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everyone likes a compliment



“When I started ordering and eating food prepared by Kim, I didn’t have any particular “results” I was determined to see.  I really just wanted to start eating healthy.  I am 47 and I figured it was time to start eating like a grown up, unless I wanted to start getting grown up diseases.   I really wasn’t too concerned about change in the present, but more avoidance of cancer, heart disease, etc.

Here is the pleasant and unexpected.  Since I started eating Kim’s food, change happened right away.  The most obvious to others was the weight loss.  I was not trying to diet, or lose weight (although who doesn’t want to lose a few)  – it just happened.  My weight has leveled off to a place where I feel much better.  My digestion also improved immediately.  Before eating Kim’s food, I didn’t realize I was living a life of dehydration and energy draining effects of sluggish digestion.  I no longer feel bloated or bogged down by what I ate three days ago.

The best and most unexpected result was how eating Kim’s food has changed how I view food in general.  For example, I no longer see sugar as my friend and the crazy thing is I don’t crave it either – and I have craved sugar all of my life.  I have begun to crave healthy, clean and fresh food.   I really can’t believe the crap I used to eat and call food.

I am very busy with family and career so I don’t much time to cook (or frankly desire) or time to educate myself on all the nutritional aspects of what I should be eating.  Having meals prepared by Kim has been the only way I have found to completely change it up and know that I am eating meals with honest, healthy ingredients.   I am trying to bring my two teenage kids on board.  It’s not easy but hopefully I am putting the awareness out there with Kim’s food.”  

Ann-Margret Emery, Attorney



” I pretty much ate fairly healthy….or so I thought!! Having “Organic Home Cooked Meals” delivered weekly was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. The meals are varied, nutritious, fresh, filling (generous portions) and most of all extremely tasty. Whoever thought vegetarian could be soooo delish?  I look and feel so much healthier… better mood, more energy because I am getting the nutrients and vitamins my body needed….have no use for the chemicals sold in the supermarket or restaurants. Our meals are delivered twice a week right to our front door and into the kitchen ready to eat. Bonus alert!!! I do not have to cook or food pots or pans to wash. Prices are so reasonable. Remember, Healthy Food, Eating Healthy on a Regular Basis, No Shopping, No Cooking, No Washing of Pots and Pans and no Hot Kitchen!!!!  Go for it order from Kim, treat yourself and your body….Eat healthy and let Yogitrition do the work.”

Fran Lapinski



“I wanted to share with you how much your meals have helped improve my health. I was on Nexium for nine years, a medication that should have only been prescribed for six weeks at most. Nonetheless, over time the effects of the medication made my digestion worse, and my nervous system took a beating along the way causing tremors.

After eating your meals and taking a few nutritional supplements, I have given up all medications. My digestion has improved tremendously, and the tremors have lessened by about 80%. I am so grateful to have found you and appreciate you more than words can say!  Not to mention, your food is absolutely the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten!”

Kim Anderau, Radiation Therapist



“I just wanted anyone who is working with Kim to know how knowledgeable she is on all things health related–especially regarding the liver flush protocol. I had been doing the liver flush on a monthly basis with moderate success. When I found Kim, she knew exactly what my problem was and the herbs to remedy the situation. I ordered the herbal formulas she suggested and took them for the next liver flush. WOW what a success that cleanse was!!! My husband took the same herbs and he was Amazed at the difference that the herbs Kim recommended made. I felt like Kim intuitively knew what I needed and indeed it proved to be true because we have been having fabulous cleanses since we took Kim’s recommendations. Talk to Kim and trust her knowledge!”

All Bliss, Crystal Raymos



“I truly believe that Kim came into my life at the perfect time.  I am a 47 year old female who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.  I have been on a path to heal myself naturally and to get to the root cause of my disease.  The first time I spoke with Kim we both felt a connection.  I think the connection I was feeling was that Kim had a very open and caring tone to her voice which made me feel relaxed and comfortable and able to open up more.  She was so passionate about how the body can truly heal itself by giving it the right tools.

As I listened to Kim she spoke with such knowledge about so many things (spirituality, self healing and listening to what your body is trying to tell you).  I remember asking Kim if she was a doctor, she just knew so much about so many things, she said no I am self taught.  She knew so much more about getting to the cause of my disease than any of the doctors I had been to and, believe me, there were many.

She asked me about my diet, if I exercised, my personal life, my family, my relationships with them and if I loved myself.  It was like having a session with a therapist, except only better.  Kim really seemed to care and listen to what I was saying.  She said I had to stop identifying myself by my Hashimoto’s and that I had to embrace and accept my illness and stop rejecting it – this would only energize my resistance to it, which is stressful to the body.  She also told me something that I will never forget – “Forget what hurt you in the past but never forget what it taught you!” This quote is on my fridge and I look at it every day and think of Kim and smile.  Kim’s words of wisdom to me about accepting Hashimoto’s and no longer being subject to fear and insecurity but to be in control of my life were what I needed.

This, she said will also help me understand the true reason behind my illness.  Kim then gave me the tools to work with so I could heal myself through a series of the right kind of Liver/Gallbladder flushes. This included Kidney cleanses, Colon cleanses and oil pulling.  Through all of this, Kim was always there with support and kind loving words to guide me and keep me going.  So, as I said before, I truly believe Kim came into my life right when I needed her and I thank her for making my life whole again and especially for teaching me to love myself again.  Anyone who gets the chance to work with Kim will be truly blessed.”

Charis Wallin, wife & mother, New Jersey



“After working with Kim for some time now, my life has changed dramatically. I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, and working with doctors has become very frustrating to say the least. Through Kim’s guidance I began to Juice and eat more of a plant based diet. Not long after this lifestyle change, my inflammation reduced considerably. And as an added bonus, in just a few short months I lost 20lbs. 🙂  I consider Kim a life saver and a life giver backer. Thank you Thank you Kim.”

Julie Merchant, wife & grandmother, North Carolina