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Post Holiday Lube and Garbage Removal


There’s no better time than a week after New Years to ask this question, so here goes! How ya feeling? Have you fully recuperated from your holiday indulgences? Are you full of energy? You ready to tackle your day with enthusiasm? Or, are you feeling a little sluggish, puffy, run-down? Not so enthusiastic about jumping out of your bed and into your day?

If you are the latter, there may be a good reason why. Your colon is congested. Let’s get real here. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year is when most people, even healthy eaters, indulge beyond what their bodies can handle. A month or two of garbage in and less garbage out can make for a nasty situation. 🙁


Do You Need an Overhaul?

New Years is the time when most people try to clean up the post holiday wreck with diets, juice fasts, and extra time on the treadmill. But what about taking out the garbage? If you still have holiday leftovers hanging out in your colon, your immune system will wear down, any you’ll continue to feel sluggish, tired, and less than enthusiastic. No amount of time on the treadmill is going to clean you out on the inside.

Processing all of that white flour, sugar, dairy, and hors d’oeuvers can be quite taxing on your physical engine. Much like a car, if after a long haul, such as the holiday season, you fail to change the oil, air filter, and lube up, you’re gonna run like crap!! No pun intended.


A lot of this:



Can turn into this:



No matter how much you clean up your diet, how much you juice, or how much you exercise, if your colon is congested you start to break down. Unless you were regularly visiting the bathroom throughout the holidays—at least 3 times daily—your colon needs an overhaul. Even if you’re regular, it would be wise to do some type of internal bath to sweep away any holiday leftovers.


How Many Holiday Seasons Does it Take Before Intestinal Toxemia Sets In?

So what happens to your body when there is too much debris lingering in your colon for too long? Chronic acidity, trapped toxic gas, and hooligan bacteria running amok. The technical phrase is called “Intestinal Toxemia,” which equates to dirty blood, lymph congestion, liver congestion, and inflammation.

Since approximately 80% of the immune system is located in your colon, it’s no mystery why the Cold, Flu and Bronchitis run rampant after New Year. Many people don’t know this, but when a cold, flu, or other seasonal ailment comes your way, it usually stems from toxicity in the colon. Debris from the bad bacteria and other toxic byproducts of rotting waste seep into your blood and lymph, and the body desperately tries to remove it any way it can; through the skin, lungs, sinuses, etc.

There is something else you may not know. Each time your body attempts to remove toxins via a cold or flu, and you repress it by using medications, your body has no choice but to store the toxins in your tissues. This is considered a “down grade” in your health. You will feel better, but your pathology will be much more toxic. Eventually, your body resorts to more sophisticated ways of trying to remove toxins. This is called chronic disease. It really is no joke that death begins in the colon.

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom!! On to what you need to do!!


Not So Experienced at Being Your Own Mechanic?


So, I’ve convinced you to cleanse your colon, right!?!?! You need to know where to start? No problem, I’m here to guide you. The simplest way to approach cleansing your colon after the holidays is to quickly purge the recent leftovers in a short period of time. I generally recommend more intense colon cleansing for newbies, but this is a fantastic place to start! Once you get used to the quick-and-dirty colon cleanses, you’ll most likely want to dig deeper under the hood with a long term cleanse anyway.


Quick & Dirty Garbage Removal


Salt Water Flush

A Salt Water Flush is my favorite, because it is cheap, easy and VERY EFFECTIVE! This is one of the only type of cleanses that will mop up your entire digestive system. Do you remember how clean and refreshed you feel after an ocean dip? That is because sea salt is very cleansing. A Salt Water Flush is like sending a gentle tidal wave through your GI tract. Each time you do one, you’ll experience a cleansing, refreshing feeling. If you feel really congested, you may want to do several of them in a row.  >>>Salt Water Flush Instructions



Getting a colonic, or two, or three, is an efficient way to do a super-duper garbage removal, much like taking a hose to a stinky trash can. Colonics access the ascending, transverse, and descending colon, which can get your pipes squeaky-clean in no time. If you typically have one bowel movement a day or less, you probably have a lot of toxic waste caking your colon wall or hanging out in colon pockets. Usually 3 to 4 sessions over two weeks can do wonders.  Colonics can temporarily sweep your intestines of your friendly bacteria, so taking a good probiotic for a while afterward is a good idea.

Important Note: Not all colonic centers are created equal. You may want to steer clear of places that prefer a large fire hose to blast a ton of pressure through your back-end.  A center that offers open and closed systems is your best bet. It is also important to find a place that uses a high quality water filtration system. Filling your derriere with unfiltered, chlorinated water is not really a good thing either. To find a licensed colon hydrotherapist (fancy term for colonics specialist) in your area visit: or


Coffee Enemas

Although technically a coffee enema is for liver detoxification, I’m so in love with them that I wanted to throw them in the mix. Holding the coffee in your lower bowels allows the caffeine to travel through the portal vein (without being absorbed into the blood stream), and stimulates the liver and bile ducts to purge stagnant toxins into the colon for elimination. It’s like getting a 2-for-1! If you feel compelled to try a new way to take your java, you can start with 2 enemas daily, although 1 enema is great too!

You can find instructions for a coffee enema here and purchase my favorite coffee enema kit here. Please never, ever use highly processed, chemicalized, and pesticided conventional coffee!! Only the finest organic.


Best of luck on your quick-and-dirty post Holiday garbage removal. If you try any of my recommendations, I’d love to hear about your experience. Or, if you have good ideas for post holiday garbage removal please use the comments section below to share. And as always, if you’d like updates with more info like this, please join me at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



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