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Salt Water Flush for Colon Cleansing

Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt

*Disclaimer 1: This Salt Water Flush protocol is by no means affiliated with the Master Cleanse, nor is it a quick fix for weight loss. I’m here to tell you that neither will bring you to lasting permanent weight loss. This flush is designed to cleanse your intestines, and when done in conjunction with a healthy diet, balanced lifestyle and positive outlook, permanent weight loss is achievable. I repeat, this is not a quick fix.

*Disclaimer 2: I don’t necessarily prescribe to the notion that ALL SALT raises blood pressure. Table salt. Yes. Pure, untreated Himalayan Sea Salt. Probably not. However, I’m not going to advise those with high blood pressure to do, or not to do a salt flush. The choice will have to be up to you. Do your research and gauge whether or not your body will be able to handle large amounts of pure salt. Be sure to read here for more info about the benefits of pure salt, and read through this entire post carefully. If you feel a salt flush is not for you, there are a variety of methods to cleanse your colon. I can help you figure the best method for your body and your needs. 

Flushing the Entire GI Tract

A Salt Water Flush is an effective tool to help keep your colon healthy and clean!! What’s even better is that it acts as a mop for your entire GI tract, sopping up everything from your mouth to your derrière! This is why I believe a Salt Water Flush is sometimes superior to enemas or colonics. Not to say that enemas or colonics are not effective methods for colon cleansing, it’s just that a Salt Water Flush can bring much-needed relief that the other two cannot.

Enemas and colonics only remove waste from the colon. A Salt Water Flush, on the other hand, removes waste, including gas, from the small intestine. Also, the high-quality salt used in a Salt Water flush can act as a healing agent as it works to normalize the pH throughout your entire GI tract. A healthy intestinal pH reduces the amount of bad bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and fungi that create all kinds of nasty digestive issues.

Salt Water Flushes can provide tremendous relief from digestive irritability, gas, bloating, cramping, etc. This is especially true when you do a Salt Water Flush regularly, or in scheduled sequences. Besides, it’s cheap, quick, and easy which makes it practical and doable for the average person.

How Do You Know You Need to Do Regular Salt Flushes?

  • you’d like to regularly cleanse your colon, but you’re on a budget
  • you have 1 bowel movement or less each day
  • you have a history of constipation
  • you have never cleansed your colon before
  • you bloat after eating
  • you’re gassy, especially after eating
  • you suffer from IBS symptoms and/or digestive issues
  • you have respiratory issues and/or allergies
  • you have skin problems, including acne, psoriasis, etc.
  • you have a history of eating refined foods, meat, and dairy
  • you want to maintain optimal health

**Note: Unfortunately, Salt Water Flushes aren’t for everyone. Please make sure you refer to the bottom section of this post to determine if it’s an appropriate method of colon cleansing for you. 

How Does a Salt Flush Work?

A Salt Water Flush is a salt solution that you drink first thing in the morning. It requires a heaping dose of high quality, untreated salt in a large volume of water. The salt solution has the same specific gravity as your blood–therefore, it simply makes its way through your GI tract causing a “tidal wave” effect–pushing everything along until it comes out the other end.

Use the Good Salt

This advice from the people at HackYourselfPretty is very important as it concerns your overall health: you’ll be ingesting a large quantity of salt, so it’s important to use a good quality, natural sea salt or Himalayan Salt. Highly treated table salt and mass produced “sea salts” should never be used in a Salt Water Flush. This includes sea salts such Diamond Crystal Sea Salt, Mortons and other brands that you can purchase at grocery stores, Walmart, Sams, etc.

the great sea salt scam

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First things first, ALL SALT is SEA SALT in some form or another. However, through the refinement process, valuable minerals are stripped away leaving behind mostly sodium chloride. Your body cannot process sodium chloride efficiently and must use a tremendous amount of intracellular fluid to neutralize and remove it. In fact, for every gram of sodium chloride that your body cannot dispose of, it requires 23 times the amount of water to neutralize it! That’s a lot of water your cells cannot afford to lose.

You know the salt’s been processed when it’s white in color. Natural salts are not naturally white in color. Take Celtic sea salt, for example, its brownish/gray color is your first clue that no minerals have been removed from it; the rosy-pink color of Himalayan crystal salt is another good example of unrefined salt. The salt is I personally use and highly recommend is Premier Pink Salt.

Salt Water Flush Instructions (updated)

After reading the hundreds of comments left by my readers, I felt it necessary to update the instructions. I’m grateful for all of the experiences, even the not so pretty ones, that have been shared. I’m also super grateful for the tips and advice my readers are giving. Salt Water Flushing is not a perfect science, thus the more feedback I receive, the more I’m able to understand this process and help you the best I can. If you happen to know someone who’s used my flush protocol in the past, please share this update with them.

  • First thing in the morning before food and drink.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of  sea salt or Himalayan salt to 1 Quart of room-temperature, filtered or spring water.
  • You can slightly warm the water to increase maximum results.
  • Hold your nose if you like, and take it down.
  • Try to drink the entire salt solution within 15-20 minutes. Champs who can guzzle anything can usually get it down within 5-10 minutes. Others will vomit if they take it too quick. If you’re super sensitive, try to get it down within 30 min, or dilute the solution with more water. Also see below for more tips.
  • Drink another 1/2  – 1 quart of purified water within an hour after taking the salt solution.
  • Do not eat for at least a few hours and avoid coffee, tea, or anything that may be dehydrating. It’s best just to drink water.

Tips to alleviate nausea:

  • If you have a sensitive gag reflex, try using only 2 teaspoons of salt.
  • Some readers have suggested adding lemon to the salt solution.
  • Somewhere in the comments thread, I’ve had a few people tell me they put the salt in capsules. Apparently, it worked for them. Each time I hear this, I’m more and more curious about the process. I don’t necessarily support it, however, I would like to understand more. If you decide to use capsules, please report back with your experience. This may be a lifesaver for sensitive types who cannot tolerate a large amount of salt water. However, if you do use the capsules, continue to drink lots of water after taking them. Water will be necessary to flush the salt through the GI tract.
  • A reader also told me she used specific types of bracelets that alleviate nausea. I’ve lost the links, but maybe a Google search will help you find them.

 *see bottom section for more tips to having a successful flush

What Can I Expect?

Most people experience several bowel eliminations within 1 to 2 hours. You will need to visit the bathroom frequently, so plan accordingly. You are generally safe to leave the house within a few hours. If the last bowel movement was mainly clear fluid, this is an indication that you have completely flushed your GI tract. For some individuals this may not happen at first; they may have several eliminations but not a complete GI flush. This is okay. It may take a few Salt Water Flushes to accomplish this.

You Didn’t Flush- Is the Salt Flush Right for You?

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people will not flush. I’m not exactly sure why, but I speculate it may be a result of sodium deficiency, weakened kidney function, adrenal exhaustion, internal damage to the lining of the GI tract or a combination of all of the above. I have also found that individuals who tend to retain water (especially women close to their menstrual cycle) do not fair well with salt water flushing. They generally do not flush and retain the salt solution instead. This may cause uncomfortable bloating, water retention and mucho disappointment!

If you have a tendency to retain water, I would venture to guess that your Flush won’t be very successful. However, everyone’s different and you never know.  I’ve had many consecutive flushes that went very well, and a few flushes that didn’t go anywhere!! Therefore, it’s worth a shot to give it a try–no major damage will occur if you retain water. For those of you that have tried numerous times to no avail, then a Salt Flush simply isn’t for you. I know this is frustrating, but there are other alternatives.

My recommendation for you is to zero in on your gut flora. What I’ve learned over the past few years is that if your gut flora is severely imbalanced you’re never going to poop well, and you’ll have persistent issues with digestion. The best resource I’ve found for healing all kinds of gut issues is Listen to Your Gut. Jeni is extremely knowledgeable and her books have helped me tremendously!

Salt Water Flush Routine

If you’ve determined that Salt Water Flushes are appropriate, you can take them as a scheduled routine to heal persisting digestive issues, skin issues, etc. A routine can be anywhere from a few times a week, to 7 days in a row, to weekly. The idea is to do it enough that the high-quality salt has time to heal your GI tract.

If you have severe bowel deficiencies, you may want to do a Salt Water Flush once a day for one week. Then reduce the number of Salt Flushes each following week. This will promote rapid clearance of the GI tract, improve digestion, clear persistent skin issues and restore proper bowel function. Below is a recommended sequence:

  • Salt Flush once a day for the first week.
  • The second week, flush 3 times.
  • Third week, flush 2 times.
  • Fourth week, flush one time.
  • Then once a week indefinitely.

Don’t fret over following this exact sequence. There is no real science behind Salt Water Flushing, other than that it has proved beneficial for purging the colon and reducing symptoms of digestive irritability. Do as much as you can, and keep practicing!! You’ll receive benefits no matter what.


Tips for a Successful Salt Water Flush

  • Relax! It is imperative that you relax while doing the salt water flush and not push the process. It makes sense that if you’re rushing to get through it or are experiencing anxiety, your bowels will clench up. My suggestion is to make sure you have enough time to do the flush and avoid trying to “fit it in” to your schedule. If this isn’t possible, do your best to relax. Meditation and deep breathing may be helpful.
  • Move! It’s very common for many to want to immediately lie down after taking the solution. DO NOT DO THIS!! The more you move, the better the solution can move through the GI tract.
  • Sip on hot lemon water. I find this to be very helpful, especially for those with a sluggish GI tract. The hot lemon water stimulates the gastric colic reflex (the poop reflex). If you feel no action within 30 minutes, immediately start sipping on hot lemon water.
  • Abdominal massage. You may also lie on your back and gently massage your colon. Start at the bottom right hip bone, and gently massage in a circular motion moving up towards the ribs, then move horizontally to the left over the belly button until your reach the area just below the left rib cage, then move down towards your left hip bone. Gently massaging for several minutes will help to move the salt solution through your colon.
  • What to eat before. For a few day prior to the flush, avoid or greatly reduce “clogging” foods, such as meat, dairy, flour-based food and all other processed food. Try to eat as many whole foods as possible–think veggies!! This is especially important for those of you who experience constipation or do not have more than 1 bowel movement a day. If your colon is mucked up with these clogging foods, the salt solution will have a very difficult time getting all the way through. The day before the flush, eat very light and opt for a liquid-type dinner such as soup. If you can fast, that would be fantastic!! The less you have in your GI tract at the time of the flush, the better you’ll do.
  • For my constipated peeps. A reader has suggested taking a little bit of senna tea the night before for a laxative effect. I think this would be a good idea, however, please understand I don’t advocate using laxative type stimulants all the time. The idea is to heal your gut so you can evacuate more easily and frequently on your own.
  • After the flush. Stay hydrated. Continue to drink plenty of clean, purified water throughout the day. Try your best to stay away from dehydrating bevies such as coffee, soda, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. If you’re so inclined, taking good probiotics for a few days after is a very good idea. However, please note that not all guts are created equal, and many of them require different strains of probiotics. If you’d like to learn more, please visit Listen to Your Gut.
  • When can you eat? Every person will differ in this area, however as a general rule of thumb, I say it’s best to wait a few hours or until you’ve stopped going to the loo before eating. Again, there are no rules to this game, so use your best judgment.
  • What to eat? Ok, so you just downed a quart of salt water and cleansed your intestines, so show your body and GI tract some love, and eat better than what you did before the flush. Everyone’s different, so some might be upgrading from cookies and sweets to more veggies and whole foods while others might be upgrading from veggies to fermented foods or super foods. Just do better than you did before!! Also, make sure to browse my tasty, plant-based recipes
  • If you’re ready to take your health to the next level by making permanent change, I can help you do that with one-on-one coaching. There’s no time better than the present to jump on the health wagon!

Are you excited about starting your first salt water flush? I would love to hear your thoughts! Or if you have any questions, please make a comment below. And as always, if you’d like updates with more info like this, please join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Here’s to happy flushing and a happy GI tract!

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  1. I like this article. I am going to try one day flushing. The only thing I need to know what to eat the day before flushing and when to start eating (and what) after flushing.

    • Good question! I recommend you eat light the day before and avoid heavy foods such as meat and dairy. You can start eating the same day as you flush, generally an hour or two after you have completely flushed (stopped going to the bathroom). I recommend eating light for a few days after, again, avoiding animal protein and dairy. This will allow your GI tract to continue with the healing process.

      • I have done a few SWF a few times now. First time i did it just like i was supposed to but only could get half the salt water down before wanting to throw up. So i tried it in SHOT foam and slammed lots of fresh water behind. Worked good, but would never do it again. So i was thinking one day it would be nice if they had salt pills. Long story short i bought 100 empty caps and made my own. The first time doing it i took a tbsp full of salt and put it on a plate and filled caps up. It was like 25 caps. I took them and slammed the fresh water “IT WORKED” and was 100 times easier.

        Would you recommend doing this? Does it give the full effect it should since the caps have to dissolve in my system?


        • Corey, I’ve had a few inquiries about “salt capsules.” I’ve never done the SWF that way, but if it works for you, I say go ahead with it. 🙂

          • I have had some digestive issue for four years. I’m a cancer survivor (breast). During my first chemo my intestines tore. Doctors were able to fixed it. Since than I have a digestive problems . Today was my first sea salt flush. My world have been changed !!!!! It works!!!!!!! Always do research before starting something new for your health. This web site is so imforativie. Thanks.

          • Thank you for sharing Helen! 😀

        • Just throw a quarter teaspoon of coarse salt on your mouth and swallow with water like you would a pill. you hardly taste the salt at all. repeat until you consume the required amount. just be sure to drink as much water as possible, 10 minutes after the salt.

          • Wow Ron, this is a creative approach to getting the salt down. No nausea at all? Maybe some of my followers will give it a try and report back.

          • Thanks Ron! I just trew the salt back like taking a shot! Easier than drinking a cup full of it.

          • This is a silly question but how many quarter teaspoons did you end up taking to get the required about.i ask because since it is coarse is it harder to measure ?

          • Saun, the measurements don’t need to be exact. 3 tsp is equivalent to 1 tablespoon.

        • Great idea Corey, You are hilarious. You made your own salt pills. 25 caps! So funny and so great!

        • Such a clever idea. I have only done this once and it was today. My husband actually wanted to do this so I said I would do it as well. But I actually like your idea. I can see the benefits in doing this a cleanse but it was hard work getting all that salty water down. I may try your way Corey if I can find the pill caps. Thanks for sharing and thank you Kim all so.

          • You’re welcome Maureen! Yes, for some people the salt water is overwhelming. I’m also curios to see if the capsules will be effective for most people. If you decide to use them please report back. 😀

        • Hey!

          I’m into minute 30 of the salt cleanse. There are some sounds from my guy but bothing really passing. I used Mediterranean Rock Sea Salt because I couldn’t get the Himalayan one. I have a terrible diet, I don’t really excercise and im over weight. But I so want this to change. I need to find the strength. I hope that this cleanse does make me pass but if it doesn’t how can I adjust things so it does work ?
          Thanks Kim.

          • Hey Sarah,

            Sorry I didn’t make it here in time to respond to your question on the same day as your flush. How did it go? Feel free to email me at if you want to carry on this conversation. Since everyone is different, adjusting the cleanse is an individual thing. I’d love to help anyway I can.

        • HI Corey! This is very helpful for me since i’m so sensitive i vomited th last time i did an swf and i got scared to try again. Question is: how long did it take you after downing the handmade salt pills before you made your first trip to the toilet? And what did you do to ensure that that will happen? And how many liters of wter did you take before you pooped? TIA!

        • Figured I would leave my comment here instead of searching for my original post. 🙂 I tried the shot method and nothing happened. I tried making my own pills also. That wasn’t a pleasant experience. After 10 minutes, I was throwing up so badly that I thought I would never stop and I was surely going to lose my insides! TMI I know but that is what happened. Lol I have decided not to continue to try this after that. The fact I actually consumed it and then in pill form for me to unconsume it (basically trying to avoid drinking again) having salt water to come back up was enough for me. I read about papaya seeds flushing as well. I may try that out. Glad it worked for some of you guys though! Too bad it didn’t for me. 🙂

          • Bummer Eiranne!! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. Wishing you the best on your journey and please keep me posted on any other methods that were helpful. 🙂

      • Can I drink water in the first hour after? I feel nasty.

        • Hector, of course you can drink water. Drink lots of it!!

      • I have these salts from Saltworks:

        Himalayan Pink Salt

        Pure Ocean All Natural Sea Salt

        Is it okay to use either of the above?

        Thanks, Michael.

        • Hey Michael! Yes, either one of the salts will do! 🙂

      • Hi Kim

        Would you recommend fine or corse pink salt?


        • Joanne, either one is fine. If using course salt, let it dissolve into a solution before taking it down.

      • Can a person with high blood pressure use this flush?

        • Alicia, a person with high blood pressure most certainly can do a SWF. However, since I haven’t worked with a lot of people who have high blood pressure, I’m unsure as to the possible outcomes. If you do have high blood pressure and choose to the flush, please report back with your progress. 🙂

          • Hi Kim,
            as to the Blood pressure, I did not measure the morning before I started fast, but the monitor of hourly with heart rate gave me confidence as I also appreciate your being here and sort of holding my hand through important process of regutting, so to speak

          • Haha! You’re welcome Roger! And thank you for the feedback This will be helpful for people with blood pressure issues.

      • Hi Kim, I just tried the flush, I’m in my 3 day, no fun, I hate the taste but I m determined this time. I want to be clean

        • Wishing you well Tina!

      • I have the Mediterranean Sea salt is that ok?

        • That should do the trick Monique!

  2. Hi Kim: I have just begun the lemon detox diet, had my salt water flush first thing this morning , and am now on the lemon drinks! With the salt water flush, as I have to do this every morning, I am using Maldon salt, as this is all that is available to me. I was told this was fine, is it? Thank you. Emma

    • Can you get any recommended sea salts from whole foods?

      • Alexis, any Himalayan salt from Wholefoods should do the trick. Also, please read the section, “The Salt Water Flush Routine” for my recommendations. Good luck!

  3. I cannot get Premier Pink Salt or Sun Fire Salt :/

    • Buy it at Amazon, it is cheap and easy to get.

      • Natalia, which salt can you get on Amazon? Premier Pink Salt, Himalayan?

        • Thanks Mike for sharing the link to Premier’s Pink Salt!! 🙂

  4. My questions is pertaining to the good bacteria in your colon. Does the salt water flush wash all of this good bacteria away? I don’t see why it wouldn’t. When would you being the process of taking probiotics to get the good bacteria back into your colon? This would get expensive, taking probiotics over and over again just to have it washed away every time you cleansed your colon! Please explain 🙂

    THANK YOU !!!

    • When it comes to any type of colon cleansing, there is a risk of losing some beneficial flora. However, having a congested colon and/or constipation causes the bad bacteria to breed and outnumber the good. I’ll take a cleaner colon over a congested colon any day. Good news is that over time, cleansing the colon creates an environment for healthy flora to breed. Eventually you will not have to do as much cleansing, just maintenance.

      When it comes to taking probiotics, I recommend to take them regularly. We have many things in our environment that deplete healthy flora, chlorinated water is one of them. If probiotics are too expensive, eating fermented foods regularly will help to balance the beneficial flora.

      I hope I’ve helped clarify! 🙂

  5. Hey! so I actually just did my first salt water cleanse this morning about ten minutes ago. It was hard to get down especially first thing in the morning and the thing with salt is even if you block your nose you can still taste it, HOWEVER it does get easier as you drink it :). I have started a 20 day body cleanse, no junk food, no smoking, and NO COFFEE. I know I will feel awful but I am looking forward to the results :).

    • Congratulations on your first salt flush Celestina. They do get easier with time. You may feel awful in the beginning of the cleanse, but if you stick with it you should feel pretty fantastic after the half way mark. Good luck with everything, and keep me posted on your results, especially with the salt flushes. 🙂

      • I did the flush this morning. I thought I was going to vomit the salt water it was so gross and I felt so ill. In about 20 min it passed. In about an hour I began eliminating. I am very glad I have tried this flush and will follow the regime recommended above because I feel soooo much better after just one.

        • I’m glad it worked out for you Ursy!!

        • was it easier to do the second time. I did my first flush sunday and probably left alittle less than a 1/4 b/c I just couldn’t drink anymore of it. But I did have the effects from the flush. I’m going to try to stick to once a a week for this b/c I felt fantastic after wards and once a week fits my schedule
          but I was wondering if the I’m going to puke while drinking it this away.

  6. how much salt should I use per day?

    • Hi Pauline. Good question. In between 1-2 tsp. is a good amount. Adding high quality salt to your food is an option too. Just don’t cook with it. The heat destroys its beneficial nutrients.

  7. Is there something wrong if there is no bowel movement following the drinking of the water with 2tsp salt?

    • Hi Rita. Technically there is nothing “wrong” if you don’t flush the first time. For starters, 2 tsp. of salt generally isn’t enough to get most people flushing. This is why I recommend 1 tbsp. of salt. Most likely you are sodium deficient, and your body retained the salt. That’s okay. Sometimes it takes individuals a few tries before they flush. I recommend adding high quality, untreated salt (Himalayan) to your drinking water and food (after it’s been cooked). After a few weeks, your sodium reserves should be increased, and flushing will be easier.

  8. Hi! I am really interested in trying a salt cleanse, I have been researching it for a while. My main reason is to try to aleviate some of the product which I am sure is in there due to an unhealthy lifestyle from this last little while, but I also have psoriasis and wonder if you have any further info on how this can help – I understand that it will hopefully make me all round healthier and hopefully help my immune system, but how often would I do the cleanse to see psoriasis benefits? Thanks in advance!

    • Nikki, one of the first steps to healing psoriasis is to cleanse the colon. Regular Salt Flushes will certainly do that. I recommend you scroll to the bottom of this post and follow the “Salt Water Flush Routine.” The second thing I recommend is removing allergens from your diet: Gluten, sugar and dairy are at the top!! if you stay consistent you should begin to see results very quickly!!

    • Hi Nikki, hope the swf will help releave your psoriasis symptoms. My husband used to have really bad psoriasis, covering 40% of his body, giving him arthritis. He started taking a supplement called psorinovo. It helped him tremendously, allmost got rid of all the symptoms. Good luck!

  9. I have done the salt water flush three times this week. The first two times were good, today not as much. Also over the week I have gained 5 pounds and feel very bloated. Is this normal? Will it go away? I am currently trying to lose weight and the added pounds have made me very upset and cranky.

    • Hi Jessica. Yes, this can happen from time to time, especially if you’re sodium deficient. My recommendation is to back off the salt flushes, and add Himalayan salt to your drinking water and food (don’t cook with it) for a couple of weeks. Then try a salt flush again. Also, it appears you were doing the flushes during the full moon. Our bodies tend to retain water during this time. You may want to avoid salt flushes right before and during the full moon phase. 🙂

  10. Hi Kim, I just started my cleanse today about 3 hours ago and I have had to go to the washroom about 5 times now.. Is this normal? Also what food can I eat since I have not eaten since morning..

    • Glad to see you doing the flush Jewel. Yep, you should be spending quite a bit of time in the bathroom a few hours after you take the drink. I recommend to not eat until you have completely flushed. I’d stick to simple, clean foods for a few days. Skip meat, dairy, sugar and refined foods as they will quickly clog you up.

  11. do you have to do the flush in the morning?

    • Yes, Renee. The flush must be done when the intestines are empty, otherwise, it will not work effectively and also may feel very uncomfortable. 🙂

  12. Kim, thanks for this informative post. Yours is the only one I have yet found that explained I may not flush right away. It’s a good thing you did, as I am just beginning to flush now on the third day. I have had severe constipation with the anti-candida diet for the past few months and know toxins have been building. As I’ve been nursing a baby, I’ve held off on big detox methods, but now that the baby is almost done and I was really getting concerned about my intestines, this is the route I’ve taken. Planning to do seven days in a row unless you suggest otherwise
    I also had my daughter (3 yrs old) take a pint with 1/5 tsp. salt. It worked on her right away. That was two days ago and she has not defecated since. Do you discourage using this method with such little children? We are generally a gluten free and refined-foods/sugar free family, but use raw milk kefir regularly. My daughter has had chronic constipation since she was 100% breastfed! I think she also struggles a little with candida from me.

    • Hi Theresa! I most definitely think you should continue the salt flush for seven days, especially since you’ve had chronic constipation. Afterwards, continue with the recommended schedule listed in this post. You may also want to try adding coffee enemas to your routine (1-2 weeks) As far as your daughter, I think it is fine to give her the flush every few days if she’s constipated, and it’s most likely true that she’s dealing with candida issues as well. I would take her off the kefir for a week or so to see if that may be contributing. Although, the dairy is fermented she may not have efficient enzyme production to break down the milk protein.

      I recommend you check out these 2 supplements from Enzymedica, both for you and your daughter. These 2 enzymes are very effective in managing candida overgrowth, and help the bowels to move.

      I would give your daughter half the dosage recommended for both of these products.

      Good luck!!

  13. I want to start this cleanse tomorrow and my questions are, when I start in the morning and go 2 or 3 times will that be enough to then go ahead and eat some vegetables or fruit? Or are we supposed to fast and just dring the water? Also after the colon cleanse I will be starting a 3 day lemon detox along with the colon cleanse. Does,this all sound ok to do?

    • Cassandra, I suggest you wait until a few hours after the flush drink before you eat anything. You still may be flushing at this time, but it will be okay to eat something light. If you’re referring to the master cleanse, a salt flush is recommended in conjunction, so yes I would say it would be okay.

  14. i have a question. im a college student and lately iv been having abdominal pains and rectum pains. i know for a fact its because of fast foods and little to no bowel moments. ever. i have even came to the conclusion that i might have IBS :(. i was suffering the web, and found out about the rapid salt treatment. will this aid me in regular digestive movements? and be a good source to help me start a healthy diet? also which salt do i use? Himalayan pink salt? or preimer pink salt?
    thank you kim!

    • Adihs, the Salt Flushing will certainly help to restore your colon for healthy bowel movements. However, a change in diet is a must. I also recommend using high quality digestive enzymes with each meal. The Himalayan or Premier Pink Salt are both awesome sources of high quality salt!

  15. Tonya, the salt flush may initially cause you to bloat if you do not use high quality, untreated Himalayan Salt or Pink Sea Salt. If this is the case, I recommend adding 1-2 tsp. daily to your water and food (after cooking). After a few weeks, you can try the salt flush.

  16. Completed my first salt water flush this morning and I am very happy! After reading extensively on the subject for a while now, I finally took the plunge! I was really nervous that I would do it and not eliminate; however after about 20 minutes I began to feel myself wanting to go! Thank you for all your guidance on this site- it is my favourite yet!

    • Fantastic Sarah! 🙂

  17. Hi Kim I did my first flush yesterday and after two hours i had my first bowel movement but for some reason I wound up vacating my bowels for five hours! Eek! I’m using high quality pink himalayan salt, didn’t eat anything during this time, just drank lemon water after the first movement occurred. Do you have any idea why my eliminations lasted so long? Do you think this will happen again today? Five hours is a long time to hang around a toilet! 😛


    • Flynn, it’s hard to tell how long it will take to completely eliminate after the Flush drink. I do know that the more frequently you do them, the less time it begins to take to completely eliminate. 😀

  18. I did a flush this morning but only moved things a little bit…. there was gurgling but in the end I only went twice and there was not watery substace maybe just a bit loose… is it ok for me to reflush in the same day as long as I havent eaten?

    • I wouldn’t flush again the same day. Chances are, you’d just retain more of the enema. Did you use 1 T of salt? Sometimes people do not use enough.

  19. Hi Kim. I am planning to start a 5 day salt water flush starting tomorrow morning. I am familiar with flushing because I used to do the Master Cleanse and the was part of the routine. However, I used regular sea salt and it did the job. I’m not familiar with the salts you are referring to. Where can these be found besides online? Also, I’m scheduled to have a colonic 7 days from now, should I do the salt water flushes now, or wait until after the colonic? Will it be too much on my system to do both? I’m extremely constipated and bloating after everything I eat, so I feel the urgency to do something now. What are your suggestions?

    • Hi Denita! The salts I recommend have a link that take you directly to the website where you can purchase them. If you are going to have a colonic soon, I wouldn’t do 5 salt flushes prior to that. I recommend 1-2, because you don’t want to irritate your colon. In conjunction with the colon cleansing you may want to get to the root of the bloating and constipation by supplementing with high quality probiotics. This is an excellent website that teaches you about using the correct probiotics to heal intestinal issues. The brand of probiotics recommended are Natren, found here:

      I love this site and think it’s an extremely valuable tool for those with chronic intestinal issues!!

  20. What are appropriate foods to eat after the flush. I started the flush this morning and so far have only consumed the flush and a second quart of regular water. I will have to eat something later and I’m wondering what you might suggest?

    • Gina, I would keep it light for the rest of the day and avoid heavy proteins. Eat steamed veggies, quinoa, brown rice, etc.

  21. I am going to begin flushing tmw morning to deal with my first psoriasis episode in nearly a decade. It is just starting so I hope to nip it in the bud. Do you have any other suggestions on how to get this under control? I am also shifting to an alkaline diet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lat time it was a 5-month painful battle. Thank you.

    • Angela, the root cause of psoriasis as well as many other skin conditions, is a severe imbalance of beneficial flora in the gut. I have found that therapeutic doses using the correct probiotics can permanently cure the psoriasis. I recommend following recommendations from Listen to Your Gut In my experience, this is the most effective approach to take. 🙂

  22. Will any sea salt work for the sea salt flush I have San Francisco Bay
    Does not supply iodide
    It’s says derived from Pacific Ocean waters

    • Yes Pam, that salt will work– however, it’s not the highest quality sea salt (as most of them are contaminated). Eventually I recommend you find a source of Himalayan Sea Salt or a high quality Pink Salt. I have the link to my two favorite salts in this post.

      • Thank you Kim
        Have a blessed day

  23. Hello,
    I’ve been reading up on Salt Water Flushes, and this website seems to be the most informative, which I really appreciate! I have always had intestinal troubles, and I’m sick of depending on laxatives to have bowel movements. I want to get started with the Salt Water Flush Routine ASAP, but I am wary about one thing – I go to yoga at 5:30a most mornings. I definitely don’t want to wake up at 3 to do my salt water flush, but is it okay to do the flush after yoga if I still haven’t consumed any food/drink since the night before?
    Thank you!

    • Shelby, although I’ve never waited too long after waking to do the flush, I can’t tell you if it will work. I say definitely try it as long as you eat no food. Drink plenty of water, however. 😉

    • I’ve successfully done a salt water flush after early morning yoga but before eating anything that day. It worked just fine for me 🙂 Good luck!

  24. Help! I’m super healthy, have a good level of sodium in my diet, and I tried to do a SWF this morning with pink salt. My stomach gurgled and swelled up then – NOTHING! After a couple of hours I was like, this is ridiculous, so did another with more salt. Again – gurgling but nothing! My pee is practically clear so hopefully my kidneys are OK, but for real?! I’m so disappointed, what should I do? 🙁

    • Charlotte, this is very common for some people the first time they flush. I know it’s frustrating, but don’t be alarmed. Like I stated in the post, if you have a lot of toxicity and/or any damage to the gut lining, you may not flush right away. Water retention arises to accelerate removing toxins from tissue. When a body with stored toxins registers the availability of high quality sodium and water, it will retain both. The water is held in contact with tissue to leech out toxins. When the water saturates, toxins begin to precipitate out and the water will be expelled. Also, what kind of salt and water did you use? This may be a factor. Another thing I have found with women, is that if they flush near the time their period starts, they will retain the salt solution.

  25. Hi
    I have been on the master cleanse detox for 6 days. How come the SWF causes me bloating in my stomach. No where else. I am trying to heal an ulce and major digestive issues including IBS. I am down 5 pounds but still feel really bloated.

    • Lori, I’m not sure why your stomach is bloating. It may be that the salt is irritating the ulcer, or healing it. If it persists or becomes too uncomfortable, you may want to try a different method for cleansing the colon. Coffee enemas may help.

  26. Hello!

    I am in the process of salt water flushing.
    I couldnt finish more than 3 big mugs of salt water before wanting to hurl. I had 2 big glasses of plain water after that, I sucked on a lemon to kill the salt taste but still felt extremely queezy so i allowed myself to have a small mango- i used normal sea salt that came in my herb and spice kit and purified water. I have been to the bathroom many times now and think i have almost flushed all the water out. My goodness it’s amazing how the body works

    • Chantell, I feel you on that one. For the longest time, the salt water was very difficult for me to get down. I find it’s easiest to hold my nose and swig it down. Glad you had a successful flush. 🙂

    • I have the most success when I use a straw and put it way at the back of my mouth, close to my throat, to bypass my tongue as much as possible. Then my strategy is to get 10 swallows down, then I take a break for a few seconds, then count 10 more swallows, etc. – it takes some determination. 🙂

  27. Hi, I have decided to do a SWF tomorrow and was wondering by purified water do you mean distilled water?

    • I guess I should probably clarify that. What I mean by purified is filtered or spring water, not tap. I’ve never used distilled, so not sure how it works.

  28. I’m sorry – I’m a little confused…

    Is it “salt water cleanse” OR “sea salt water cleanse”?

    I just purchased the fine Himalayan Pink Salt from Whole Foods – but it doesn’t have the word “sea”on the label.

    Is that ok to use for the salt water cleanse?


    Doug – virgin cleanser

    • Himalayan salt used to be sea salt at one time, a long, long time ago. So yes, it is good to use for the cleanse. 🙂

      • Thanks Kim!!

        • You’re welcome Doug!

  29. I tried the flush years ago & couldn’t stomach it. Would it be possible to fill some veggie capsules with the salt and chase with lots of water?

    • Shauna, I’m not sure if that would work. I don’t think the capsules would dissolve in time for it to work. 🙁

  30. Hello, Just want to say kudos on such a wonderful and informative site such as this. Very helpful. My comment is that I didn’t know that it was best to do the SWF in the mornings as opposed to at night. I’ve done the flush a few times, all of which at night and usually within the hour I was in the bathroom. There was only once where I retained it and didn’t really flush. I’ve done it in conjunction with the Master Cleanse and just the SWF itself, each of the times at night and never had any disappointments.

    • JB, if you have not eaten any food for the entire day it’s perfectly fine to do the flush in the evening. For most people, if there is any food in the digestive tract, the Salt Flush will not work.

    • Hi, I was thinking along similar lines. I want to to an extended fast but being at work all day isn’t conducive to being on the toilet for a good hour or so in the morning or keeping moving as I’m desk based.
      I was thinking of fasting all day and doing the flush as soon as I get home from work following with a very large green juice to get my nutrients and minerals in

      • Himesh, I know of people who have and have not been successful with flushing after fasting all day. I’m curious to here your results, so please report back! 🙂

        • I start next Tuesday. I’ll be sure to report back 🙂

          • Can’t wait to hear back! 🙂

  31. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I’ve been looking for answers and grateful to have found your website. I recently completed a 10 day Master Cleanse and used the Pink Himalayan Salt for my Salt water flushes. I enjoyed doing them and wanted to know the best way while eating. I’m mainly juice and eat protein. After reading other submissions, I just wanted to know if the SWF would be successful if I ate during the day and then took the laxative tea in the evening and then in the morning completed the SWF? Or would it be better if I fasted for one day before the salt water flush so that there is no food in my digestive tract?
    Thanks so much!

    • Jessie, I think the most successful way to do the Salt Flushes while eating a regular diet is to do them in the morning on an empty stomach. There’s no need to fast the day before, a night’s sleep is enough time to clear the digestive tract.

  32. Hey, this was really captivating. My daughter has a terrible case of constipation and acne and she’s gassy too sometimes. I’m really worried about her and I wanted to ask if this cleanse is okay for a thirteen year old. Also, it’s hard to find the kinds of salt you mentioned in local marts in Pakistan so is it okay to use Kala Namak also known as Black Salt?

    • Nadia, the salt flush is perfectly fine for your daughter. I recommend starting with a little less salt, maybe 2 tsp. Also, Kala Namak is perfectly fine. It’s actually a type of Himalayan Salt that’s very good for you. 🙂

      • Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  33. I have done a few flushes this week. Well on the weekends anyways. I have had persistent skin issues for years. Adult acne on my face. I went all out vegan a few months ago and that seemed to help. However after doing theses few flushes seemed to have really helped. I’m still healing a few spots but my skin is so much clearer than just two weeks ago. So excited. I like to think we are all beautiful people in the inside, but now I’m really starting to feel it on the outside too. I will continue these flushes regularly. Maybe one day on the weekends and after a fasting day midweek in the evening for maintenance.

    • That’s fantastic Amy!

  34. Hey Kim,
    I’ve got Nestlé mineral water fit into my kitchen and that’s where we get our drinking water from. So is mineral water any different from filtered or spring water .
    Thank You!

    • Heidi, that should work just fine.

  35. Hi Kim, I read the post and found it quite informative. However, I wasn’t sure if I should take my vitamins and probiotic while doing the Master Cleanse. I did the SWF today and now my stool is clear (all cleaned out). So, I will not do it again until Saturday, I don’t want to over do it. Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks for the input!

    • I don’t see why it would hurt to take your supplements and probiotic during the Master Cleanse.

  36. Hello Kim,

    Your website is very good and informative. Today is the 5th day of my SWF and drinking the Master Cleanse lemon detox. I’m feeling great and eliminating fluid several times within 1 hr. each morning. As related to healthy bacteria in the colon, is it save to do a SWF up to 10 days?

    BTW, distilled water is fine to use for the flush since this fluid will be eliminated. It is not healthy ro drink on a regular basis since it tends to leech minerals from the body and affect hair volume over time.

    Thanks so much for instilling healthy living to all us readers!

    • B.G., if you are fulling flushing everyday, I say it would be fine to do the SWF for 10 days. However, I recommend that you take a healthy dose of the correct probiotics for at least a couple of weeks after you finish. This is the best resource I know to help you understand which types of probiotics you will need.

  37. Does the flushing make you lose weight??

    • Quin, the salt water flush is not intended for weight loss…however, some individuals may lose some weight simply by clearing congested bowels.

      • Hi,

        I was wondering if i was to do a SWF if i had to take probiotics? If so is there a specific kind for colon? Also i don’t know if it’s true or not but i heard that if you couldn’t find probiotic that you could buy the Dannon 7 benefits non fat yogurt with the live cultures in it

        • If your gut flora is imbalanced, it may serve you to take probiotics. However, I never recommend commercial yogurts as the way to restore gut flora. Besides the GMO’s and other nasty ingredients in these yogurts, it’s very doubtful that the correct types of probiotics are in the product. I recommend visiting this site to learn more about probiotics.

  38. I just want to echo that this site, by far, is one of, if not the most helpful and informative on SWF. Thank you for your time and efforts to help others who may be seeking healing, Kim! Many of us have gone through various doctors, medications, and years of frustration with little or no improvement in our health. It pleases me to see that many are taking their health matters into their own hands, by doing plenty of research and listening to their body’s needs. We are built so perfectly, that our bodies actually tell us when we are harming it. How blessed are we?

    For those who have tried SWF and did not flush, or feel that it may have been unsuccessful,
    I want to share my experience.

    The first time I did SWF, I managed to get it all down, felt and heard some gurgling, and did not go to the bathroom for the rest of the day!

    The following day, I had one light meal mid-day, drinking only water for the rest of the day.

    This morning, I woke up and decided to give it another go. It was actually easier to drink this time around. I didn’t warm it, just had it at room temp, and that seemed to help. I’m so glad that I did this a second time! I I’m especially glad that what came out of me is no longer in my body, creating a toxic environment. It’s amazing what we put into ourselves!

    So to those who are discouraged, I would just say be easy on yourself! You must learn to relax. The more you can do that, the less work your body has to do. The more it can focus on healing itself. Pay attention to yourself. If you feel nauseous while drinking, take a break. When you feel ok again, have another go, and believe that you are healing, just by trying to aid your body, just by caring for yourself. Finally, it helped me to lie on my right side and give myself little belly massages after taking the solution. Following my digestive track, I gently applied pressure starting from the top left of my abdomen, going down, around, and up the right in small circles. If you try this and it feels like things are moving, that’s because they are! If it is uncomfortable, apply less pressure, or just let your GI do it’s thing. To everyone reading, good luck in your flushing and healing process 🙂

    Light and love!

    • Wow Melanie! Thank you soooo much for sharing your experience! After giving it much thought, I think you’re spot-on with encouraging folks to relax while doing the SWF. It makes sense that if there is any tension, the bowels will not relax and release. I’m going to update this post and add your recommendations. I’m thrilled that the SWF worked for you the second time. Hopefully, this will encourage those who didn’t have a successful experience to try it again. 🙂

  39. Hi Kim,
    I am doing the SWF with the Master Cleanse Fast. I have a question that I can’t find anywhere regarding the SWF which is…How many continuous days should I do the SWF? I have heard only 2-3 days, yet I have also heard no more than 7 days. I am on my 4th day. What do you think?

    • Matt, I’ve never found a solid answer to that question. I’ve personally never gone past 7 days. I feel this is a safe number of consecutive days for those flushing well everyday. All in all, your body will tell you when you’ve done too much.

  40. Hi KIm,

    I have some pink Himalayan salt but its the crystal coarse salt, will this still be OK to use and will it dissolve OK?


    • Sarah, I think it will be fine to use as long as you allow the salt to dissolve. Maybe make your drink solution the night before? Shake well before guzzling it down in the morning.

  41. Hi Kim,

    I did my first salt water flush this past Sunday and it went great, my bowels moved within 20 minutes of me drinking the 32 oz drink. Afterward i felt great..
    however, I’m a little concerned that I haven’t had a bowel movement in a week. I do have hemorrhoid issues on a regular basis and am having a flare up now.. Do you think its just the hemorrhoids and im not having an adverse reaction to the flush??

    Should i go ahead and do another flush? is it safe? (according to the above it is, but i thought id ask anyway)

    thanks in advance for your input

    • If you’ve had periods as long as this without having a bowel movement, I would say it’s not an adverse reaction to the salt flush. Hemorrhoids, are usually an indication that circulation has decreased in that area, making it difficult to have a bowel movement. Either way, 1 week is too long to go without having a bowel movement. I would try it again and see what happens. Also, a salt flush will not necessarily get to the root cause of the constipation or hemorrhoids. Please visit Listen to Your Gut to learn how to heal the root of the problem.

  42. I USED THE San francisco Bay Sea Salt…
    is this okay? if not should i just go to Whole Foods and pick up some there?

    • I would definitely pick up a high quality Himalayan Salt from Whole Foods.

  43. how often should the flush be performed? how many days in a row? any similar questions you may have answers to would be awesome thanks!

    • David, I included a recommended Salt Flush routine in the post. It’s not set in stone, but it’s a helpful guide. 🙂

  44. Hello Kim. I was told about the SWF from a friend and I was thinking about giving it a try, but I have a few questions/concerns. I am 27 years old and have Ulcerative Colitis. I have been trying to get it under control for the last 6 years. I’m taking medication for it (9 pills daily not including the supplements I take) and after 6 years of the same issues and having to go on and off of steroids I’m tired and am willing to try something new that could help me manage my issue. This condition has also made me anemic. I was reading about the benefits and everyones good experiences and I wanted to know if it was safe to try or if it would just make my flare ups worse? I’m also wondering if the birth control that I currently take will be affected by this cleanse? And lastly, like many of the individuals on this blog, I have a full time job and have to leave my house at 8:30am to get to work on time. How do you manage doing a cleanse on a work day? Should I get up at 4 or 5am to give myself time to complete it? I realize everyone is different, but what is a safe range of time? Thank you for your time.

    Annette 🙂

    • Annette,

      I wouldn’t suggest a SWF for you right now in your current condition. Not having enough time will most likely prevent beneficial results, and I’m not sure if it would help or aggravate the colitis. Also from the experiences I’ve had working with individual with your same condition, I’ve found that the meds you are on will most likely stop working and your situation will worsen. The root cause(s) of Ulcerative Colitis and many other bowel issues is a.) lack of beneficial flora in the gut and b.) a highly acidic and/or inflammatory diet. I recommend you visit Listen to Your Gut to learn how to get to the root cause of the colitis. Here’s the link to the site:

      On another side note, among its many negative side effects birth control is notorious for disrupting the beneficial flora in your gut.

      I know this may be a lot of info to take in all at once, but it will definitely benefit you to learn about how to replenish the beneficial bacteria in your colon.

  45. Hi, I have recently been told that I have intollerance to yeast which i have had symptoms of for 20 years and have been told to eliminate all yest from my diet for 3 months. I cannot cut out sugar etc for 3 months, that feels like complete torture. I would say for the past month I have cut it out 90 to 95% but feel no different. After reading many articles I have decided to try and speed up the process by flushing every day for a week ( just waiting for my Himalayan salt to come) along with taking supplements of YEAST RAIDERS, VIT C, VIT B6 and B12, COLOSTRUM AND L-GLUTAMINE as well as eating the appropriate foods, all of which I have read help to heal the gut wall and get things healthy again. Do you know much about using flushes for candida and weather what I have planned will show me quick results? Also can I use mineral water? Thank you

    • Jasmine, I definitely think a SWF can help tame the symptoms of yeast overgrowth. The other supplements you mentioned should help too. However, you will need the right kind of probiotics to repopulate your gut in order to rid the yeast for good. Check out this site to learn about which kinds of probiotic strains you need to permanently heal your gut.

  46. Can I use Celtic Sea Salt for this?

    • Laura, I have always been a little weary of Celtic Sea Salt. I’ve been told by “salt” experts that they suspect it may be contaminated with petroleum…however, I have no actual proof of this. Since I have a salt supplier, I’ve never used the Celtic Salt. If it’s the only salt you have, I say give it a go!

  47. Tried SWF this morning within 5 min went to the bathroom. Could,my complete the last 1/4 cup of water felt sick. Hopefully next time will be better. I’m going to try the lemon diet for three days but will see how it goes. Wish me luck. 🙂

    • Good luck Deb!

  48. Hey, can i do The SWF while breasfeeding?

    • Kady, that’s a good question. I don’t actually know if a SWF is harmful during breastfeeding. If you take the SWF solution and flush successfully, I don’t see how that could be harmful. I think you’ll have to make that call. 😉

  49. I work pretty much 7 days a week from about 8 in the morning until 5 at night… is there anyway I could do the flush in the evening? I realize I would have to fast or something… but my only other option would be getting up very early to make sure I flushed before work. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hey Jess, I’ve never tried a SWF at night, but if you fast on juices and water, it may work. It may even work if you only eat early in the day, and fast for maybe 8 hours or so. If you do it, let me know the results. It’s always good to share this kind of info with my readers.

      • Ok,thanks! I’ll keep you posted.

  50. Hi,

    Will the SWF do much to help occasional stomach pains after eating foods? Im going to try my first one tomorrow. Thank you

    • Hi Dylan, it may help…it just depends on what’s causing the pains. If it’s gallbladder or lack of HCL in the stomach that’s causing pain, a SWF won’t resolve the issues. However, it’s still good to give your digestive tract a good washing.

  51. Dear Kim: Thank you for such an informative website. I am considering the SWF. Unlike most of the posters above, I routinely have three and four movements per day, some are normal, and some are loose. I have IBS and take a weak muscle relaxer prescription for it. This definitely reduces my gas and nausea. I have cut out dairy and bread almost completely, and that seems to help my overall wellness. At times, I believe I can feel some type of small obstruction in my lower left side. I can feel gas build up, and then subside, accompanied with a gurgling sound, and then the gas subsides. Since I am quite regular and have several movements per day, should I proceed with the flush? I feel I would benefit, as I often bloat after eating.

    • Hi Mac. I definitely think you will benefit from doing a SWF. The salt can be very healing for the intestinal lining. However, I think you need to go further to fix the root cause of IBS. I recommend you visit the site Healing Your Gut, here’s the link: You need to populate your intestines with the correct type of probiotics and remove the bad bacteria that’s causing the IBS. This is an informative site that gives you step by step protocols. Good luck!

  52. Thanks for the tip. I aim to try L-Glutamine powder to see if that helps me have fewer and more formed movements. Can one perform the SWF using a smaller amount of water, and the corresponding smaller ratio of sea salt? or does it need to be one full liter of water?

    • Mac, everyone’s body is different. Some need less salt and more water, more salt more water, or less water more salt. I suggest you give it a try and see if it works for you. I like to recommend a lot of water to help the solution flush through.

  53. Hi there, Kim! I did my first SWF this morning but really didn’t do anything except gurgle. I did EXACTLY as I was supposed to do. The taste was similar to broth IMO. Could it be the salt I was using. I used Olde Thompson Mediterranean Sea Salt coarse (I milled it to fine and then measured) which contained no iodine. After 4 days of reading about the SWF and MC I was eager to get started. Thanks for all the GREAT info! Have a AWESOME day!

  54. Per the recommendation of, I began taking L-Glutamine, and my symptoms almost completely subsided within a few days. I no longer have loose stools, and my other IBS symptoms, most notably bloating and urgency have subsided by about 75%. Thank you so much for the advice. I’ve found that what works best for me is L-Glutamine capsules 150mg. I take two first thing in the morning, and then one about every two or three hours throughout the day. This is a smaller dosage than is recommended, but I figure it’s best to take the smallest amount that gets results. I would like to try the SWF, but haven’t done it yet, as I don’t feel I need to.

    • That is fantastic news!! I’m glad you took the advice and visited I think she has done a fantastic job of helping people to figure out what works best for them. 🙂

  55. Doh! I meant 500 mg capsules.

  56. Hi Kim, I’m thinking of doing the flush but is it ok to have activia or should I stay away from it? and is this salt ok
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, your salt looks good! I don’t eat dairy and have never recommended Activia, ever… 🙂

      • Ordered! I’m ready to take on the challenge!
        Thanks for your help 🙂

        • Good luck Sarah!

  57. Hi Kim,
    I am so glad I found you. I am on the last day of a 3 day juice cleanse and was told to do a flush after. I’m hoping I do not retain the sodium since I just started my period. Now I know to plan better for the next time. One thing I want to double check with you if there are any extra precautions if I flushing right after a juice cleanse? Is there anything you recommend to maximize the program?

    • Janice you should be good to go! Good luck with the SWF. 🙂

  58. I have done this flush once. It worked great. I used Kirkland and it really worked. Will have to use this brand until I can get the other. I wanted to know how often can I flush??

    • Hi Laurina, towards the end of this post you’ll see a section where a recommend the number of flushes. Everyone’s different, so you’ll have to see what works for you. Good luck! 🙂

  59. I have been told that after two colonoscopies in 6 months my colon is still dirty , this is after using the required method of my doctor for cleansing.
    My question is will the salt water flush help me cleanse my colon enough that I wont have to do a two day liquid fast to get the colonoscopy?

    • Sue, I’m sorry that I cannot give you medical advice. I have no idea about the procedure to prep you for a colonoscopy, so you will have to make the choice for yourself.

  60. Just did it less than an hour ago and my first flush happened within 40mins. Way better than my previous method (castor oil). Plus its cheaper. Time to clean those colon

    • Awesome Jake! 🙂

  61. I decided to try the SWF this morning, I felt with the Miralax and two Citricul a day it was worth the attempt. lol Used the 32 oz of water and sea salt and did evacuate.

    I need to know if the liquid that it finally comes to should still be a brown color or does it need to be clear? I ended with only a last brown liquid elimination today.
    Thank You

    • Sue, ideally you want the flush to end with only clear liquid because that indicated a complete flush. However, ending with brown liquid is a good start and very common for those just starting the flush.

  62. Hi Kim,
    Fab website and info I did my first SWF this eve after fasting all day, three hours in few gurgles but no movement? Can I try again the next morning or is it best to wait another day?

    • Hi Lauren. Sorry I didn’t catch this in time to advise you about trying another salt flush in the a.m. I would have said yes. If you tried another flush, let me know the results. 🙂

  63. Hi… Thank you so much… I live in Africa,we got raw sea salt… Is that okay for a cleanse?

    • Yes Araba! Sea salt is great.

  64. What if you consumed alcohol the night before?

    • Yvonne, since alcohol is dehydrating I think it may interfere with the flushing. I recommend doing the flush on a morning where alcohol wasn’t consumed the night before.

  65. Hi Kim,

    I do water only fasting on occasion to keep away IBS and Ankylosing Spondylitis flare ups…would doing a salt water cleanse and then not eating for 3-5 days be safe or would that be a good way to go into dehydration?

    • Evan, I’m not a fasting expert so this a little out of my realm. I suspect doing salt flushes during a water fast may potentially cause dehydration. I’m not sure how your body would respond to the salt after having no food for a substantial time.

  66. Hi, Kim!! I am doing the flush for the first time in a long time and was wondering if course salt or fine salt was best.

    • If it’s Himalayan or Sea Salt, course is fine. 🙂

  67. Hey kim,I didn’t get a chance to read threw all the questions so don’t no if anybody ask but if you have high blood pressure will a swf bother your blood pressure

    • Maurice, it depends. Are you on blood pressure medication? If so, I would say not to do a SWF. If you’re not on medication and have a high quality Himalyan Salt, I say give it a try. I’m not a big believer in the whole blood pressure thing…I think some people have naturally high blood pressure. Doing a SWF definitely won’t kill you, so if you feel okay about it, I think it would be great to do it and see the results.

  68. A few questions?
    1. Do you feel weak after the one or two day flush
    2. What vegetarian foods are best to eat for energy and protein ( will be doing this while also preparing for a singing concert so i need energy and to fit into my dresses)
    3. should i drink a lot of water after…since the salt water is dehydrating…if so how much a day
    4. What kind of water is best? Distllled or Figi or ?what would you recommend
    5.What if you only have time to do this once or twice a week…will it still work?

    • 1. It’s tough to tell if an individual will feel week after doing a flush. Generally the answer is no, however it depends on the person.
      2. I recommend eating light, maybe Quinoa (lots of protein) and veggies.
      3. Yes you should drink lots of water.
      4. There are varying opinions, but I prefer filtered or spring water.
      5. Once or twice a week is fine. However, that may be too much long term. You will have to listen to your body and decide if it needs a break.

  69. hi kim, i would like to ask one question that is it safe to do swf every day….

    • I don’t think doing a SWF every day for the long term is safe. I recommend to follow the 4 week cleansing routine I discuss in this post, then do a SWF once a week thereafter. However, it’s always best to listen to your body to determine if you’re over doing it.

  70. Trying it now……. after 5 days on Senekot with no results…….. Wish me luck!

  71. WOW,I tried this today……. and All I can say is WOW…….. I was trying Senokot for 5 days will little to no results…… it’s been about an hour into it and it’s working………. I couldn’t get but about 2/3ds of the salt water down without feeling too nauseous.. but it’s working……. I just had to share this with you. I have IBS as well as a few other intestinal disorders…….. Hopefully this helps with my sluggish digestive tract!

    • Awesome Kathy! If you start to do them regularly, please update us with your progress. 🙂

  72. I’m about to do the cleanse… I’m scared lol… I don’t know why… Does this help IBS?

    • Haha! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Salt flushes can help with IBS. They’re not a cure but do help to relieve and even improve symptoms. However, everyone is different so you’ll have to gauge how well a SWF works for you. They’re not for everyone. Good luck!

  73. Can I eat immediately after the cleanse?

    • If you mean immediately after you’ve stopped flushing, yes.

  74. Does it matter what type of salt ?

    • High quality Himalayan Salt or sea salt is best. I mention a few kinds to use in the post.

  75. Thanks for the post. I finished the 10 day master cleans last week. I changed my eating habits but I think I will do the SWF and the laxitive tea once a week. Do you think there is anything wrong with tea twice a week?

    • Using laxative tea on a regular basis can actually make going to the bathroom naturally much more difficult. It will make the bowels “lazy.” If you’re having issues with constipation, it’s best to get to the root of the problem. For most people it starts with restoring healthy flora to the gut. As I’ve recommended to many, you may want to check out Listen to Your Gut. This site is very helpful with helping individuals that suffer from multiple types of bowel issues.

  76. Hi I have diverticulitis and when i the food gets stuck in the pockets of my colon i get infections and have to take antibiotics .. It makes sense to me that a salt water flush would disinfect these areas but wondered if you have had any experience of salt water flushing with this condition ?
    Many thanks mignon

    • Hi Mignon,

      I have not personally had experiences with SWF for this condition. However, I think it will be worth a try. The high quality salt should be very healing.

      Good luck!

  77. I typically have a hour or hour 15 min commute, is this something I can do right before I leave for work, I would hate to have to go while driving to work, and can juices be consumed prior to it? I juice daily so another way I could do it is have my juice in the morning, get to work then flush, but it depends if juice can be consumed prior to flush in the morning?

    • I don’t recommend doing this before work. If you read carefully through the post, you’ll see that you will need plenty of time at home. This should be a weekend thing for you. Also, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything before the flush. Juicing is great for afterwards.

      • I have done the salt water flush before during cleanses but did not remember the timing, I still see juice before being ok because its solid food that will absorb the salt but juice is not solid so I think it will be ok, just wondering your thoughts

        • Hi Pat. I never recommend to do a SWF before consuming anything, including liquids. The reason is that some people have difficulty flushing even when they’re digestive tract is empty. However, if you’re doing a fast (no food and liquids only) and you feel like flushing at a different time other than first thing in the morning, you can always give it a try. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so you have to see what works for you.

  78. Kim,

    I have alot of inflammation in my body, I am serously thinking about doing this flush. Do you think it will help the inflammation?

    • It certainly helps with inflammation in the gut. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see what happens…

      • Kim,I tried a flush with the gray sea salt using two teaspoons of salt.I had BM before, felt bloated after and had BM later. Didn’t feel it was successful.I don’t get my period as I had an oblation, could be gut or adrenal fatigue.Does the salt you recommend have different affect? Will a daily flush for a week make a difference?

        • Jeannie, the Himalayan salt will definitely do the trick, however, please read through this post about all the reasons why some people don’t flush. Also, I recommend 1 tablespoon of salt. And yes, a daily flush for a week will definitely make a difference.

  79. Hello, I’m thinking of doing the SWF, but currently I am on antibiotics for an UTI, do you think I should wait until after I’ve completed the course of the antibiotics? My UTI is still pretty inflamed and painful, I wouldn’t want to risk the antibiotics not working properly because of the SWF.

    Thank you for all of the information. This website is amazing.

    Best wishes!

    • Hi Monica. Yes, I would definitely wait until you’re well past the antibiotics before doing the salt flush. At least a week or so, or until you feel you have fully recovered from the UTI.

  80. I’ve read you’re supposed to lay down on your right side, where the exit of your stomach is, to aid getting all the Swf through. This works for me and flushing usually occurs in 30 minutes on he dot, saving some time.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Ariel!

  81. Hi Kim!
    I just found your site and I’m glad I did! I just completed the 10 day Master Cleanse and found the Salt Water Flush really beneficial to removing all the clogged up junk in me. I’ve read through your post and the comments and it seems okay to continue the flush even after the cleanse. Should I still do it everyday? Or is it better I lessen the times I do it? And how about the intake of all the salt, is that bad for ones health? Thanks again for all the great info and help you’ve put out there about this topic. 🙂 I’m gonna check out your healthy recipes next!

    • Hi Francesca! You most certainly can continue doing the SWF, however I don’t recommend every day. If you’re going to do them regularly, I think a weekly SWF is sufficient to keep the colon clean, as long as you’re eating a healthy diet with minimal meat, dairy and processed foods. The salt in moderation will be fine. Enjoy the Recipes! 🙂

  82. Hello, I done SWF couple weeks ago, had amazing results and thinking of doing it again soon. Im aware that Himalayan salt is the best but I was wondering whether you would recommend the black salt as well – if i can stomach it as it has rather specific smell.

    Do you think that black salt would be even better than the pink one?

    Thank you

    • Blanka, I’ve never actually done a SWF using the black salt. I thinks it probably as effective as Himalayan, since it is high quality salt. If you can stomach the taste, I say go ahead and try it. 🙂

  83. I want to start the cleanse tomorrow, and after I wanted to work out. Which means I will be having half a protein shake with silk almond vanilla will that be ok?

    • Yes, it is fine to eat after the flush. Just make sure you give yourself several hours to fully flush before doing anything strenuous.

    • Anuj, looks good to me!

  84. Hi, I have a good tip that helps me to accomplish the salt water flush as, for me, it’s nearly impossible to swallow-and 25 salt pills? oy vey!! I dip a tooth pick in Organic peppermint oil and then touch it to my tongue let it spread over my taste buds…and then also hold the oil near my nose while jug the salt water solutions, it dulls the salt taste SIGNIFICANTLY and the menthol from the mint almost blocks the sensation from your tongue….it works!!

    • Great tip Brenda! Thanks. 🙂

      • Hello Kim , I have read alot and feel good in your advice Thank you and God Bless.

        • Thank You Ron!

  85. Hello, so after much reading, and a newfound desire to be healthy, I’m going to try this tomorrow. My brother who is very “organic”, told me to go for it and ave me Hawaiian pink sea salt. He insisted this would be fine. Non refined or heated. Sound good to you?

    • Sounds good Eric! Good luck and let me know the results. 🙂

  86. Ok, so I just did the flush and well I surely used the bathroom. I only have three questions quick here. My last bowl movement was far from clear fluid, so doing another flush in the morning is safe and ok? Second it has been two hours since my last trip to the rest room, so it’s ok to eat again? I’m starving lol. And how about protine shakes and such? I usually have two a day. One in the am and one befor working out. Is that still ok? Thanks!

    • Hey Eric! Sorry I wasn’t able to reply in time to help you after the flush. You can definitely do an additional flush the next day, just listen to your body. It’s is perfectly fine to eat a few hours after the flush.

  87. I started my first salt water flush this morning with the Himalayan pink salt. I was able to drank the quart of salt-water with no problem. The problem came when trying to drank the second quart. Immediately after drinking it I felt nausea and threw up half of the water. Have you ever come across that problem?

    • Janice, did the second quart of water have salt? If so, that would explain the throwing up. If it didn’t, it means you took the first quart in a little too fast. For those that feel nausea after drinking the quart quickly, I recommend halving the salt between 2 quarts. Meaning you take 1 1/2 tsp. salt with a quart, then take another. You can also use less water. Hope this helps.

  88. Is it alright to use Black Sea salt?

    • Rachelle, I’ve never used Black Sea Salt, however it is a natural salt. I think it should work equally as well as Himalayan Salt. If you use it, I’d love to know the results. 🙂

  89. Hello Kim,

    What an informative article, thank you for that! I have browsed through the comments section here but it doesn’t seem like my particular concern has been addressed. I have done 3 SWF, the first two a success. Late into day number two I began having a horrid headache which lasted into the following day as well as some nausea. I also woke up the following morning with extreme puffiness in the face. I skipped my third consecutive SWF as I attributed these side effects to the larger quantities of salt I consumed in such a short period of time. I have continued my SWF today after skipping a day with no nausea or head ache thus far, but it is still relatively early in the day.
    Can you tell me if the headache, nausea and puffiness are normal to experience? I am using a High Quality Real Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Tbs for 16 oz bottled water first thing in the morning.

    Thank you for your time!


    • I meant a Teaspoon** not Tablespoon per bottle of water.

      Thank you!

      • Hi Lauren. It’s not very common to experience such symptoms as you did after a SWF, however some people have reported headaches and not feeling well. I would attribute this to something being stirred up in the intestinal tract. My guess is that your cells found an opportunity to purge which caused a little bit of detox, and used the sodium to do so which caused the puffiness. If you had success with the 3rd flush, you should be okay.If you experience more detox symptoms later, I would wait a week or so before doing another.

  90. Hello Kim,

    I just want to say it’s very nice of you to answer every single person’s questions. This really means a lot to me, it shows that you care a lot. And I didn’t see anybody else thank you for that which is shameful. I just bought Stephen James Himalayan salt and I’ll try to cleaning. I’m very excited about it!

    • Thank you George. That means a lot to me. I try my best to help as much as possible. Good luck with your Flush and please report back with the results. 🙂

  91. I was kinda scared to do this at the beginning, but I just had my 2nd successful saltwater flush and feel so good that that stuff is no longer in my body. Thanks Kim!

    • You are very welcome! Glad you had success. 🙂

    • Hi Kim and everyone! I have been wanting to do a SWF and/or a detox for many yeas now. I have been unsuccessful so far. Recently I have had more issues than I would like and know I must do this now. I know I am not a good candidate for drinking ANYTHING that has been added to water. I cannot stress enough how hard it is for me to drink things. Lol I will always choose a pill or shot over drinking something. So I decided to make my own pills with Himalayan pink salt. Have yet to try it still but tomorrow is the day! My only question/concern is I have hypothyroidism. I was wondering how successful it will be? I have no clue if I retain water or anything mentioned in the article or comments. I know that seems strange to most people but my whole life I have always felt “bad” or always had issues so I am so used to it I cannot tell you what is “normal” or anything. I know this article and comments are old but I had to just post anyway and hope I get a response!
      Thanks everyone!

      • Hi Eiranne!! I cannot tell you for sure if the hypothyrodism will affect the flush or not. The only way to tell is to jump in and do it! Good luck with the salt capsules and remember to continue to take in LOTS of water after. Please keep us updated with your progress.

        • Ok will do! Thanks! I will try my hardest to update what my experience has been with the capsules and if my thyroid has effected the process or not. Thanks for the reply!

          • Just thought of something else. My thyroid medication is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. Should I take it like I normally do or how long after I do the SWF should I take it? My concern is that I might flush the medication out. I would love to eventually get to a place where I could possibly not be on the medication.I have read some people are able to with supplements of various kinds. Would be nice to not have to take anything ever again for it but I don’t think that is a possibility. 15years taking this medicine with frequent changes is not ideal. Thanks again!

          • I would take it a few hours after drinking the solution.

  92. Hi Kim,
    I was told by my Dr last month i suffer from IBS after 2 years of feeling terrible and losing a lot of weight because of it and i was researching was of getting rid of that horrible ‘backed up’ feeling i get from eating somthing i probably shouldnt and came across this! It look like it would do the trick but the problem i have is that i can’t drink a litre of water at the best of times, it normally take me about 3 hours to drink that much and if i force it i want to hurl. So what i’d like to know is, if i only manage to do half a litre will it still work or is there no point in trying that. Thank you!

    • Hi Rachel. I have read in some Ayurvedic salt flush instructions to drink small amounts of salt water over a period of several hours. I would try taking the liter of salt water slowly, sip by sip for a few hours to see what happens. If you try it, please report back!!

  93. Hi!
    Im very interested in trying the salt water flush. But, since i live in Europe we have different measurements. So when i try to google on Quart, i don´t seem to find a quantity. Can you help me with the amount of water i need to take?
    Great blog, by the way 🙂

    • Svanhild, one quart is almost equivalent to one liter. 🙂

  94. I did the flush this morning because I’m on the candida diet, and have been extremely constipated for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure if it would work because of how backed up I’ve been, but within a half hour of choking down all that nasty water, it started working! Hallelujah!

    The only problem is that there is something large and hard that I just can’t pass. I’m surprised I didn’t burst any blood vessels trying. I really want it out of me and I’m not sure how it’s gonna happen. Anyone have any advice? I’m wondering if I should try a suppository? Coffee enema? Milk of magnesia? Any feedback would be appreciated :).

    • Hi Abigail! I’m happy that the Flush started to work. DEFINITELY do a coffee enema to pass whatever isn’t coming! Keep me posted. 🙂

  95. I’m just curious as to why the flush has to be done only in the am. I’m in the military my day starts at 5:00 am. Can it not be done at night?

    • Hi Desiree! I personally feel people have the best experience with the flush first thing in the am. The digestive tract is empty and the salt solution can move through quickly. If you take the salt solution with food in your digestive tract, you most likely won’t expel too much, and instead you’ll probably feel bloated.

  96. I tried my first salt water flush this morning on an empty stomach. I never went to the bathroom and in the afternoon had lunch. All day I felt very sleepy and then in the late afternoon i started vomiting and became really sick. I had a terrible headache and continued vomiting intermittently.

    It’s the night and i do feel a bit better now compared to how sick i was this afternoon.

    Did anyone experience this too? I wonder what went wrong.

    • Ugh! Vomiting after a salt flush is very rare. I’m assuming it has something to do with you not flushing. When you don’t flush, your body retains the salt solution so the cells can do a heavy purge. This must have been a major detox reaction. I hope you’re feeling better, and keep us posted if you decide to do another flush!

  97. Hi! So, I’d love to try a SWF but am a little concerned. When I’ve needed to use mag citrate in the past, it doesn’t work anywhere as quickly as it should. I don’t get anything from it until about a day later. Do you think I’d end up with a similar delay via the SWF?

    Also, my sodium levels ARE a little bit low, and my doctor has prescribed sodium chloride to me in 1GM tablets. Do you think I could use these as the salt for this? A few tsp doesn’t seem like much compared to the number of tablets I’m supposed to take every day.

    • Hi Em. Based on the fact that your sodium levels are low and you don’t respond well to mag citrate, I’d venture to say you wouldn’t have a very successful flush. Regarding your second question, I think you’re asking to use the sodium chloride instead of high quality, untreated salt to raise your sodium levels. I’m not an expert at raising sodium levels, however I would always opt for the real thing, and that would be high quality forms of sodium.

  98. Hi, is the french sea salt ok to be used?

    • Hi Bea, if the French Sea Salt is all you have right now, it is fine. However, I recommend to eventually find a high quality, untreated Himalayan Sea Salt. I’ve heard disparaging reviews about the French Sea Salt from salt experts, mainly too much contamination.

  99. Hi Kim,
    Let me begin with a little background. I’m 32 and have suffered from constipation my entire life (or as far back as I can remember at least). In a really good week, I’ll go maybe 3 times.

    In preparing to do a lemon juice cleanse, I decided to do a SWF two days in advance. Yesterday I did my first one and it did nothing. Knowing myself and my stomach issues, I I did a second one today and it worked-to say the least. Within an hour I was in the bathroom and I’ve been going 2 times an hour, every hour-however, it’s been 10 hours now. I didn’t eat anything afterwards for about 8 hours, and then had a few dispersed snacks, and I noticed I’ve had to go after every one.

    I’m not worried about the frequency given that I’m probably flushing out a lifetime of backed up garbage, but I am curious as to whether I should be running for the bathroom everytime I eat something, like I have been.


    • Hi Dina! I’m glad the SWF is working for you. I wouldn’t be too concerned with having to run to the loo every time you eat, it’s actually quite normal. Eating stimulates bile flow, which stimulates the gastric reflex, which stimulates a bowel movement. It’s actually a good thing. I recommend you keep flushing regularly for a while, it may help to reset your gastric reflex for normal bowel movements in the future.

  100. It’s my first time attempting the salt flush and I woke up early to try it out. I had the hardest time taking down the drink mixture. I chugged about half them had to wait maybe 15/20 minutes to take down a fourth. All in all I was able to drink about 3/4. Will it still work? Should I still finish the drink although it’s been a few hours now and still no movement?

    • Hey Heather! Sorry I wasn’t able to reply in time. I know it’s been several hours, but how did it go? Did you take the rest of the drink? Did you flush?

  101. Hi Kim,
    This will be my first time doing a Sea Salt Cleanse. I went to my local health food store. And the only Sea Salt they had was CELTIC Sea Salt fine ground. She said it is natural and sun dried. It says Selina naturally at the top. Please let me know if this Sea Salt is the correct one.

    Nikki B,

    • Hi Nikki. Celtic Sea Salt is not my favorite salt, as I question contamination. However, it is way better than conventional salt, so I say go ahead and use it. If you want to continue with regular salt flushes, I would invest in one of the two salts I recommend in the post. Good luck!

  102. Hi Kim,

    I tried my first salt flush this morning with 2 tsps of Pink Himalayan salt. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work. But after reading all of the advice and experiences on this page, I’m not overly worried. My question is whether I should try again tomorrow morning or wait another day? Anything else I should try on the second attempt?

    Thank you for your help and for your very informative website!


    B Marie

    • I think it would be best to wait a few days before you try again. Also, use 1 T of salt instead of 2 tsp. Good luck! 🙂

  103. Hi! I was wondering if this would be suitable for a pregnant woman. Constipation is a huge problem for me right now, and I figured because this is all natural it would work well . Please lend me your thoughts on the matter, thanks!

    • Hi Cassy. I wouldn’t recommend a salt flush during pregnancy. I’m not sure what the possible ramifications would be, but I’m cautious about the thought of you not flushing and retaining the salt. If constipation is an issue, I think warm water enemas would be more suitable. They’re really gentle and can be quite effective.

  104. Hey Kim,

    I’m really glad that i found this site :)I just have a few questions.
    1. How much is 1 Quart of spring water.
    2. Would you prefer the Pink Salt or the Sun Fire Salt
    3. Would Either of these 2 salts change the taste of the water?
    4. Is their a certain age you have to be before you can do this?

    Many Thanks,
    James D

    • James, one quart of water is 32 oz. It’s a large serving. Either salt is fine, and yes the water will be very salty. I don’t recommend the flush for small children.

      Hope this answers everything! 🙂

  105. My twelve year old daughter has been having problems on and off for a few years now. Major pains. She has been having continuous pains without a break for a week and a half now. I want to try this cleanse’, would it be ok for her age?

    • Jacalyn, that’s a tricky question. Is she constipated? Is this the source of her pain? My gut tells me that you should hold off until you know what’s causing the pain. Have you visited a Naturopath?

  106. Hi Kim. I want to try this in the morning. I been on several different sites and this one I like best. The only question I have is can I squeeze a fresh lemon juice into the water to help with the salty taste I hear everyone speaking about. I saw it on a YouTube video

    • Sure! I don’t see why not! Good luck Triece! 🙂

  107. Ok I feel like crying. Why do I keep reading and some says take 1tablespoon and others say 2teaspoons. Help. Which is correct?

    • DON’T CRY!!! With my experience, I have found that 2 tsp. is not enough for most people. It works for some, but not all. So if you’re already a little nervous, start with the 1 tbsp. of salt in the quart of water, but take it slower. If you feel nausea at any point, take a break. As long as you get it down in a relatively short period of time (30 minutes) you’ll be fine. REMEMBER not to stress! Just take it easy and accept whatever comes. 😉

  108. Well I did the salt water flush at 6:03 am I followed all the steps and I haven’t went yet and it’s 10:04am. My hands are swollen I have noticed. And I used 1 tablespoon of the sea salt. So I’m disappointed this didn’t work for me

    • Hey Triece! I know it’s hard not to be disappointed. As I mention in the post, there are some people who initially will not flush, and some who will never. I always recommend to give it a second shot. Please review through the post to see why you may have not flushed. Do you generally retain water? Are you close to your cycle? Do you think you’re sodium deficient? Is your gut flora balanced? Also, what are your reasons for trying the SWF? To cleanse colon only? To lose weight? Were you stressed? ETC…Wait a week or two and give it a try again.

  109. My cycle is due on the 1st of Dec. my stomach was rumbling and everything. I jus knew it was going to happen but I fell asleep woke up at 10 and was like what the heck!!!!! Do you think I need more salt? I jus wanted to try it to
    See if it would help and since it said it flush out both intestines I wanted to see. It was hard getting that salt water done. All for nothing. It make me laugh so I’m not a poor sport about it. I jus wanted to experience it. Should I try in the am again? I’m juicing also

    • Triece, the reason you didn’t flush could very well have been related to your cycle coming soon. Also, going back to bed probably didn’t. You need to moving in order for the salt solution to move through the intestines. I would wait until after your cycle to do it again. Also, don’t go beyond 1 T of salt, or you will definitely get sick. Good luck and report back!

  110. Kim,
    I am starting a 30 day juice fast and was wondering if I should do the SWF after so many days or if I can start this at any time ? Love this article!


    • Bryna, you can start the SWF anytime!

  111. Do you suggest this for a 2-1/2 year old? My little guy is having SUCH a hard time with constipation – he has been through Miralax, Mineral Oil, suppositories. Nothing works and I don’t like giving him unnatural products. We have tried all kinds of juices and fibers and also very powerful probiotics. We are almost entirely organic and do a daily juice of carrot, apple, beet in the morning which he actually loves. An Xray showed no apparent issues, he is allergic to soy which we have eliminated, and he drinks only almond or goat milk. He does drink Juicy Juice too. I am at such a loss! Actually, I feel like now his stools are getting somewhat softer but he is so terrified that he is holding it in. He just cries and cries all day long and then screams when he finally goes – like he’s traumatized by it. This has been happening ever since he was weaned. Can I try this cleanse and how would you suggest I do it (he is 35 pounds)? Any other thoughts? I appreciate any suggestions you have to offer!!

    • Danielle, I don’t recommend this for such a young child. Actually, I’m at a loss for how to help you. It sounds like this is an emotional issue. However, taking him off all dairy, even goats milk is an excellent start.

    • Hi Danielle,
      I feel for you.. my nephew cried for the first six months with colic!
      I wonder if this might help you: I started taking fish oil for the Omega 3 fatty acid benefits to help my mood, and found quite to my surprise that it ” greased the pipes” so to speak and now I have no problem with constipation at all.
      I take the concentrated capsules – 2 a day containing “400 EPA/200 DHA”; I don’t know if it’s the amount of EPA-DHA (most capsules have only 120/80 here in Canada) or the fish oil itself that’s having this effect: it’s not laxative in the sense of giving me “the runs”, my movements are normal, they just pop out easy – no strain or difficulty at all ☺.
      I would think a little guy might only need one capsule..

  112. I completed my first flush on Saturday, after suffering all night with acute constipation, it worked within the hour and put Phillips laxative pills to shame!

    The trouble is I have been bloated and gassy ever since, (today is Tuesday). Did I not get a complete flush? Did I eat animal too soon (Sunday night)? The pharmacist recommended Diurex, but my fingers aren’t swollen, it feels like gas more than anything… What can or should I do?

    • Angie, you can continue to do a series of flushes, to help clear wastes. And yep, you probably ate meat too soon. Also, your gut flora may be off balance. This site is very helpful:

  113. Is a saltwater flush safe to do while Nursing? I do not intend to do a full cleanse, just a one day flush to aid with severe postpartum constipation. My baby is nearly three months old.

    • Hi Whitney, unfortunately I don’t recommend salt flushing when pregnant. I’m not sure of the dangers, but retaining the SWF could have a negative impact. The next best thing to help with constipation would be warm water enemas.

      • Kim, thank for for the response, and I agree that pregnant women shouldn’t do this flush. I am breastfeeding, not pregnant. I chose to do the SWF this morning at around 7:45 and it has just started to work at 10:15. Out if curiosity, when can I eat something?

        Mahalo, Whitney

        • Ooops Whitney! Nursing? Pregnant? Not sure how I mixed those up. Lol. Glad you did the flush and that it worked. I find it best to start eating at least a couple hours after your bowels have been moving steady. Ideally, you want to hold out until you’ve stopped flushing completely. However the time is different for everyone.

  114. Hey, I tried the SWF this morning but while I was through a third of the quart, I vomited everything back up again. I don’t think I’m able keep it down if I drink it so fast. Would it still be effective if I drink the quart in say… Twenty minutes?

    • Hey Laura! Sorry to hear you couldn’t keep it down. 🙁 Next time, definitely take it much slower. You can still flush if you consume it within 30 minutes or so. Good luck!

  115. Hi Kim!

    I just did my first salt water flush this morning and although it wasn’t the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted, I didn’t think it was that bad. I did feel nauseous halfway through, but that came mostly from me being full and continuing to take in more as opposed to the taste like others are saying. I’m only ten minutes or so in.. and I’m worried that maybe it won’t work for me. I heard that if that’s the case, usually it’s because you have to adjust the amount of salt to what your body needs. How would I go about doing that (in case it doesn’t work for me today)?

    I am hearing a lot of gurgles from my tummy, but I have more of a need to tinkle than I do poo… Is that weird?

    • Hey Tia! I must have missed this comment before. You are correct, everyone requires a different amount of salt. However, using more than 1 tbsp. of salt is too much, and you’ll most likely vomit. If you don’t flush, try the tips I recommend in the post to see if they work. Keep me posted on how the flush went.

  116. Kim,

    I am anemic due to an iron deficiency. It has been suggested that I may need to do a colon cleanse to help me start absorbing nutrients from food better. I also am finding that the iron supplements make me feel bloated and slightly constipated. Do you think that a SWF might help with these issues? Thanks!

    • Christy, if you follow the routine mentioned in this post, then continue with a SWF once a week or so, you should begin to experience better mineral absorption and better intestinal health overall. However, it will not fix the anemia issue. That mainly has to do with lack of beneficial probiotics in your gut. I suggest you visit this site to understand more: And here’s a link with an excellent supplement that doesn’t cause constipation: Good luck!

  117. This sounds like a naive question but seeing as it is so safe, I was wondering if this is safe to do while trying to get pregnant?

    • Hi Megan. The SWF is perfectly safe to do while you’re trying to get pregnant. However once you find out you are, I would stop. I’m not sure of any possible risks in the beginning stages of pregnancy, but I always err on the side of caution. 🙂

  118. Hey Kim I have high blood pressure and was wondering if this would cause my blood pressure to rise or cause any kind of harm.

    • Hi Janice! My guess is that the added sodium would have an effect on blood pressure. As far as it causing harm, I’m unsure. If you’re not on medication and are relatively healthy, it might be ok to give it a try. I recommend you carefully read through the section discussing whether or not a Flush may be right for you. If you feel you may not have a successful flush, I would try a different alternative for colon cleansing. Colonics work well, warm water enmemas, and the Ejuva cleanse is the best for intensive colon cleansing. Here’s the link:

  119. Hi Kim, I was looking for some healthy recipes and I found out on your website about salt water flush. I tried it today. I usually don’t like drink water as I wake up, it make me feel sick even if I know it’s really healthy. So it was particularly hard to me to drink a quart of water in 30 minutes..and so salty..! I drunk the first cup pretty easely but the rest made me feel so sick and I thoght if I drink another drop I’m going to vomit..I safely drunk the entire solution except for a little more then the last half a cup..I was so relieved when I drunk normal water *_*
    In like half an hour I flushed and that made me feel so good, you do really feel like cleaning yourself from inside 🙂
    Now I’m so happy I tried it, but still worried about drinking all that salty water again 🙁
    Thank you for sharing 😉

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Emanuela! Good luck with the next one!

  120. Thanks for this info. I’m on my second day of salt flushing and its working very well today after not working yesterday. Your information is very through and helpful.

    • Thank you Stacy! I hope you continue to have success!

  121. Kim,

    Is it ok to use Kosher Salt the first time you try this?
    I’m having trouble finding the sea salts locally so I’ll have to order some online.
    But I would like to do the flush now.

    • Samantha, this is a good question. I personally would not use kosher salt since I have very little experience with it, and question how it’s made. I only recommend using the highest quality sea salt or Himalayan salt. However, the salt will work to flush the bowels. So if you feel comfortable using it, I say give it a try. Just hurry and get that sea salt! 🙂

      • I definitely will.
        Thanks Kim!

  122. Now trying to gulp down another half of the extremely salty solution.
    Omg, so hard! I hope this works. It’s my first time. Wish me luck! (:

    • Let us know how it went!

  123. Like the comment above….after the first half…I’m nauseated….but still made myself swallow the rest. I pray this works for me too. I have had so much trouble with my colon since I was a child and even so now. I sometimes take a laxative to which hurts me with trapped gas for about 3 days after I take it…and therefore I don’t like taking them…I need a good colon cleansing!!! Wish me luck!

    • Good luck Keri! Let me know the results.

  124. Kim thank you so much for this awesome site which is the best on the salt water flush. I started the salt water flush after I did a very long juice fast. 55 days. I’ve never colon cleansed or had an enema, so the results have been very intense. Because of the juice fast and since then I wake up very early in the morning. Before sunrise. It really makes the timing perfect. I have only been able to do the SWF by putting the two teaspoons of salt into a small cup and downing it all at once. Then I drink 1L of warm water with half a lemon in it. Some times I get really nauseous, but I find that if I stand while I drink it,I feel better. I also think brushing my teeth before I start, really helps me not feel as nauseated.

    So I started the cleanses and I have still bee feeling that “stuff” is coming out of my system so I just kept doing the SWF every morning. It’s been about … 14 days and I have noticed it is getting easier. But it’s still so much. And I am trying not to be gross but sometimes I feel so ill right before I am about to have a huge wash out again. It doesn’t take 1-2hours, it’s happening until about 3-4 pm. About 7 movements in a day. I read that sometimes people even have “hot” or “burning” movements indicating that they have built up lots of toxins. I have had that almost every other day.

    So I think I will just keep doing SWF until I’m no longer feeling like there’s stuff in there. My whole pelvis has changed shape. I feel like I did when I was 20 years younger. My pelvis and spine actually feel connected again.

    Anyhow, it’s right to just cleanse til the SWF produces little or no symptoms? Is that right? Thank you!

    • Squeegy, thanks for sharing your experience. Exactly how many flushes have you done? Are you doing them everyday? What is your current diet while doing the SWF? Judging from what you’ve wrote, I think you may be doing a bit too much. I know we’re all eager the get toxins out of our body, but you have to take it slow and give your body time to recuperate.

      • Kim,

        I’ve been having stomach pains especially on the left side. My doctor took a test and I have a high bellirubin count which means a gallbladder problem. The pain for this is suppose to be on the right side but my left side hurts. It feels like kidney stones. Is it ok to take this salt for me?

        • Gordon, I can’t tell you whether or not the salt is okay for you. Please read through the information here carefully and make the best decision you can based on what you know your body can handle.

  125. Hi, thanks for the article, I’ve been doing enemas and colonics but now I just learned of this SWF! I used “sea salt” from Trader Joe’s (says it’s dried in the northern california sun 99% sodium cloride) But I also have their pink himalayan salt I could use too (it’s crystals in a grinder). Bottom line, it seemed to work great with no ill affects so I will be doing these regularly!

    • Awesome Cari!

  126. I did this at about 9:45 this morning. Within 30-35 minutes, I was starting to flush. So far so good. I’ve gone about 4 or 5 times at is almost clear. Do you suggest I do another one tomorrow or can I wait a week? I’m a teacher and can only do this on the weekends. Thanks so much for this extremely informative site. Other sites are NOWHERE near as in-depth as yours.

    • **and it is almost clear. 🙂

    • Lai. Congratulations on a successful flush. Definitely do another one flush tomorrow since the weekends are the only time you’re off work. 🙂

      • Hi Kim, my mother is a doctor, i told her i would like to give SWF a try but she said that drinking salt water fluids can be quite dangerous because of osmosis issues. I didn’t mention the dosage to her though. I am now a bit worried: besides the osmosis, doesn’t this salt intake cause also risk of kidney stones, or any other stones? Thanks!

        • Julia, the SWF solution is the same volume as your blood, so it will not be absorbed into the blood stream. High quality Himalayan or Sea Salt is actually good for you, so no harm is done, even if you don’t successfully flush. Also, high quality salt will not cause kidney stones or any other type of stones. Your mother may be thinking of Epsom Salts which are commonly used for quick colon cleansing, much like a SWF. I do not recommend regularly using Epsom Salts, as they will cause damage to the kidneys. With that being said, I’ve never heard of anyone that has been harmed from doing a SWF. If you’re serious about doing a SWF, I suggest you read through the entire post carefully first to decide if it’s right for you.

  127. I tried the SWF for the first time. Before I completed the first quart of SWF I vomited all of the salt water up. Any thoughts or suggestions to prevent this?

    • So sorry that happened Julie. 🙁 If you decide to do another SWF, take it a bit slower. You can divide the quart into 4ths and wait 5 minutes after taking each quarter segment. You can also dilute the solution more and take it over a 30 minute time frame. The goal is to allow the concentrated salt solution to saturate your digestive tract quickly. However, gulping it isn’t the best method for some. If you take it a bit slower, follow up with warm water and lemon within 30 min after finishing the flush drink. This will help to get things moving.

  128. Would you recommend starting the salt water cleanse and doing an enema the same day? Or even around the same time? Or should I stick to one or the other?

    • Stephanie, if you’re new to cleansing, I would do them separately You never know how your body will respond. I recommend starting with a few SWF’s, then move on the coffee enemas. Eventually, if your body responds favorably, you can do both of them on the same day.

  129. My sister is considering doing a course of Salt water flushes, but she has had a lap band procedure. Do you have any information or knowledge regarding this.


    • Monette, unfortunately I have no information regarding Salt Flushing with a lap band. I suspect it would be very difficult for your sister get the salt solution down quickly enough. She could try taking the solution in segments, waiting every 15-20 minutes. After the entire solution is down, she will need to sip on lots of hot water and lemon. Also, movement is helpful. So no laying down or sitting for long periods of time. If she does decide to do it, please report back with results. 🙂

  130. Hey, kudos to you on this very interesting article. Im gonna try this, however I will be using “Morton Coarse Natural Sea Salt”….in your advice is this ok to use? Thanks in advance!

    • Paul, I personally would not use Morton’s “sea salt.” I don’t trust the company and there’s not a lot of information on their website that explains the origins of the salt; it just says it’s from the Mediterranean. I’d stick to Himalayan salt. 🙂

  131. How soon after finishing can you drink coffee? :p

    • Georgia, since coffee is very dehydrating it’s best to wait until you’ve completely flushed to drink any. If you can hold out, it would be super awesome to skip coffee entirely and opt for green tea or another herbal tea. If you decide on tea, wait until you feel you’re almost finished flushing before drinking any.

  132. hi kim,
    i just had an mri last week that showed that i have a lot of stool built up throughout my colon. however, i’ve still been having bowel movements since the test, so there must be feces “stuck” in there…my doctor suggested taking miralax. i, however, don’t want to be stuffing my body with chemicals, so i was just wondering if a salt water flush would have the same affect that miralax would. thanks for the input!

    • Emily, SWF’s can definitely help clear stagnant waste from the colon if you do several of them in a row. However, I feel a series of colonics may be the best choice for you. A center that offers open and closed systems is your best bet. It is also important to find a place that uses a high quality water filtration system. Filling your derriere with unfiltered, chlorinated water is not really a good thing. To find a licensed colon hydrotherapist (fancy term for colonics specialist) in your area visit: or

  133. Hi Kim, I was wondering can you do a salt water cleanse during that “time of month”?

    • Georgia, I don’t recommend it. As I mentioned in the post, since most women “retain” fluids while menstruating, it’s highly probable a SWF wouldn’t be too successful.

  134. I do coffee enemas every morning due to chronic constipation… Its the only way I can eliminate. I often am still not empty after the enemas, so would it be OK to do the swf after the coffee enemas (ie, do the enema first to remove impacted stool so that the salt can go thru my system easier)… Or would this cause bloating or make the swf ineffective?

    • Bee, since I’ve never done a SWF after a coffee enema, I’m not sure what the results would be. Also, having a successful SWF depends on how your body responds. Read through “Is the Salt Flush for You” to decide if you think you may have success or not. Also, you cannot eat or drink anything before taking the salt solution, so that may a bit difficult for you. And lastly, I certainly don’t recommend doing a coffee enema and SWF back to back on a regular basis. Coffee enemas every day may be a bit too much too. I recommend getting to the root cause of the constipation. Listen to Your Gut is a fantastic site with natural cures for constipation: Good luck! 🙂

  135. I read a suggestion to use a straw for the Master Cleanse to protect the teeth from all the lemon juice acid. I also found that a straw helped me to get the saltwater down much more easily. Maybe I’ll try the idea here of sucking on a lemon first and then use the straw!

  136. I tried this Recipe for SWF, and it worked really well. I followed the instructions step by step, it was hard at first to drink 1 quart of water, but I finished all of it within 5-10 minutes.
    I would not recommend warming the water as this would want to make you throw up. Drinking the water at room temperature does just fine. I also could not drink another quart of water right after, so I drank two glasses and within 20-30 minutes I felt my bowels.
    The night before I did not fast;I had a cheese burger with bacon, salad and baked clams. I had my dinner around 830pm and did not eat for the remainder of the night.
    I would do the SWF again and again

    Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you Vicki, for sharing!! 🙂

  137. I tried SWF this morning and it didn’t work as I was afraid, because last time I tried it didn’t work either. Last time I had quite heavy meals the night before so I thought that this was the reason, but this time I basically didn’t eat at all. I started juicing yesterday morning and had only two apples as solid food yesterday and the SWF didn’t work today and I feel bloated 🙁 What do you recommend? Would it help to drink laxative tea the night before and try it again tomorrow morning? Should I drink it right now, because my stomack feels like a basketball? 😀

    • Elvi, sorry you’re not having the best results. As I mention in the post, SWF’s aren’t for everyone. Read through the post again for all the suggestions to help with a successful flush, especially the lemon water. You can try laxative tea to see if that helps.

  138. Why can’t you eat or drink anything before you do the SWF?

    • Elizabeth, the digestive tract needs to be empty for the salt solution to pass through swiftly and quickly.

  139. Is this more beneficial than a salt water enema? Reason I ask is because I did a liver/gallbladder flush(5 day prep 6th day flush).

    • Derek, I have never heard of a salt water enema. What liver flush protocol are you doing?

  140. Been cleansing a lot of years in the past maybe 3-4 times a year, this was before internet searches were around. And it was with Epsom salt, apparently it was popular in the 1940s and I learned of it from older family members. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned quality salt could be used when I found out about the Master Cleanse. While I haven’t tried the salts mentioned by Kim, I’ve been using Celtic Sea Salt from SelinaNaturally. I think it’s a trustworthy product for this purpose. I find it is actually enjoyable to consume, especially with a little Cayenne pepper, organic of course. For those that get gag reflex, the concentration may be too high. If the salt collects at the bottom, your mix is super-saturated. I would add more water.

    • Thanks for your input Eddy!

  141. I have completed a few flushes over that last two weeks and all but one has been successful. I stumbled across your website because I wanted to learn about the pros/cons of flushing. My question is does the colon become dependent on salt water flushes as it does with senna and other chemicals? I have taken probiotics for almost ten years and have always been fairly regular. At this time I am flushing for detoxification/cleansing.

    Also, II admire the fact the you take the time to answer everyone’s question. That is very kind of you.

  142. Thank you Tama. I personally feel that the flushes actually improve the colon’s function over time. I do them frequently and haven’t become dependent at all. I poop more regularly now than I ever have my entire life. 😉

  143. Would this benefit someone with macroscopic colitis and acid reflux?

    • Tamra, I haven’t directly heard results from someone doing a SWF flush with colitis. However, I do not see how it would be detrimental. I’m also pretty certain that it would help with acid reflux, so I say give it a try. If you do, I’d love to hear your results.

    • Tamra, I began drinking Kangen water about four years ago and was able to get off all my medications for acid reflux. It is high alkaline antioxidant water that is also a colon cleanser! I also Incorporated digestive enzymes from I do the salt flushes utilizing the Kangen water and Himalayan Sea salt once in a while. Very easy to get that mixture down with the Kangen water!
      Good luck:)

      • Jeanne, I drink Kangen water as well. Thanks for your input!

  144. Would a 24 hour liquid the day before doong a SWF give me better results?

    • Chuck, since there would be no food in the digestive tract, I’d say your odds would be very good. 🙂

  145. Wow, effective! I did it first time this morning and I couldn’t get through my whole quart. Drank about 3/4 of it before I thought I’d be sick, but then, started flushing right away. One hour after starting, I was done. Feeling shaky, but a nice warm shower did the trick. Not sure I’d do this once a week, but a couple of times a year, definitely! This was the start of a week long raw food cleanse.

    • Yanic, good to hear you had such effective results!

  146. Kim thank you for such a wonder site. I have two questions.
    1. We have well water, we had our water tested when the well was put in last year. My husband works for a environmental laboratory and he had it tested for everything. It is a little hard but everything else is clean. Can I use our well water for my salt cleanse?
    2. I have Redmonds Real Salt, (pink sea salt) would that be safe to use until I can get your recommended salt.

    • Thanks Kelley! The pink sea salt is fine to use in the interim. As far as the well water, if you use it for your drinking water then I assume it would work fine with the SWF. Good luck and please report back your results!

    • Kim, did the flush this morning. I prepared my salt water the evening before as I wanted it ready when I woke. Very easy to take for me. It was slow going, did the belly message. Used the bathroom twice, never ended up with a clear BM. Will try the salt water for up to 7 days. Hopefully I will flush better tomorrow. Will check out your recommended site, listentoyourgut. Can you recommend a good amount of sea salt to eat in a day. I follow a pretty good whole food diet with lots of homemade fermented foods. Thanks again for everything and taking the time to answer all our questions.

      • Thanks for reporting back Kelley. I say around 1/2 tsp. of sea salt a day is a good amount to include in your daily diet. Good luck with the next 7 days, and definitely keep us posted on your experience. 🙂

  147. Hey thanks for this information and advice! Here is my problem though: Ive noticed that i get often constipated when my sleeping pattern changes. Before, i would eat prunes and figs to relieve it and it worked. But now recently fruits and extra fibre dont seem to cure it anymore.So i tried this flush, and it worked, was great! But then after 3 weeks, im constipated again. I might go 3 days without taking a poo, then id massage my belly while on toilet and i would have a massive one.. And then another 3-4 days nothing. And now my sleeping patterns havent changed, and my diet is healthy and i am excercising. My diet consists of quite alot of fibre, and barely any meat. I am doing the flush again tomorrow, but what are your tips for getting rid of it permanently and what do think causes it? And should i see a doctor, i prefer not to. Would appreciate your advice, Thank you! Peace! 🙂

    • Henry, you’re going to have to get to the root cause of your constipation. Regular flushes are good to clear the bowels and help to heal and repair the intestinal tract, however they will not “fix” intestinal issues for most people. I suspect one of the root causes for your constipation is an imbalance in gut flora. Please check out this website which gives a very comprehensive approach to permanently healing constipation.

  148. My first flush I was able to drink all but two ounces of it about ten minutes later I got a massive headache, I did not feel nauseous until the headache hit me. When I did my second flush it happened again is this a normal thing to happen during the flush.

    • Livvy, everyone’s body is different. Therefore, the responses to the SWF are wide and varied. Did you have a complete flush, or were you unable to take enough for the solution to work? What type of salt did you use? Water? Is your stomach super sensitive? If your able to take the entire solution, you may have experienced a detox reaction or just a heavy response to the concentrated salt.

  149. Love Salt Flushing!! just did one i like up my probiotic foods or supplements and drinks after then i had a fresh green drink perfecto!! i started Raw last Tuesday so if i dont feel well or i have B.O. from detox its a sign for me to do a salt flush coctail or and Enema and them Im good ran out of PRL Himalayan Salt for a couple days and i wasnt doing well getting cravings irratated and lethargic not that its out of me i can have a great day Love Health and Peace

    • Thanks for sharing Hailey!

  150. Hi
    I’m starting the salt water cleanse soon but only have Epsom salt as a few websites I read before hand suggested Epsom salts were the best salts to use is the correct? And just wondering isn’t having to much salt bad for you? I’ve cut out most salt in my diet as I know it’s not good for your body and heart.

    • Chantell, Espom Salts will definitely clear your bowels, however they’re very harsh to the digestive system and the kidneys. I never recommend using Epsom Salts regularly for salt flushes. Also, you are correct about table salt–it is very bad for you. However, natural sea salt and Himalayan salt are very good for you. In moderation, sodium from natural sources is necessary for many bodily functions. You can read more here:

  151. Hi Kim, I have been reading with interest your website regarding the salt water flush and think I might like to try it. I have an hiatus hernia and astral gastritis recently diagnosed after a history of digestive problems. Will it still be ok to try this. I do take a 15mg Lansoprazole for this. Thanks.

    • Sorry, I mean antral gastritis. Thanks.

    • Pat, although I’m not an expert about hiatal hernia or antral gastritis, I don’t think it would hurt to try. You’ll have to use your gut instinct on this one. If you do decide to do a SWF, please report back your results. 🙂

  152. Question: I feel like I need to do this very quickly. My colon is probably backed all the way up. How long do you suggest I do this every morning for?

  153. Hi there,

    I’ve had constipation problems over the last couple of years. For whatever reason, it seems to coincide with my stress levels. The last week has been a particular struggle for me. I’ve change my diet, no dairy milk, very little cheese, red meat only a couple times a month, I’m exercising, and I’m juicing every day. However right now, My large intestine just feels full and nothing seems to be moving. I took the day off from work to try a run of castor oil and I found your website. I was going to start a probiotic afterward. I don’t have any himalayan salt in the house but I do have “Real Salt” I bought from the health food store that I use for cooking. It is raw and seems to be high quality. Would this work or should I just wait and get some pink salt? Any other suggestions for me? I just want to start feeling better. Thanks in advance!

  154. Hey!

    I just wanted to share my very first experience doing the salt water flush. I was quite nervous as I really wanted it to work, I used Himalayan pink salt, after managing to get the salt water down I laid on my right side and visualised it going through my system. An hour later everything started moving around, it worked wonderfully. I never thought having a poo, or 10 could feel so empowering! It makes you very conscious of what you have eaten and will eat, I’ll definitely do this from time to time.

    Thanks so much for all the helpful info

    • That’s fantastic Gudrun! Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you many more empowering poos! 😉

  155. Just tried this, thanks to this page. I was very worried about drinking 32 oz of salty water, so I dissolved all the salt in about 4 oz of boiling, cooled it down with 2 oz of cold water. This made an extremely salty drink. I took a sip of this, followed by a couple gulps of unsalted water. Very easy to get down.

    • Tina, I’ve read using a concentrated solution for the SWF is an option. Would love to know your results!

  156. Hello,

    I have done the water flush now quiet few times – in Sept.13′(first time for 3/4 days) Nov.(when i felt constipated) and Now in Jan. I have IBS and constant problems with digestion and since i started water flush combine with cutting meat and dairy from my diet i feel so much better! – All times that i done this i felt great and had good results except this time. I am doing everything as i was but Im not reaching to the point where the salt water flushes through my system as it did times before. Any suggestions?
    Also what diet would you recommend while doing this?
    Thank you

    • Blanka, it’s not uncommon to not fully flush from time to time. The exact cause however, I’m not sure. It may have been the full moon (people tend to hold on to water around this time), hormones, stress, etc. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Maybe wait a little while and try again. As far as the diet, I recommend eating minimal or no meat/dairy, and sticking to as many wholefoods as possible.

      Good luck, and let me know if you have better results next time!

  157. Hiii Kim, congratulations and commendations for your great work here and sharing of love here. This is the busiest, most repeated question yet personally answered blog I have ever seen, you truly are a diamond so well done. I have used near every trick in the book for around 5 years now to cleanse my body, in light of the effort and intention something has always lingered. Strangely enough, only recently did I come across the master cleanse/salt water flushing and OH my god.. This is fantastic! Hahaha… I hope you realise, I cannot look at you or Beyonce in the same way now having done a salt water flush for myself.. Looool jkjk! Seriously, anybody on here umming and aahing about doing a salt water flush.. Ignore bad press. Ignore anything at all that makes you fear or doubt the power of the salt water flush and JUST DO IT!!! It is a lil’ nasty.. But if you dare look down after your first run it becomes clear why things have been a little off, it then also becomes clear that with a lil persistence you can heal anything and become a complete machine, totally in tune with what you are, what you can be and what you are meant to be. Magic.

    Now Kim I am certainly going to have a search through your site for opinions and experiences with Kefir.. I made Kefir for a few months, from grains, and completely tailored it to my desired taste, at first it felt great and I noticed a big difference, then as with many regimes it became a standard part of the routine.

    I am currently master cleansing then plan to use frankincense/myrrh/mastic gum tincture and maybe even gum turpentine (the silver bullet) for a final parasite and fungus clear out. What is your opinion towards reintroducing Kefir after this cleanse and clear out? The master cleanse advises agains dairy as it is shown to be mucoid forming, at the same time I believe once all the nasties are flushed out I should be perfectly fine to enjoy the odd glass or two of Kefir as no nasties remain to live in the mucous buildup.. Another thought being that once the system is completely flushed, the beneficial strains of bacteria/yeasts and floral support offered through Kefir may be vital to building a stronger and more affluent body? What do you think dear?

    • Lee, thank you so much for your love and support! I’m super thrilled you’re giving the Salt Flush the much needed plug it needs, and even more thrilled you’re experiencing such success. My thoughts about kefir. First, I’m mostly vegan so dairy products aren’t a part of my diet regime. However, that’s not to say kefir is bad. Conceptually, traditional kefir made from raw, unprocessed dairy is actually quite healing and does the body good. Unfortunately, in today’s world there’s no way to extract high quality dairy without cruel measures. Even your best organic, “humane” dairy farms cannot obtain the milk without a tremendous amount of suffering from the dairy cow. Unless it’s hand-milked after the momma has finished feeding her calf, I will not partake. However, that’s me. If you’re feeling the kefir vibe, just make sure it comes from high quality raw dairy. Alternatively, there’s also ways to make kefir with full-fat coconut milk and coconut water. I had an awesome strain going a few years back.

      Balancing the gut flora and getting rid of the nasties that reside there is definitely top priority for a strong immune system. Once you’ve cleansed, and as long as you’re eating nutritious whole foods, your gut bacteria will naturally balance out towards the better. However, you may need to supplement with kefir and other fermented foods to “inoculate” the gut. Regularly eating fermented foods will also help to get your gut flora balance over the long haul.

      I came across Listen to Your Gut ( a while back. This is hands down the most informative site when it comes to giving you straightforward information about restoring the health of your gut. I think you’ll resonate with the information she provides about individual protocols to help rid your gut of bad bacteria and restoring the right types of healthy flora for your individualized needs. Check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂

  158. this is my first time and I’m so nervous

    • can this flush cause a little weight loss

      • The flush isn’t for weight loss. However when done regularly, some may experience weight reduction due to removing wastes from the colon. It really depends on the individual.

    • Jump in! No need to be nervous!

  159. Due to heavy work load, I have not been keeping myself hydrated; some days with no water, just coffee (a diuretic) and maybe a little juice. Should I spend a week or two drinking the required amount of water before I attempt a salt water flush? Thank you!

    • Renee, definitely focus on rehydrating your body before doing a SWF. This is very important. 🙂

  160. Why are we not supposed to use distilled water on the flush?

    • Magtgie, my concern with using distilled water for a SWF is potential loss of electrolytes afterwards. I’m not a scientist, I just use my intuition on this. However, several people have told me they use distilled water, and it works fine. If you use distilled water, I’d love to hear back from you. I’ll probably add an update about this subject very soon if I have enough feedback. 🙂

  161. My wife and I would like to try the SWF! She however has had ulcerative colitis in the past and due to a herbalife program is almost in remission. Would the SWF be safe for her to do?

    • Unfortunately Billy, I’m unable to determine if a SWF would be safe for your wife. I personally feel it would do no harm, but am unsure if a flush would not cause uncomfortable symptoms. It’s a decision she will have to make for herself. Have you tried aloe? This is very good to help heal inflammation in the gut.

  162. I have been eating really clean these past three weeks. However, the past two days I have cheated a bit with my clean eating diet. I want to do the SWF for this next week to cleanse my system. However, I am leaving for vacation in a week and a half and will probably be consuming alcohol and eating a decent amount of junk food. Do you recommend that I hold off until after vacation or would it be okay to do the cleanse the week prior?

    • Emily, I say do one before and after your vacay! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the quick response!! I am definitely going to start one tomorrow. My primary goal is to lose a few pounds, but I am anxious to cleanse my colon and system as well. Excited to get started! However, one more quick question….I don’t have much time to drink this in the morning. I generally work out at 6 am and have work at 8. When do you recommend I drink the salt water? Also, how long will it take until I do not need to be by the bathroom?

        • Emily, I really don’t recommend trying to “squeeze” a SWF into your morning routine. It is impossible to determine how long it will take since every individual responds differently. It could take as little as an hour or go on for a few hours. You will have to do one to see how your body responds. Also, if you can find more time, doing a SWF once a day before your vacay would be fantastic.

      • –I planned on doing this for a week before vacay….I saw your timeline above….do you recommend that I do it once a day for the full week before vaca?

  163. Hey Kim,

    I am doing the SWF as well as the Castor oil flush…Can you please tell me if I can get rid off candida by doing SWF flush regularly..about my eating habits I totally can’t get rid off wheat products because I’m indian and most of our diet contains wheat..Please let me know what I can do more to get rid off CANDIDA from my system..Keep up the good work…

    Best Regards,


    • Maxy, SWF’s alone will not get rid of candida overgrowth. I’m not an expert in this area, so I can’t really help you deal with the candida. If you find something that works for you, please report back with your results.

      • i want to try it but i have one kidney would it be a problem?

        • Brett, I’m not really sure on this one. I’ll need to do some research. Do you tend to retain water?

          • im not sure if i retain water how do i know what are the symptoms? i had been having bloating after eating so thought it would be good,i did try at first just a glass of water with half teaspoon of salt bit less just to see if it would ache my kidney it didnt seem to do anything

          • Brett, water retention generally shows up in the feet, ankles and hands. You can monitor them throughout the day and check for puffiness. Hmmm…I’m still reluctant to say yes on a SWF for you. I just don’t know enough about how your body will respond with only one kidney. On the flip side, if you’re experiencing gas and bloating, check out Listen to Your Gut You may find a solution here.

  164. Hi Kim,
    This morning together with my yoga group plus yogateacher we did the SWF alltogether. To everyone it worked out very well, I was the only one who did’n need to go to the toilet. Even after a klyster, my gut kept silent. Did I do something wrong ? Do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you! Jessica

    • Jessica, so sorry the flush didn’t work for you. Unfortunately this is common for some individuals. Please read the section “You Didn’t Flush- Is the Salt Flush Right for You?” This may help you determine why you didn’t flush.

  165. Hi! This is my 4th time with salt water flush, it worked wonderfully and within 1 hour…but not this time…already 2 hours and nothing! 🙁 Do you think it may take more time or do you think I’m going to retain that salted water?

    • Emanuela, I don’t think I got to this comment in time. Did you end up flushing?

      • Hi Kim thank you for your reply!
        Done! But it took me 3 hours and a half!
        Maybe because I lay down on my right side..and also fell asleep..?! O_O’
        I just feel so disgusted after all that water I have to lie down…but it worked for all the three times I did it.
        Anyway I feel so good and relieved now…I really feel so horrible drinking that water…but I love how I feel at the absolutely it does worth it!

        • Thank you for sharing your experience Emanuela!

  166. Can I swallow whole pink himalayan sea salt without grinding it? Can I take them like little pills with plenty of water?

    • Al, read through the comments thread. Someone used capsules and it worked for them. If you try it and it works, please report back. 🙂

  167. Kim, I wanted to thank you for your advice. I failed miserably in my first attempt on Monday. I used too much salt and my stomach couldn’t handle it, but I got it right on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. Thank you again.

    • Fantastic Rich!

  168. Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for this.
    I did it this morning .. Used 2 teaspoons, and within 1 hour it worked for me !
    I feel great :).

    • Fantastic Karena! Thanks for sharing your results. 🙂

  169. Yeah it works!

    What salt do you think is good from iherb?

    • Fantastic! I don’t personally use iherb, so have no idea what they sell. Just look for a good Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. 🙂

  170. Ok so all I can really say is WOW, I wasn’t sure at first if it was going to work because I have serious adrenal issues, though I do put salt in my water daily. Well with in 27 mins I was running to the can.
    Its amazing the energy that I have and the moments spent on the john are not strenuous or painful, Something I am going to try on a regular basis and see how I feel.

    • Fantastic Kimberly! Keep us posted on your future flushes. 🙂

      • Kim, I do have a couple more comments. One before I even drank the salt water I had already had a pretty good sixe BM, but I do struggle with constipation, so I feel I need it. Mostly what came out was brown water with floaties, is this normal? I was done with-in an hour and a Half. Any advice would be great!

        • Kimberly, there is no “normal” when it comes to the flushes. Each individual is unique in regards to how their body responds, and what comes out is anyone’s guess. Lol! 😉 Either way it sounds like you had a successful flush!

          • Ok good, that is all I was really looking for. 🙂

  171. I have just completed my first SWF. Thank you very much for this weapon in my arsenal to fight for my good health. I have had bouts of ibs for several decades not chronic just popping up at stressful intervals. Recently I have experienced more regular occurrences. A visit to my the Drs. Gave me a diagnosis of possible diverticulosis, blood test and a prescription for antispasmodics. I have constant abdominal pain concentrated on the left side. I have felt miserable since starting the antispasmodics and it has not relieved the bloated, descended abdominal pain. I did not have any special salt or water. I boiled up tap water and left it to cool. I mixed 2Tbl of the water into bulk sea salt and shot it. I backed this up with the tepid water and walked till I had downed all the water. Initially I felt nauseous and thought I would vomit, but I kept walking and sipping and the feeling passed. Getting some fresh air on the porch helped as well. So not long after I feel like I need to use the facilities. Okay great that is nice but is that it. No. I spent about 45 mins. Of toilet time that was comfortable. No painful cramping, awesome. I am feeling so much more comfortable and happy now.

    I have tried expensive cleanses before and they were too harsh and painful for my system. I will get some of the Himalayan salt and do this for 3 days and see how I feel. My next stop is listen to your gut so I can follow up with supporting my digestive system. Thank you this has been so helpful.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Stasari, and I’m thrilled the flush worked for you. I’ve had others share that taking the salt water in concentrated form was very effective for them too. Please stay in touch and let us know your progress!

  172. Hi Kim…This worked vveerryy well for me! I thought I was going to have problems with eliminatio…ha ha should have had faith. I started drinking the salt water at 7:30am couldn’t drink it all and then went out to feed the animals at 8:30… I was running back into the house by 9:10! I feel so much better and will be continuing for a couple more days! Thanks!!!

    • Awesome Rosa!

  173. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the article, really enjoyed it! So I would love to pick your brain on an issue that has come up. I am in the midst of a fast and I am now finishing my forth day. The last two nights I have been extremely bloated. This morning I went and had a colonic and it was minimally better but as I write you, my belly is huge. I am curious if something along my GI tract has been released but not removed. Just stuck. I have never done a salt flush, but have done colonics for 5 years now. I am wondering if approaching it from the mouth down will help with my bloating and removing anything that might be stuck? Thoughts? Thanks!!

    • Hey Jason, sorry I’m so late with a reply. I’m not sure if you’re still fasting, but bloating is very common. I suspect there may be times when the cells in the upper GI tract are releasing toxic gases and/or the nasty bacteria in the gut are dying off. Either way, a SWF will definitely help to clear out stagnate gases and eliminate bloating.

  174. Good AM, I never, ever post results. My results following the SWF were so pleasing, I just had to. This AM I did my first SWF. I must say it was a challenge going down, but I kept thinking about the end results with a huge frown on my face. I drank the SWF at 7:48AM, at 8:10 I was “in the facilities”!! Since then I’ve gone 4 times. I hope not TMI, but I’ve experencied the clear elimination you reference, so guessing I’m done for the day. Somewhere between elimination # 2 & 3 , my energy level soared and, although small, I’ve noticed a decrease in the bloating in my belly! I did not use the salt mentioned above, but will definitely pay a visit to my local health food store. I’ve had a problem with constipation for years. I feel like this is the best kept secret. I will definitely share with family friends who have the same challenges. I’m excited about following your schedule above and am off to FB to like your page…ThankU, ThankU, ThankU….

    • This is fantastic news Terri! Thanks for sharing your experience. A complete flush? That must have felt wonderful. Definitely keep us posted on future flushes. Good luck! 🙂

  175. I just started my first flush after reading this site and the comments several times to make sure I had the best chance for success.

    I wanted to note for anyone else trying in the same situation as I (no Whole Foods or real health stores nearby) that I found Himalayan Pink Salt in an adjustable grinder bottle at WalMart in their baking/spices aisle. It is Olde Thompson brand.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how mild the salt taste was, not to trick anyone into thinking it’s not there…but the pink salt is definitely not as harsh as doing a saltwater rinse for a sore throat. It took me about 15 minutes still to get it down, but it DEFINITELY could have been worse.

    • Thanks for sharing Heather!! 🙂

  176. Hi! I gave the salt water flush a try yesterday. In hopes to make the salt go down a little easier I set about 1/4 tbsp of sea salt on my tongue and then chugged down some water four times. Barely tasted the salt. The first couple minutes were hell. My stomach didn’t like the onslaught of salt and I felt nauseous for about ten minutes and eventually vomited about an ounce of water before the nausea went away. After that, it was smooth sailing. I felt like I had cleansed well. It was a lot of watery eliminations. And it was all over in about 2hrs.

    However, today I had my morning poo and it was probably the most satisfying in my life. I feel like I lost ten pounds this morning and wish I had weighed myself yesterday prior to the flush to prove it. Knowing this, I think that the flush shook things up in my innards and made it easier for my normal movements to sweep away the debris stuck in my intestines and colon. Because I definitely didn’t eat that much yesterday.

    All-in-all, I’m glad that I gave it a try. But I doubt I’ll try another one for a few months. That nausea was intolerable.

    • Thanks for sharing Emily! Your method was creative, but should be helpful for my readers. 🙂

  177. Hi, how much is 1 quart of water? In cups and ounces? Thank you.

    • Maz, 1 quart = 4 cups of water.

  178. Hi Kim,

    Ive been reading your website and I am very interterested in the salt wash. A little background on me is that i suffer (a very good word to use) from server constipation and right now I am struggling with what ti do. I have seen my doctor serveral times and he has given me different medications to try but nothing works apart from strong laxatives which I have been taking for many years and even to the point they are not working as much. Right now I am desperatly trying to lose some weight but this is impossible with no bowel movements and instead I am getting bigger and bigger…..I dont go to the toilet for days and days which is making me so miserable. Would doing a salt wash benefit me…I know this is a hard question to ask but any advice you have would be amazing right now. I have tired all the advice like drinking lots of water and eating fiber but I really believe I need something more than this.

    Thank you x

    • Hi Hannah. I certainly understand your frustration. A SWF may be very helpful for you, and it definitely won’t hurt to give it a try. I recommend you read through this post carefully before deciding to do so however, as there are some people who will not flush. Also just a word of advice, I recommend seeking alternative sources other than MDs for getting to the root cause of the constipation you’re experiencing. Unfortunately, most MDs are clueless as to the many causes that are contributing to this issue. In all actuality, high fiber will plug you up even more. There’s much to understand about the delicacy of the intestinal tract. I recommend visiting Listen to Your Gut to help you get to the underlying cause of the constipation. Good luck and please report back if you’ve made progress. 🙂

      • Thank you for your response Kim and I think I am going to give it a try. Can you please recommend places where I can buy the salt you say to use as Im pretty sure you wont be able to find these in normal grocery shops. Failing that can I can use sea salt? Ive found your website very helpful so thank you xx

        Ps….because of my history how much salt and water would you recommend?

        • Hannah, I have a link on this post for two salts that you can buy online. However, I’m sure your local health food store should have a high quality Himalayan Sea Salt or other type of sea salt. Also, I recommend you follow the 1 T of salt to 1 Quart of water. Good luck!

  179. Thanks for such a great posting! There was so much helpful information from you and others. I’l be starting tomorrow in conjunction with a healthier diet and more active lifestyle. I’m a mom of 5 very active children. I just want to be a great example for them!

    • Sheri, thank you for sharing and good luck!

  180. Hello, I came across your site a few weeks ago and was a little hesitant about trying the saltwater flush because the thought of consuming so much salt frightened me a little but …BUT, since I had HPSS on hand (I’ve been using it for years) I went ahead and tried it this morning and I am soooo glad I did!!! Initially I felt as though my stomach was going to pop because I was so full from drinking all that water. But, after about 30 mins or so I was flushing like you wouldn’t believe!!! After about two hours or so I was completely clear and completely exhausted as well!! I plan to make this a weekly route in for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with the world. I am soooo very appreciative!!

    • Thank you DeeDee for sharing your experience. I’m super thrilled you had a successful flush the first go around. Stay with it, and you’ll definitely feel the results. 🙂

  181. hi there, does it have to be first thing in the morning? i have a morning class and think i should start afterwards. can i fast till noon and then begin the salt cleanse?

    • Shelly, as long as you fast it should work…

  182. Hello Kim
    My daughter has recently finished a 3 day fast with a 4th day in the cleansing routine using the salt water method. She is in Nepal and has obviously used the Himalayan salt that is the purest form. She has since been feeling unwell, and 2 days later has not been able to eat without feeling ill and her body flushing itself out. She is drinking water but doesn’t know what to do to get back to feeling healthy again. Your advice would be appreciated please.

    • Hi Coralee. Unfortunately, since I’m unsure of what caused her to feel ill, I can’t really help. I’m suspecting it had something to do with the fasting. When you say “her body flushing itself out,” do you mean she has diarrhea after she eats?

  183. I started the flush this morning. Initially, I felt sick with all that water consumption but felt ok within 20 minutes. Had a bowel movement within 1/2 half, I hope there’s more. Anyway, I am high allergic to grains so I wondered if it was ok to eat a little meat with vegetables for my evening meal? I’m already skinny and don’t want to waste away too much over this next week!

    • Hi Sharon, sorry I wasn’t able to respond in time to answer your question. If you’re allergic to grains, a little meat and veggies are ok. I hope you had a successful flush. 🙂

  184. Hi Kim,
    I was recently diagnosed with Pernicious anemia & Lhermitte sign due to an extremely low B-12 deficiency that was missed by 5 doctors. Lots of blood work done after pretty severe nerve damage in hands, forearms and feet. One of the blood tests done reveled the ANTIPARIETAL CELL ANTIBODY was very high. From what I have learned about this, it is an abnormal amount of the bad bacteria causing this and keeping me from being able to absorb b-12 and possibly other vitamins and minerals. I’ve done SWF about 3 years ago with great success. A great amount of stress and life changes has been at play the last 2 years and likely taken it’s toll. Any thoughts to this working as a cure or any positive stories similar to my story would be welcomed. Thank you in advance…

    • Will, unfortunately I’m unable to give medical advice. With that being said, I don’t think it would be harmful to try again. However, since I don’t have a lot of knowledge about your condition, you’ll need to read carefully through this post and determine for yourself whether or not this is a safe approach. Good luck, and please report back if you do decide to go ahead with it.

  185. Is Morton Fine Sea salt ok? Because I cannot find premier or the other salt. …

    • Hi Briana. Although the label may say “sea salt,” it’s highly unlikely that Morton’s salt actually comes from the sea and isn’t altered or processed in some way. I only use truly organic sources of salt, hence is why I listed them. However, with that being said, the Morton’s salt should probably work as well as Himalayan or the Premier Salt I mention in the post. If you’re not concerned with the quality of the salt, then the Morton’s will work. But if you are concerned with the quality of the salt, Amazon sells a few different brands. If the Premier Brand is out of stock, my next favorite is Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt. You can find it on Amazon for a relatively good price. This link may work:

      • I love the sea salt flush. I first tried it last year to jump start a diet and I even lost weight during the one week of the flush. I was skeptical about doing it at first but after 30 minutes of drinking it I was in the bathroom and amazed. I recommend it to everyone.

        • Thank you for sharing your experience Martina! 🙂

  186. Hi I did the SWF on Friday last week and found it really hard to swallow but it did work. It’s since taken me over a week to bring myself to have another go. So I did it again this morning and within 10 min of drinking it I was violently sick the contents of my stomach. Shall I try again another day?

    • Hi Mary. This sometimes happen, especially for those with weaker stomachs. I’ve had a few followers post some tips and tricks to prevent nausea in the comments. I think there are 2 individuals that put the salt in veggie caps. Also you may have had too much salt, not everyone needs 1 T, so next time maybe try 2 tsp. Also, I’m coming to realize that some people can actually take the salt drink a little slower. Hope this helps!

  187. After about two hours or so, nothing 🙁 I’ve done this twice before with success almost immediately. I’ve tried a senna laxative for about 3-4 days with only one or two small movements. I’ve been adding salt to my water and I doubt I’m sodium deficient. Boo 🙁 I really need to clear out!
    After a few hours of no movement, is it safe to go on about the day as normal? I’m afraid to leave the house and I feel like I should still wait before starting to eat just in case…

    • Tried again, and its working this time thankfully! Thanks so much for your informative post! Love your blog!

      • I’m glad it worked this time around Nikki! And thank you for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

    • Hey Nikki, sorry I didn’t get to you in time. Sometimes this happens. I’ve had a few where nothing happened too. It’s frustrating. 🙁

  188. Hi,
    I was going to try this, but I couldn’t stand the taste (worse than epsom Salt for me). So I added somefresh lemon juice which gave it a pickle juice taste, which I love. Is that okay? It still worked and I like thet taste.

    • Amber, that’s such a good idea! The lemon should actually help move things along better. Thank you for sharing this!

  189. so happy I stumbled across this post. First of all I have to tell you how impressed I am that you respond to every comment! WOW! So awesome! I have suffered for years but I have recently been suffering more as I started nerve pain medication which has made it worse. I have done colon cleansing before and have also done the salt water cleanse. I am going to try it again tomorrow. Very excited and will keep you posted! Thank you to all who have shared… sharing is power!!!

    • Thank you Nik! Good luck and please let us know how it goes! 🙂

  190. I was wondering if this is safe to do while I’m pregnant?

    • While in the last trimester? I read that its safe while trying to get pregnant and to stop when in early stages of pregnancy, so I was just curious because this sounds like it would be a life saver right about now 🙂

      • Hey Teddi! The SWF is definitely safe to do while trying to get pregnant. However, I’m unaware of the risks of doing a SWF while pregnant. I recommend you research as thoroughly as possible before making the decision once you’re pregnant. However, if you find strong evidence that it’s safe or you decide to a SWF once you’re pregnant, please report back to us. 🙂

  191. I did a yoga salt treatment years ago including twisting, turning and bending and was rewarded with the most foul smelling shit. Tomorrow I will try himalayan salt. To purge cigs and grog. Will let you know. Phil.

    • Lol Phil! Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing back from you!

  192. Hey Kim,
    So I’ve really been looking into doing a SWF for awhile now and really found your blog informative. I took the plunge and bough some Pink Himalayan Salt yesterday. This morning I woke up and made the concoction. It was going fine until the last quarter. I starting feeling incredibly sick and decided there was no way I would finish without barfing. I stopped and started drinking plain hot water and still trying to move around to get things flowing. I went to blow my nose in the bathroom and bam, I threw up (probably most if not all) the salt water. I still wanted to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated so I kept drinking water and some detox tea just to get the salt flavor out of my mouth and such. SO, those are the details but I didn’t know if you recommend anything else? Either a different method or maybe an alternative cleanse? The main reason I am trying to cleanse is because I am getting bad face acne and back acne the past two years. Ironically I’ve been vegan for a little over two years and wondered if a cleanse would help with the acne and overall health. Let me know your thoughts if you don’t mind! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

    • Hi Celia. Sorry your first time didn’t go as planned. This is not an uncommon occurrence, after all you’re drinking something close to sea water. So don’t be discouraged. After receiving lots of feedback from readers, I plan to update this post with some tips about how to help with nausea. First, some people don’t need an entire tablespoon, 2 tsp. can do the trick. Second, try taking the solution a little slower. I think as long as you get it down within 30 min, you still have a good shot at experiencing a solid flush. I’ve had a few readers also leave comments here about taking the salt in capsules. It sounds weird, but they claimed it worked. Look through this thread to see if you can find them. I also had someone recommend adding lemon water. She said it helped a lot.

      As far as alternatives, colonics and enemas are helpful. I personally love doing the coffee enema. If this is weird to you, I certainly understand, but they are quite effective.

      Acne can definitely be related to gut issues as well as hormones. My first recommendation, is to cut out all soy if you’re eating any. Soy is a major culprit that damages gut health and causes hormonal imbalances. You may also want to look into restoring your gut flora. This is where I always send my readers: She really knows her stuff!

      Hope this helps, and please keep me posted if you try the flush again. 🙂

  193. Hi… First of all, thank you for your site, it so informative and very helpful. I am planning on doing a 3day juice cleanse and would like to ask you if you recommend that I do the SWF before my juice clease or should I hold off and do the SWF after??? Or if I start the SWF this Monday, can I start my juice cleanse the same day as well, keeping in mind that I have to wait ’til I’m finished w the bowel movement before I eat or drink something on that day… your advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. 🙂

    • Hey Nica, sorry if I didn’t get to you in time to answer your questions. It wouldn’t hurt to do the SWF before starting your cleanse, and it’s definitely beneficial to do during and after. In my opinion, the best thing to do is a flush every morning during your cleanse (if time permits) then do a few here and there after. However, you said it’s a 3 day juice cleanse and it’s Wednesday, probably your last day. If you went through with the SWF’s, please me know how it went.

      • Hi Kim thank you for the response. I only did the SWF Sunday (before my juice cleanse) and Monday (same day my cleanse started). Wow!!! I used Pink Himalayan salt, followed your instructions and it was a success!!! Within 10-15mins after drinking the water w salt (which wasnt as bad as i expected, but still had the gag effect halfway my drink, but had to toughen up and gulped it anyway, LOL!) i prepared a warm water w lemon to hold it down, too. I was on my throne for a good hour, it wasnt really bad at all, i felt so light & so clean.

        I want to keep going, like do the SWF regularly or once a week, but I got so worried with the sodium content if I keep doing it regularly I might regret it in the end…IS IT SAFE TO DO IT AGAIN ONCE THIS WEEK? I WANT TO DO ANOTHER JUICE CLEANSE THIS WEEK (THE LONG WEEKEND INVOLVED SOME WORTHY CHEAT MEALS, LOL!).

        Again, thank you for your time and attention and really appreciate your comment/tips/feedback.

        • Wonderful Nica! Glad you found success with the SWF!

          The sodium thing is a bit tricky for me, so I’m not sure if I can give you a definitive answer. Normally, since the salt solution is the same volume as your blood, you don’t absorb it and it flows right through your intestinal tract out the other end. How much sodium you actually absorb, I’m not sure. However, if you are experiencing almost complete flushes, I’m going to say “I think you’ll be fine”. It’s not like you do a SWF every single day of your life. Even if you do several of them in a row for a short stint, I think in the long run it you’ll be fine. 😀

  194. After drinking about 3 cups, I suddenly got nauseous and had to vomit it. It seems I’m the only person with this reaction.

    • Maria, no you’re not the only person. I’ve had a few people here and there tell me they couldn’t hold it down. I plan to update the post soon with some tips about how to alleviate the nausea. For now, I’d say take it slower (up to 30 min to get it down) and use a little less salt. One reader commented that adding lemon made it easier to go down.

  195. Kim,
    I have had a history of renal stones and I am being treated for them now, including a staghorn. Because of consistent pain in taking oxycodone and antibiotics which has left me constipated and battling yeast again. I have 10% function in the left starhorned kidney and 90% function in the other. I am 38 years old and otherwise healthy. I normally have bowel movements upon waking and after I eat. Would you recommend this flush for me? I am uncomfortable from constipation and nauseous and dizzy.

    • Hi Deira, unfortunately I do not recommend a SWF for you. I’m certain the large amount of sodium would affect your already weakened kidneys. Instead, I recommend colonics or coffee enemas.

  196. Im on day 5 SWF, i feel great, i use fresh lemon juice for the taste, not bad, goes down well. Ive been using diamond crystal sea salt, it works, is that not good?

    • Mimi, I don’t recommend that salt at all. Actually, you inspired me to update this post. Please, go back and read, and please, please invest in a good quality sea salt or Himalayan salt. However, happy that the flush is working and you’re feeling great. 😀

  197. Hi there, I have been eating very well over the past two days or so and ate nothing after a light blended green smoothie last night. i took the liquid today and I passed liquid for most of my toilet visits (5 in total) Is this ok?

    • Trace, sounds like you’re off to a good start!

  198. boy I just had it 5 mins ago and I’m already in the loo, probably need to do it more often but I put a whole table spoon in, and drank probably just over half, couldn’t do anymore then that. my stomach bloated minutes later. I keep burping but I’m pooping! Haha.. a fine start. Though I am using Celtic Sea Salt, the best, I believe. Ofir. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Ofir! 🙂


    This gives good reason why NOT to use salt capsules for the flush – seems to make sense that the water you drink with them will be gone from your system by the time the capsules dissolve, raising your sodium to way too high levels as the water will not be there to dilute the salt when the capsules open.

    • That’s a good point CM, however I’ve had a few say they flushed successfully. This leads me to think the salt was not absorbed into the system. I’m assuming you should drink a large volume of water after taking the capsules. Again, I’m not sold on this method yet, but would like to learn more.

  200. Hi Kim, I’m on day three and have flushed successfully each time, with today being the best so far! I’m feeling great and fortunate that I actually don’t mind the drink, however I have noticed that although my tummy is flatter, I’m putting weight on (the scales) daily since day 1 of the flush. Is this normal and will it come off by the end of the 7 days? I wouldn’t mind but I am trying to lose wait at the moment (and have been very successful until now) and this is somewhat disheartening!! Thanks, Sarah

    • Hi Sarah. I can certainly understand your disappointment. My hunch is that although you’re flushing, you’re not COMPLETELY flushing. This may mean you’re retaining some of the salt solution. This is completely normal, as it takes a while for some to completely flush (with only clear liquid coming out). As far as the weight gain being permanent, it’s uncertain. I personally feel it isn’t, although I can’t guarantee. If your clothes don’t feel tighter, I say you’ll be fine. Maybe it would be best not to weigh yourself while doing the flushing?

      • Also Sarah, if you decide to go through with the entire 7 days, please report back. I’m curious to see if the added weight came off. Thanks! 🙂

  201. I had my first bowel movement less than 45 minutes after. It worked perfectly. I did have a headache after but I’m certain it’s because I didn’t drink enough water. It’s slowly getting better because I’m hydrating myself now. I would definitely do it again. Btw it took 2 pounds off me immediately. I’m sure it was due to an empty stomach though lol.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Tee!!

  202. So today being my first time doing the salt water flush, I found a really easy way to get the salt down. I put the full amount of salt into a small cup in which I filled with water and added fresh lime juice. I took the qt of water and heated up half of it on the oven and mixed it back together with the room temp water, making it warm then added lime juice to that. I drank about half of the quart, then took a gulp of the salt/lime water, it actually didn’t taste that bad at all.. Almost like those mexican salt, lime candy powders.. Anyways, I’m almost done with the waiting process. Hope this helped!

    • Don’t forget to brush your teeth after drinking the lime water! The acidity of lime or lemon is not good for your teeth after a period of time

    • Thank you for sharing Amanda! I can’t wait to here how it went. Hopefully successful!! 😀

  203. Hey Kim, I just wanted to know how much 1 Quart is cause i cant see to find it anywhere online and if it okay for me to use “Fine Pink Himalayan Pink salt??

    • Tom, 1 quart equals 4 cups. And yes, the Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect! 😀

  204. Hi Kim,

    My trick to get the saltwater down easily is to add in 1 teaspoon of sugar to the salt. For some reason salty and sweet is a lot easier than just salthy to get down.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks for the type Syber! 😀

  205. I did my first salt flush yesterday and it works great and pretty promptly. I was excited to wake up today and try it again, but today I did not flush…what do you think? do I need to wait longer in between because I thought you could do it every day for the first week. thanks so much!

    • Ashely, it’s a total bummer when you don’t flush following a previously successful flush. Why this happens, I’m not sure. The human body has so many variables. It may be that you were more dehydrated after your first flush. I recommend to wait a day or two, hydrate your body then give it a go again. Make sure to drink way more water than you normally do. Do you drink coffee, alcohol or other dehydrating beverages? If you do, I recommend to cut down or eliminate them for the days you are flushing. This may help you to flush for consecutive days in a row. If you decide to give it a go again, please report back with your progress. Good luck! 🙂

      • For a successful flush I usually fast for 24 hours, then take the saltwater with a senna pill. Occassionally a second dose of salt water and senna is necessary, if the fist round fails to achieve the desired result within several hours.

        • Thanks for sharing Syber! You’re quite a champ to be able to get down a second dose of the salt water! 😀

          • Is it ok to flush a second and a third time in the same day? I’ve had internal hemaroids with bleeding and though I very much changed and “softened” my diet and the bleeding is less, and even doesnt happen with each movement, I feel like I really need to cleanse…

          • Jay, it may be fine to flush a few times in one day (as long as you flushed the first time), however I don’t recommend doing this regularly. That would be too much on your system.

  206. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your detailed and helpful article. Anyway, I am planning to do my first SWF in 2 days. Just a few questions to help me through:

    Is it advisable to go on a SWF if you’re taking prescription meds 30 mins before breakfast?
    Is it advisable to take a detox or laxative tea the night before going on a SWF?
    And is it also recommended when doing a cleanse or detox and what are your most recommended food to have maximum effect or what food to avoid?

    Thank you and more power to your awesome website! 🙂

    • Eli, thank you for the compliment! To answer your question about the medication…since I’m not a doctor and have no idea what type of medication you’re taking, I can’t advise as to whether or not it’s safe for you to do a SWF. Sorry! 🙁 I wouldn’t recommend a detox tea or laxative since they may have a dehydrating effect. If you’re dehydrated at the time of taking the salt solution, you may not flush very well. This goes for the food and beverages prior to the flush, as well. I recommend fresh whole foods, minimal meat & dairy, no alcohol or dehydrating beverages. If you decide to do the flush, please report back your results. Good luck! 😀

  207. Hi Kim!

    I just attempted the salt flush, following all of your instructions, and only managed to pass solid matter twice in about 2 hours after downing the himalayan pink salt solution. I usually have constipation and only go to the bathroom once a day if i’m lucky.

    Does this mean that my flush was unsuccessful because I didn’t have a diarrhoea effect like others?

    Hopefully i’m not gonna get too puffy from all the salt if this is regarded as an unsuccessful cleanse.

    • Mandy, I wouldn’t necessarily call this a success or a failure. However, it’s obvious you didn’t completely flush your bowels, so you may need to do a few more. Like I mention in the post, this is common for beginners, so don’t feel discouraged. How did it go later in the day for you? Was there any puffiness?

      • Hi Kim,

        Thanks for your reply. I felt bad initially for having that much salt in my system in a day since I didn’t flush properly. But surprisingly I didn’t feel ill at all. I don’t think I looked noticeably puffier even.

        So I’m not sure if it’s purely because my body didn’t have enough sodium to begin with- I do eat quite healthily and make it a point to not have much sodium in my diet.

        I might try this salt water flush again another time when I’m a little less congested. Just afraid that my body can’t expel the salt solution and it ends up retaining it. But thanks so much for your post anyway! Love it!

        • Ah yes, Mandy. If you’re avoiding sodium, your body probably just absorbed it. I recommend you incorporate a little Himalayan salt into your diet regularly. Our bodies still need sodium, just from a good source.

  208. I am one of the individuals that if I have one BM in a week, I am super happy. So I did the SWF this morning. No problem downing the quart, but within an hour I released it all, but no solids were eliminated. Is that normal? I still feel very bloated.

    • Michele, was the liquid clear or dark? If you’re having only 1 BM in a week, it sounds like you may be impacted or have a blockage in your colon. Do you have a colonic’s specialist in your area? Maybe a naturopathic doctor? I recommend that you seek help with healing this issue.

  209. Hi i really wanna try this but i do not have sea salt…will i still get the same effects if i use regular salt?

    • Nikki, I do not recommend regular salt for the flush. Please read in the post where I talk about the health effects of ingesting too much sodium chloride.

  210. Can I cut the saline solution by 1/4 if I do a quarter of the salt and the water?

    • Talia, since I’ve never done that, I can’t really answer. The idea, is to move a large volume of the salt solution through your GI tract–I compared it to a small tidal wave in this post. If you reduce the amount of salt and water in the initial flush drink, I think it would be a good idea to follow up with lots of water to push the solution through.

  211. Hello, I’ve done two maybe three flushes so far and all have been successful except this last one i did today. Any idea as to why? My stomach is rumbling as if i have to go but 2 1/2 hours later theres nothing comingt out. Secondly what is good for me to eat after a failed flush?

    • Charles, this sometimes happens. It may be that you were a bit dehydrated that day, or your body just didn’t want to let go. It’s happened to me several times, so I wouldn’t sweat it. I’d stick to light foods, no salt, and minimal meat and dairy.

  212. Hi Kim 🙂 I have done a salt water flush once before, after a four day colon cleanse, then juicing all up two weeks. It was fantastic! I am just wondering about doing it all again, however I am time poor atm, and read that you say the salt flushes are better than enemas, I think they are too as you can feel it go through your tract, and then a gurgle, then its all on!! 20 minutes later, and all is well. The four day colon cleanse, is with bentonite clay, psyllium, chai and I cannot remember the fourth ingredient, I am wondering if the salt flushes might be as good if not better for me atm, however I am low in sodium, I dont know why as I use Him Salt everyday. Anway your thoughts would be fantastic thank you 🙂

  213. I completed my first SWF this morning. I dissolved 2 tsp sea salt in 8oz water, drank that and followed with an additional 24oz. Needless to say, it worked. Would it be safe or even effective to complete a second SWF tomorrow if I fasted the rest of the day today? I’ve had nothing but water so far and fast regularly so it’s not a problem (I’m not even hungry). Thank you for your response.

    • Hey Tanya! Glad to hear the SWF was a success. As long as you’re feeling good tomorrow morning it will totally be safe. As as I mention in the post, it’s recommended to do at least 7 flushes in a row, if possible. 🙂

      • Wow. Thanks for such a quick reply! I’m not sure I’m up for seven days, but I might try.

  214. Hey Kim. The misc is freakin out about parasites and I’m bored so I feel like doing this SWC while Wormwood is delivered.

    My questions is why do you and other swc promoters say it must be done with sea salt?

    Every answer I have found is either moronic or does not have any real reason.

    What say you?

    • First, let me say I don’t recommend most sea salts. I recommend sticking to Himalayan sea salt or unprocessed sea salt. Please refer back to the post to see why. Second, I’m not quite sure I understand your question. You ask why a Salt water cleanse must be done with sea salt? Well, it wouldn’t be called a salt water cleanse if you used something else. If you’re asking why I recommend salt instead of other substances to flush the colon, please refer to the beginning of the post where I mention that sea salt acts as a healing agent as it works to normalize the pH throughout the entire GI tract. Although many substances can be used to flush the bowels, they’re certainly not healing. Instead they’re often caustic to the body, especially to the liver, kidneys and the lining of the GI tract. Salt is relatively mild and will not cause damage if used in short, regular intervals. I hope this helps answer your question.

  215. So…I’m doing a detox that recommended the swf. I did it this morning. Then I decided to read more about it (after I’d already done it; brilliant, right?) Anyway, before knowing any better I used regular ole’ Mortons!! I must say that it began to work within 20 minutes. But after reading this site, I’m a bit nervous. Should I be concerned? I do plan to order the good stuff but unfortunately I didn’t start out with it.

    • Shon, you should be fine. Just make sure to keep yourself very hydrated, and stay away from any type of salt for the next few days. 🙂

  216. HI, I am curious about doing a salt water flush. I feel like it would be beneficial once in a while. I don’t plan on making it a lifestyle change that I do daily or even weekly, I was thinking once a month or so. Does that still seem beneficial? Also, I was recently told by a neighbor to use epsom salt, do you recommend that? And, and it’s probably been talked over, what types of food do you recommend eating the day of and the day after? Thank you for such a wealth of information.

    • Jackie, epsom salt will definitely do the trick, however it’s very harsh on your body, especially your kidneys. I say it would be ok to initially start out with epsom salt if you don’t have Himalayan salt, but I recommend to eventually use Himalayan salt– even if you’re going to do a SWF monthly. As far as food, I recommend eating light, fruits and veggies– minimal protein–no dairy.

  217. Will do! Thanks for the quick reply.

  218. I’ve done the Master Cleanse 2 years ago, with conjunction of the SWF done the traditional way where I guzzled down a quart of it as quickly as possible. I found great results but with some downsides such as transient tremors so I chose not to do it last year. But this year I do want to try a variation of it because I did enjoy the benefit of the colon cleansing, restoration of the GI tract (I was chronically constipated before) and my skin clearing up (I’m also acne prone). So I stumbled upon your site and found it very informative and also found the alternatives insightful. My end goal isn’t a quick fix, but a healthier and cleaner lifestyle with my skin/GI to be back on track. I’m on the first week (three days in) and I think for myself I will try to aim for 7x but realistically looking at 5x, but will try to follow your routine so I can do the SWF once weekly indefinitely. So a routine I would like to share is that I pour out 1 tablespoon of the salt with my water ready. I throw back the salt and start guzzling down the water and, if I didn’t finish the salt in the beginning, I place the rest of it in my mouth halfway through. I find it so much easier than guzzling down salty water throughout. Then as I wait the 2 hours I allot myself afterwards I drink a quater cup of water every 10-15 minutes. So far it’s working for me, just bare in mind don’t dump the salt with your head completely tilted upwards because you would gag/choke. I hope this routine isn’t frowned upon because I find this completely do-able for myself. Good luck to everyone else doing a SWF!

    • Ari, thank you so much for sharing this. Wow, taking a whole tablespoon of salt?! I’m so intrigued by this, I’m going to try it myself. I’ll let you know how it goes. And again, thank you, thank you for sharing another alternative. Good luck with your salt flushing!!

      • Yay I’m glad you found my way intriguing! I know it’s unconventional to place the entire tablespoon but I truly do find it a lot easier. And you don’t immediately taste the saltiness when the salt is dry- you just get the jolt of saltiness once you start chugging the water but in my head it’s way more encouraging, like my mindset is “yeah drink more and more it’ll get rid of the salt flavor.” Haha plus it’s more satisfying to swish and swallow pure water at the end. Can’t wait to hear back!

  219. well I tried it and can vouch that it does work. I little too good I must say. it was a waterfall in there, and yes I do mean *in* there as in it felt like a waterfall inside of me. for 30 minutes I could feel and hear splooshing and whooshing noises like crazy. a bit gross, but I love it. it was weirdly pleasant.

    • Thanks for sharing Andariel!

  220. Kim, Firstly thanks for such clear, easy informative instructions. My digestion has been off balance for a while and so I thought a salt flush would be perfect. However within 20 minutes I projectile vomited all the liquid back up, including bile water. Are there any reasons that might cause this reaction?

    • Tamsin, this does happen from time to time for some individuals, it even happened to me once. The reason is usually due to taking too much at once, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex. Next time, you may want to take it a bit slower and possibly a little less salt. There’s no perfect science to this, so you just have to figure out what works for you. Good luck and please let me know if you find a successful way to take the salt flush. 🙂

  221. Hi Kim, thanks for the very good article! I have done it today first time, but i still have some 2revolution” going on inside me 🙂 i drink only water and eat fruits exept for organge. My question if i try 3 days now would that be OK? what is the prescription to do it more? how do i know how many detox sessions i need? Thanks!

    • Manzura, please refer to the post where I give a recommendeded program for more intensive flushing. As far as determining how many flushes you need, it depends on how well your body responds. I wouldn’t recommend to any more than 7 in a row, that would be too much on your system. It’s best to listen to your body. 😀

  222. I wanted to know if you recommend the SWF for teenagers? My daughter is 15 and she doesn’t have regular bowel moments, she has a little acne on face, and since moving to Nc, has developed allergies. If you do recommend the flush how often should she use this?

    • Michelle, I definitely think it would be fine for her to give a SWF a try. She can do as many as her body will let her. If she starts feeling bad, that is the time to back off.

      • Thanks Kim, I think I will let her do many 3 days. Will let you know how it goes.

  223. Hello Kim,
    I am 18 and have been meaning to do the flush for a few months now, but was just too scared or didn’t have enough time. I went on holiday to Thailand this summer and due to the complete change of diet (lack of fresh veg and high carb meals) I didn’t have a single bowel movement for 2 weeks, I (along with 5 others in my friend group) felt so congested and disgusting, ended up taking an enema, but have not completely normal since the whole experience. Did it this morning and I feel amazing, currently re-hydrating. I have never felt so clean in my life, so anyone who thinks they have the time bite the bullet and just do it, you will feel so so much better. I hadn’t eaten anything in the 24 hours beforehand, I woke up dissolved the pink Himalayan salt then drank the solution over a 25 minute period, bowel movements after an hour and a half and now I am writing this feeling super healthy. Thank you so much for the detail and instructions you have put on this site. I genuinely can’t thank you enough! Will be recommending this to all my friends who had the same issue.

    Kindest regards,
    Caroline .

    • Hey Caroline!! Thank you for sharing your experience and so glad you were able find relief!! Hopefully you’ll be able to do a few more in the near future to clean you out more! 😀

  224. I am interested in this and loved the article.

    Two questions:
    1 – you mentioned Himalayan pink salt – does any brand of that work?
    2 – you said not to drink coffee. I need my coffee about 30 minutes after waking up or I get headaches and grumpy ( I know, a problem in itself ). Can I still drink coffee or should I really stay away from it for 2 hours?

    • Hey Eric, I mention the type of Himalayan salt I prefer in this post, however, most brands will work. The thing you want to look for is that the salt is stone ground vs. ground with a nickel plate which leaves toxic heavy metal residues. As far as the coffee goes, since it’s very dehydrating it’s best to wait as long as you can. The more water your body loses, the harder it will be for the salt solution to move through your GI tract. Try drinking some lemon with water, that may help boost your energy. 😀

  225. Hey Kim. I’m 18 and I’ve been looking into your article and the flush itself for a couple months, and finally performed it today. I believe I’m one of the few who it didn’t work for. The salt I used is the Premier Pink Salt, and the water I’ve been drinking is Nestle Pure Life Purified Water. At first everything seemed okay – I drank 1 quart in 23 mins and was experiencing bowel movements before I even finished – and had a release shortly after. But now, an hour or two later, nothing seems to work. All I experienced was nausea and a healthy urination. I’ve tried the massage and am unable to drink hot lemon since I cannot procure it at this time. If something does happen later then I’ll let you know, but otherwise, I’m so sad. 🙁 I really wanted this to work as well, since I haven’t been able to properly poop in a long time.

    • Hi Zaquia! Thank you for sharing your experience. I know it’s frustrating, but this happens sometimes. Please don’t give up!! Give it a try again and see what happens. Sometimes our bodies need a little more coaxing and adjusting. Chin up! 🙂

  226. I love SWF. I am someone who can drink a quart in 10 minutes easy. There are things you should do before SWF. EAt light the day before, end the day with a veggie soup or something gentle. If you eat a lot of processed foods or have constipation issues, I would do greens and no junk for 3 days before because I think the vomiting occurs when people are too clogged up for the salt water to pass through easily. You can’t just dump salt water on a full bowel. If you are really constipated a small amount of senna tea the night before to have a laxative effect is helpful. Not even a whole cup. It helps to get to know your body and plan carefully. After lots of water and probiotics.

    • Ahhhh thank you so much for sharing this Laura!! I’ve been apprehensive about making dietary suggestions for a lot of reasons, however yours are simple and straight to the point. So much so, that I’ve updated the post to include them. And you are spot on about getting to know your body! Thanks again, love! 😀

  227. Did it and survived!

    I’m a 6”2’ male and generally full of…er…poo so I doubled the quantity (2 litres with 2 tablespoons of salt). And an hour later I had nothing but almost clear water passing through!

    I was on an apple juice and psyllium husk fast for the 3 days prior.

    I dissolved the salt in 200ml of water, downed it and then downed the 1800ml of water (can’t believe I could actually fit 2lt of water in my stomach in one go). I rinsed my mouth with extra strong mouth wash immediately before and after the salt and I barely noticed the taste. You could possibly mix the salt with a strong fruit juice instead of water to reduce gag risk too.

    For readers in the UK, you can buy a small, overpriced but very convenient pot of the pink salt from Holland and Barrett or for great price try calmnsoothe(dot)co(dot)uk.

    Oh and just a word of advice….even if you are 10000% sure it’s just gas, for the love of God don’t try and pass it unless you are sitting on the toilet….consider yourselves warned!!!

    • Thanks Tomas for sharing your experience. A fast prior to a SWF is definitely the most effective approach! And Wow! You took in a lot of salt! Thanks for the tips, especially adding a concentrated amount to fruit juice, and not trusting your farts unless you’re on a toilet. 😉

  228. I’m reading that if your particular body chemistry causes you to absorb the solution rather than passing it though it can result in very uncomfortable if not dangerous results. So wouldn’t it make sense to drink only say 8 ounces of the solution the first time to see how you react to it before you guzzling a whole litre just hoping for the best?!

    • Bob, I have never heard of this. Can you please share with us what you’re reading? If this is true, I’m not sure that drinking only 8oz of water would be enough to make the solution pass through someone who’s able to take it without it being absorbed.

  229. Just wanted to add another option, and to add to Bob’s post about ingesting a smaller volume of liquid at first – I’ve been experimenting with culturing our own vegetables, and had a bit of brine left over from our latest batch of crock pickles. In the culturing books, they recommend taking in a SMALL glass of brine daily as a digestive tonic (post fermentation), as it’s full of beneficial digestive bacteria. So I tried it with about a 6oz glass – the brine is actually quite pleasant tasting, nothing like drinking straight saltwater (blech!), and you don’t need anywhere near the volume of liquid for the same results. And I’ll confirm that it works – a full salt water flush wasn’t my intention, but it was the result. In fact, I found your article as I was researching the unexpected reaction! Thanks for the great post – I feel better now… 🙂 If you’ve never done your own vegetable cultures, Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz is a brilliant introduction, full of simple recipes to get you started. Just another option with a whole lot of other benefits.

    • Hey Vicki, so sorry I’m late getting back to you. Did you have a good flush? The ginger tea would have been just fine. Also, love the idea about using the brine! I’ve dabbled with culturing veggies, however I’m a pro with making rejuvelac and fermented nut cheese. 😀 Thanks for your suggestions.

  230. Hi Kim,
    First bless you for all the information on your blog. 🙂

    I had a go doing the flush…so far I’ve been to the toilet once and it’s been about 1hr 30mins. I’m sipping some more warm water…hoping that will get things moving. I have a few allergies and sometimes get bloated and gassy. I’ve had constipation in the past so I thought that this salt flush might help. I wondering if it would be okay to drink some ginger tea (hot water with grated ginger)? OR will that effect the flush?
    I can feel movement and hear some gurgling sounds so I’m guessing this is all a good sign. 🙂

  231. I tried this earlier and threw the whole thing up 🙁 I’m guessing next time I’ll go slower even if it seems like I was ok with guzzling it down! **sigh** I had such Hugh hopes. I’m sure next time it’ll be better experience. The information here has been very helpful in encouraging and informing me over the past few days! I’ll report back with results next week. Thanks Kim…peace and blessings to you!

    • Oooohh so sorry to hear that Tywana. 🙁 Read through the comments, my readers have been creative with getting the salt water down. Please, please report back if you had success!

  232. Hi Kim,
    I’ve been suffering from acid reflux for the last 3 weeks. My doc prescribed omeprazole, but its not working. Do you think doing the sea salt cleanse can help me?

    • Myra, I don’t think it would hurt to try. If you do, please let us know how it went.

  233. I have never been on a sight with such amazing moderated comments before, thanks you.
    Just wanted to let you know how I’m going – drank my salty water less than 1/2 hour ago and around I’m seriously gushing!! Wow!! Love that feeling 🙂
    I actually did intend to start until next weekend – “when I had time” but I woke up two hours earlier than I needed to today so I figured it was my body saying just do it!!!

    I put a bit of lemon juice tbsp in the water as well as a bit of (filter) hot water from the kettle. And drank it fine.

    I actually have an excellent diet and also don’t eat any salt so originally thought I better start eating salt for a while in case I am deficient – but I haven’t had that problem 🙂

    Between trips to the toilet I’m propped up in bed with my knees up (my reading in bed position)- that seems to help nature (well in my mind anyway lol).

    Note to self – make sure you have heaps of toilet paper before starting this journey 😉

    Thanks for the encouragement and advice!!

    • Lol Monique! Yes, lots of toilet paper is necessary! 😉 I’m super thrilled your flush was successful, and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. How did the rest of the day go?

  234. Thanks so much for the informative site. I’ve been dealing with a very complex situation ( a long horror story ) where the body was dealt several intense blows of topical toxins that it could not process and I ended up with severe toxicity (heavy metal and chemical) as well as open wounds and candida bio-film with I suspect bacterial and fungal
    infections. My body crashed and my weight plummeted to 90 lbs. The colon became super sensitive and in desperation to keep things moving,
    I’ve done more colonics than I’d prefer (she uses a coffee implant followed by a short chlorophyll and electrolyte solution. However, after a lot of water seems trapped in the colon. In desperation, I end
    up taking Bi-Oxy cleanse way too often and although it liquefies things,
    I worry about all that flushing and if “the beneficial gases” in this
    special magnesium mixture are irritating the colon.

    Given my toxin level and sensitivity, do you suggest I supplement my diet with the salt (I have celtic but you don’t advise it) in small amounts daily, and then build towards a flush. Or would simply the
    regular addition of the salt help promote better regularity without
    the added stress of a major flush at a time when my poor bowel is already so “raw.”

    … Also, sorry but I am confused, do these salts hydrate or dehydrate
    and if the kidneys are stressed, do you suggest another protocol

    Lastly, what are your thoughts on products like Bio-Oxy Cleanse?

    Many, many thanks for your valuable time and input!


    • Roxanne, it sounds like your situation is far beyond what a salt flush can do for you at this point. I personally think your colon is severely irritated. I have a hunch your kidneys are overworked and damaged from the heavy metal toxicity, which is why your colon isn’t removing water. The kidneys are directly related to this. My advice is to focus on cleansing your kidneys and healing your gut with the correct probiotics. I recommend you check out the Miracle Kidney Cleanse (it explains how heavy metal toxicity weakens kidney function, and gives you ways to cleanse and restore the kidneys) I also recommend visiting Listen to Your Gut to learn how to start healing and restoring the correct flora your body needs. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Kim. Yes, my kidneys are stressed
        and although I do have herbal kidney tea formulas, I don’t always use them with so many issues going on. My diet is clean of
        processed foods, but due to fears around my
        low weight, I do tend to consume a fair bit
        of brown rice and find it hard to avoid all
        grains. Also, trying to figure out the right
        probiotic (soil based or otherwise) is really
        hard, so I appreciate the links you sent and
        will check them out. Thanks again, Roxanne

        • Good luck Roxanne!!

  235. Hi Kim

    I suffer from constipation i have 1 or no bowel movement every day and i suffer from horrible bloating pretty much after every time i eat. I saw this page and decided to give the salt water flush a try this morning. I have had a bit of gurgling in my tummy and pain (like i need to go to the toilet) however nothing has happened and now i just feel heavy, bloated and sluggish. Do you think its worth another try another day or is this perhaps not for me?

    • Hey Jules. I’m not sure if it will be good idea for you to give it another go right now. Constipation and bloating are typically caused by poor kidney/adrenal function & thyroid (Hormonal), improper gut flora, liver congestion or all of the above. Visit Listen to Your Gut to understand how to properly balance gut flora: Kidney & liver cleansing are a good idea too.

      • Hi Kim,

        I had another go at the salt flush the next day (before i read your response!) and it worked a treat! I can’t believe how disgusting it was (haha) and to be honest i didn’t feel great for the rest of that day but the next day i felt fantastic and also feel great today. I think i will start doing this once a week. Do you think that would be beneficial for someone with my above symptoms? So far i feel like it has helped! 🙂

        • Thanks for getting back to me Jules! I definitely think it will be beneficial. It’s not uncommon to feel a little less than good on the day of the flush. Your body’s moving toxins out, so it’s to be expected sometimes. 😀

  236. Hi KIm, when can I eat after doing SWF? 🙂

    • Alexa, every person will differ in this area, however as a general rule of thumb, I say it’s best to wait a few hours or until you’ve stopped going to the loo before eating. Again, there are no rules to this game, so give it your best judgement.

  237. Hi! Love reading your posts! Sorry if this is a repeat question, i looked carefully but didn’t see anything…Anyway, I did the master cleanse for 16 days and flushed every day and it went very well. The next time I tried to do it, I got hemorrhoids on the first flush. I am afraid to try again because the last time was so painful and the hemorrhoids lasted almost 2 weeks. I have a small history of occasionally getting hemorrhoids. Any thoughts/advice?…

    • MM, help me clarify your question. When did you do the Master Cleanse with the 16 flushes in a row?

      • Hi Kim. I did the MC last February. I did SW flush every morning for 16 days and felt great. I tried to do another MC in May of last year and that was when the problem occurred. thanks!

        • hmmm…I’m going to say this has to be your call. Not sure if you just did too many during the MC–16 flushes in a row is a lot for any bumm to handle. I wish I had a better answer.

  238. Hello Kim,
    Thank you for your very informative article on the Salt Water Flush. I have been practicing this method for over three years with great results. Incorporating SWF into my regular routine has helped me tremendously with my stress level. I am a much more relaxed and happy person than ever before. I also add lemon and warm the water. I find that warm water helps the SWF more effective.

    • Thank you for sharing Rose! I too like to use warm water. 😀

  239. I did this not realizing I would start my period the next day … lets just say there was no flush but there was no discomfort either.

    • Hey Amber! Thank you for sharing your experience. Don’t give up!! Try it again!

  240. I have bought the himalayan salt and am very interested in doing the colon cleansing – I also really like this website, but before I go ahead with the cleanse, I would be grateful if you might respond to the following:

    Everything I’ve read about taking increased amounts of salt say that it stresses the kidneys and the heart – that it puts extra pressure on the vascular system and increases blood pressure as the body holds on to extra water in order to counteract the imbalance in electrolytes sodioum and chloride being such. Many sites have also said that due to increased retention in water, the body bloats and puffiness and weight gain can result.

    Additionally, my understanding is that salt is eliminated through the skin and in the urine – I have seen no mention of it being elimated via the gastrointestinal tract.

    • Nichole, this is definitely true for refined salt. However, not true for pure, untreated Himalayan salt. I have your email, and will send you some information explaining the difference…

  241. I read somewhere that if you have one kidney you should not attempt this flush. Is this correct?

    • Matt, yes this is correct. I’m not a 100% clear on the science of salt flushing and how your body actually processes the large amount of salt, especially for those who don’t flush, but common sense tells me that it would be too much for someone with 1 kidney.

  242. I just did the cleanse, I went so many times! I’m glad I did it because I just recently went vegan when I turned 17 and before that I was vegetarian for about a year and a half but I never did a cleanse before the transition. Plus I have annoying acne and blackheads which started
    clearing up already but maybe this will help with the rest that seem so persistent.

    • Thank you for sharing Shanique. Happy to hear you had a successful flush. Keeping the colon clean will definitely help to keep the acne in check. 😀

  243. Thank you for writing this article! It was very informative and easy to follow.

    • You’re welcome Shanique. I tried to make it easy and clear to understand.

  244. I am grateful for the salt water flushes. They aren’t fun but the only thing that works until I see a specialist G.I. doctor, at Stanford. I hope soon. I have to do every 4 days unfortunately. It’s better than what the doctors give you, that’s for sure.

    • I’m glad they’re helping you Darlene! Thank you for sharing. 😀

  245. I had two colorectal surgeries seven years ago.Nothing helped me to avoid having many bowel movements daily.I started SWF few months ago twice a week and it worked.My question is. Can I do it twice a week for life? or may damage my kidneys for example.
    Please let me know and thank you for your help

    • Hey Daniel, I don’t necessarily think you’ll have an issue doing them for life as long as they’re spread out and not done too frequently. Twice a week, indefinitely, may be too much. You’ll have to judge by the way your body responds. I recommend trying alternative methods of helping you to evacuate. Coffee enemas are helpful: and healing your gut with the right probiotics is my best advice. Check out Listen to Your Gut:

  246. I just drank down my first SWF about an hour ago. I’m experiencing a rush in energy and I can’t stop cleaning, moving, working…I feel like 10 years just dropped off. Is this a normal reaction? I look forward to the entire experience. Yay!! Good health!

    • Hey Karen! Your experience is normal for some people, not so normal for others, lol. How did the flush go?