good bacteria lives in our large intestine and the issue is for us to feed the good bacteria so that it is strengthened and can do an optimal job of keeping us healthy. For our food to reach the good bacteria in the large intestine it must first go through the small intestine where our bad bacteria largely lives. Foods high in fiber and nutrients such as lemon, are able to go through the small intestine, stay intact, and feed our healthy bacteria; foods such as sugar and grains tend to get eaten and absorbed by the bad bacteria and offer no value (or food) to our good bacteria, thus the bad bacteria grows rampant causing us chronic inflammation diseases etc. For more information on this subject I recommend you search phrases such as “foods that feed our good gut bacteria” or “how to feed our guts good bacteria.” These types of searches will load you up with lots of information on the subject. Your cholecystitis, can be cured with proper eating which will come from having an understanding of the flora of the human gut.

        Hope this helps!

        • Thank you Janet. This is very helpful information and makes a lot of sense!

  89. Hi Kim, where have you been and this method for all these years i am suffering from IBS? Thank you so much for your activity/help.
    Actually i have some symptoms, when i searched these symptoms i came to know that it is IBS. I start drinking warm lemon water daily. its been 4 days. I do not feel anything. May i know for how much days should i take this natural medication? Also, I read that taking “water therapy” will cure some colon’s problem. so should i switch over or not? kindly reply. How many of our friends had completely cured form IBS taking this medication.

    (I am not a native English speaker, correct me if i am wrong in my question)

    • Hi Aashik, lemon is not guaranteed to cure IBS but it can help. I’m not sure what you mean by water therapy, but please check out the Salt Flush ( which can be helpful with IBS too. In addition, to keeping the colon clean, diet and maintaining stress is a big part of healing IBS.

  90. I’ve seen drastic improvements loosing weight ,my pre-hypertention is gone ,I wake up refreshed but is it normal to urinate more frequently ?

    • Tirso, it isn’t too uncommon for urination to increase, especially if you’re taking in more fluid.

  91. Can I use Bottled PLJ instead of fresh lemons.

    • Sue, I always feel fresh lemons are the best!

  92. I take Prilosec every morning, which says to wait 1/2 an hour before eating or drinking. Should I wait the 1/2 an hour before drinking this? Also, if I still want to have coffee, how long after drinking the lemon water should I wait? Thank you!

    • Kathie, since Prilosec reduces stomach acid, I’m not sure how the lemon will interact. You’ll have to play around and see what feels right for your body. I’d wait at least 30 minutes before drinking the coffee.

  93. Hello Kim,

    Thanks for this great article. I am currently squeezing two lemons every morning and diluting with just about half a glass of water.
    Is taking two lemons too much?
    Could taking the lemon juice aid in reducing belly fat?

    Thanks a million for you time

    • Your body will let you know if it’s too much lemon. Eating whole foods, getting plenty of rest and reducing stress are the best methods to reduce belly fat. Lemon will help, but not if the other factors are not addressed.

      • Thanks again Kim

  94. Hello,

    I have gallbladder issues. I ve started with lemon (1/2) in the morning. And after meals. Any idea how long it will take to start feeling better? No stones show on ultrasound but typical gallbladder symptoms.

    Any other advice? How much water?


    • Alicki, lemon will definitely help with gallbladder issues, however there is no way to tell you when you’ll start feeling better. There could be many factors causing gallbladder symptoms. I’ve found that taking Aloe Ferox is very helpful with managing and healing gallbladder issue. Liver & Gallbladder Flush protocols are also immensely helpful. I recommend doing several over a span of a year to clear out debris and toxins trapped in the bile ducts. If you’re interesting in doing them I can offer you a free consultation. I have my own flush protocol I use with my clients and it should only take one or two one-on-one sessions to get you going. Here are the details:
      Let me know if you’d like to schedule a consult.

  95. Hi kim I’ve been taking the lemon water and raw honey for about 5 days now I experienced the dark bowel movement once (watery) not sure if the drink should be working like a laxative everyday I’m not sure if it’s working at all I drink lemon and honey in the morning before meals and before bed I have noticed my appetite has changed less eating alot!!

    • Stacy, everyone reacts to the lemon differently depending on what imbalances are present in the digestive tract, gallbladder, liver, etc. Water stools is not uncommon at first. Glad your appetite has decreased, that’s good!

  96. Hi Kim,
    I love your post about lemon water. I share the benefits of having a habit of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning with my wellness clients all the time. Your post is one of the best descriptions I’ve come across to offer them as a reference. Thank you so much for such a great clear resource! ~Katrina, Living from Center – Massage Therapy & Wellness Coaching

    • You’re welcome Katrina!

  97. John, your body will tell you when the undiluted lemon is too much.

  98. Hi Kim,
    I just juiced a whole lemon and drank it straight instead of diluting it.
    Not long after I’ve experienced watery / acidic stools. Do you think this is from the lemon water? I’m hoping I’m not getting a bug or something, but if this is a common thing after lemon, then maybe it’s just that.

    • Yup. Straight lemon juice can clean you right out!

  99. Congratulations! This is a very informative and very helpful!

    Keep up the good work!

  100. Hello Kim,

    Thank you for the wonderful information on the benefits of lemon. I was drinking raw apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and lemon water through out the day before pregnancy and it helped with appetite control and regularity. Now I am 22 weeks pregnant with twins and have been experiencing extreme constipation. My OB suggests Colace, a stool softener, which isn’t helping. I’m wondering would the lemon water help and would drinking it on a daily basis be ok while pregnant. Thank you so much for any information.

    • Hey Kesha. I think the lemon water is definitely worth a try. It may or may not help with the constipation, however. I recommend taking 1 tsp of castor oil before bed. This should help get things moving along.

  101. Hi Kim, thank you so much for writing such a detailed and informative article. I came across your article doing a Google search. I’m involved in a three-week wellness vegan program right now. I am starting week 3… this plan by Kris Carr has us drinking the same lemon water you suggest each morning. I stopped the lemon water since I was also having a whole lemon in my juice and figured it was too much. I am drinking 16 ounces of green juice every morning which contains a whole lemon. About one-fourth of the days I have been having very violent diarrhea. I am wondering if this is because I have an intolerance? Could that be possible? I cannot think of any other pattern that could be causing this. Or is it truly too much lemon causing too much detoxification? I do feel a very acidic feeling in my stomach when I am getting sick. It is so frustrating to be treating my body so well and eating so healthy, and yet be getting so sick some days. Any thoughts would be so very appreciated. With all my gratitude, Kelly

    • Hey Kelly! Don’t be discouraged. Lemon can be very detoxifying at first, especially coupled with the green juice. Diarrhea isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing, it just indicates your body is moving stuff out. When you do a major upgrade with your diet, your body will automatically start “purging” toxins and your bowels are one of the exit ways. 😉 Maybe the lemon and green juice are a bit too strong at this point for you. Maybe just do 1/4 or 1/2 of lemon first thing in the am and omit the lemon from your green juice (the combo could be a bit strong for you). Hope this helps and keep in touch to let me know how things are going. 🙂

      • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and for the information amd encouragement. I am taking a small step back from the amount of green juice and the apples and amount of lemon. I am going to try to really tune in to my body and not over do it. Thank you again Kim.

        With much gratitude

        • Wonderful Kelly! Tuning into your body is extremely important before we begin major cleansing. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  102. I have been drinking warm water after getting up in the morning from many years. But now I am struck upon a thought that whether I should drink warm / warm lemon water before going to the toilet or after coming from toilet ?

    • Definitely before since the lemon helps to activate a bowel movement.

  103. Hello. Good morning. I have a question. I am an amateur runner. I usually drink coffee before i start my running training. Can i drink the lemon with honey drink after my run? Which means it wouldn’t be an empty stomach anymore.

    • I think you would get the most benefit from drinking it first thing in the morning, but it wouldn’t be a big deal drinking it later in the day.

  104. Hello,
    I know the lemon water should be consumed on empty stomach in the morning but I’d like to know what happens if I drink it after my cup of coffee and wait a little? Would it still have some benefits?

    • Val, although the lemon won’t be as potent as it would be on an empty stomach, it will still have benefit. Mainly, what you’ll be missing if you drink the lemon water after coffee, is the cleansing effect.

  105. Hi Kim,
    Is it worth putting oranges and lime in with the lemon or should I just stick to lemon. Also is it OK just to have a orange water drink or a lime water drink by themselves or again should I just stick with lemon.
    And also thanks for all the great info.

    • Hey Ian, this is a good question. I often do orange, lemon and lime together, but not first thing in the morning. I assume the combination of all three will have a similar effect as the lemon juice first thing. Give it a try and see what happens.

  106. Hi Kim,
    Just another quick question, is there any benefit with putting some raw honey in with the lemon water.

    • Absolutely! Raw honey is very beneficial.

  107. Is it typical for your movement to be lighter in color when you drink lemon water?

    • Raquel, I’m not necessarily sure it’s “typical,” however, many people experience a variety of things when first taking the lemon water.

  108. Can I use Meyer Lemons instead?

    • Sure, I don’t see why not!

  109. Hi Kim,
    I have being taking lemon water twice a day for the last few weeks with half a lemon. About a week ago it started giving me a light headed feeling, so I tried just warm water and it was ok, so I tried half a lemon again and the light headedness came back, so I tried a quarter of a lemon and it was fine. I was just wondering is the light headedness coming from my body detoxing, or from me taking too much lemon too soon, or from me being sensitive to lemon. If it is me being sensitive to lemon should I stop.

    • Ian, it’s most likely that the lemon is causing you to detox. It’s not uncommon for this to happen. I recommend you to continue with the amount of lemon that doesn’t cause light headedness and gradually increase the amount of lemon over time.

  110. Great article Kim! You mentioned not using tap water; however, economically what if that’s all you can do, as well as lemon juice versus purchasing lemons? Can this help you get started until you’re able to expand to purified water and lemons?

    • Sunshine, as far as the water is concerned, if all you have is tap water then that will have to do! As far using store-bought lemon juice, I can’t really answer. I have no idea how fresh it is or if there are other ingredients. If the lemon juice isn’t fresh, it’s lost most of its nutrients. Hope this helps clarify!

  111. Hi: I’ve just started the lemon water addition to my morning ritual. Husband brings it to me in bed before I get up! 1/2 lemon in very warm water, little dribble of honey. I’m trying this as I have a ‘redundant colon’ or “tortuous colon” very difficult for bowel movements. I try to eat healthy with lots of leafy stuff and blueberries, especially. My question, I think it’s the latter two that are probably causing my stools to be weird color(s) greenish, blackish, etc., but wonder if the lemon/water might contribute?

    • The lemon water can definitely contribute to the discoloration, especially if your gallbladder is purging backed up bile. The lemon can be very cleansing.

  112. Hello Kim
    I want to ask is it really important to have my teeth brushed before taking lemon water?

    • Sid, I have no idea. I’m not a dentist, lol. I have no issues with the lemon affecting my teeth. Maybe you can find an answer here in the comment thread. Good luck and let me know what you find.

  113. Hi, I may have passed it in the comments but I have a hard time with holding things while cutting them so I bought lemon juice from concentrate in a bottle, I have a feeling that’s not the same but will it still help or should I try cutting them even if I have difficulty?

    • Jenn, the lemon juice concentrate will not have the same potency as fresh lemon juice. Fresh is always best!

  114. Kim,

    I just started with the warm water with lemon juice Thursday morning (it’s Saturday now). I have historically not been regular with my bowels, but Friday around 1, I started really going to the bathroom with horrible stomach pain. I continued with the warm lemon water today (Saturday) regardless of what happened yesterday and now tonight, I’m in the same position as yesterday. How many days will this continue until my body is cleansed? Also, thanks about the tap water tip. I have used tap water since I started, but I will start with the bottled water tomorrow morning. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Oh and just to add, the stomach pain today is nothing near what it was yesterday. Maybe each day it’ll get better? Also, I eat my oatmeal about 20-30 min after the lemon water. Is that ok?

    • Heather, unfortunately, there’s no way to determine when/how your body will respond to the lemon and how long it will take until bowels restore to normal. If it keeps persisting, I recommend taking a break for a while, then start slowly with much less lemon.

  115. Hey Kim I started to drink warm water with lemon and raw honey in the past 4 I have diarrhea and terrible stomach cramps. I feel lightheaded should I continue with lemon or not.

    • Hey Nana! Yes, I think it will be a very good idea to back off until you feel normal again. After a while, I recommend starting with much less lemon and working your way up to a half or whole lemon.

  116. Hello Kim
    I’ve been drinking lemon water for months now and didn’t realize that my diarrhea issues could be due to the lemon. I’m obviously not new to the lemon water but my body doesn’t seem to have adjusted. Could it be that I had my gallbladder removed about 8 years ago? Also I use about half a lemon with warm water on an empty stomach every morning. Should I stop becaus I don’t have a gallbladder?

    • Hi Erika, I would assume that the lemon water is stimulating a lot of bile from the liver which is probably causing the diarrhea. I would stop the lemon for a while and see what happens.

      • Hi Kim
        When I do stop the diarrhea does stop. Does this mean I have to give up the lemon water? It’s a shame because of all the benefits it has.

        • Giving up the lemon would seem like the best idea since it’s overstimulating bile production. It’s a bummer but there are other alternatives. However, you may want to use a little less lemon, like a quarter slice and add Apple Cider Vinegar with water and cinnamon. Adding more water and sipping it for an extended time may help too. You can also give lime a try as an alternative. Basically, find additional ingredients that will calm the lemon down, if that makes sense. Lemon, alone seems to be a bit too much for you. Good luck!

        • Hi Erika,

          I was giving my husband lemon water in his lunch and he developed diarrhea. We have stopped it for probably a week now and he still has diarrhea! How long did it take for your diarrhea to stop?

          • Erika, it really depends on the individual. The lemon was probably too much for him and caused a detox reaction, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Things should taper off soon. If you start back, I recommend using a tsp or two of lemon with water. I’ve learned that some people have to work their way up or can never tolerate the lemon at all.

  117. My go to drink: SIMMER FRESH lavender, rosemary, sage, basil, mint, moringa leaves, oolong, Matcha and a cinnamon stick for 20-30 minutes in a pot until the water turns dark. Pour the concoction through a strainer and into a mug that contains the juice of one lemon. The herbs can be re-steeped up to three times. I have it every morning with a tumeric supplement. I cannot recommend this enough. And you won’t even miss the sugar.

    • Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing!


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